text Suit Challenges Navy Bombing of Migratory Birds by Cat Lazaroff, Environmental News Service (EN
The Center for Biological Diversity, represented by the Earthjustice Legal Defense Fund, has filed suit to stop the U.S. Navy from continuing to use the Pacific island of Farallon de Medinilla for live fire training. The suit charges the military with violating the international Migratory Bird Treaty Act....
Posted: Wed Jan 10, 2001 1:32PM
text Join Students for an Undemocratic Society! by SUDS
Who is the all-knowing, the all-seeing, the all-encompassing, the death and the life, the light and the darkness, our sex and our blood? BUSH IS!...
Posted: Wed Jan 10, 2001 12:54PM
text Broadcasting Skills Workshops by Dan
Info on the January-April Broadcasing Skills owrkshops at Free Radio Berkeley...
Posted: Tue Jan 9, 2001 5:37PM
text Poopa Scoopa 1.9.2001 by Scoop Jackson
Bag Lady Linda Packs It Up...
Posted: Tue Jan 9, 2001 2:21PM
text Western Workers Labor Heritage Festival by Tom Edminster
Gather for a weekend of solidarity and festivity at the Western Workers Labor Heritage Festival, Fri-Sun, January 12-14 at CCSF. There will be workshops, theatre, labor music, and more....
Posted: Tue Jan 9, 2001 10:18AM
text How ChoicePoint, a GOP-Funded Corporation, Decided the Election by Very Scary Stuff
I was curious about this company that appears to have chosen the next President for America's voters. Its board dazzles with big Republican funders. Florida is the only state to hire an outside firm to suggest who should lose citizenship rights. That may change. 'Given a new President, and what we accomplished in Florida, we expect to roll across the nation,' ChoicePoint told me ominously....
Posted: Mon Jan 8, 2001 8:18PM
text Mexican army chased from base by Zapatistas by Boston-Cambridge Greens
Mexican army chased from base by Zapatistas, in a peaceful New Year's Eve occupation. The Zapatistas cut electric power and toppled antennas. President Vicente Fox ordered the closure of the base shortly thereafter....
Posted: Mon Jan 8, 2001 9:04AM
text IWW Organizes Local Shop by salim
see chronicle article for more infortmation...
Posted: Sun Jan 7, 2001 1:17PM
text Rage Against the Machine by Boston-Cambridge Greens
There's another impediment to safeguarding vote-counting software against manipulation: The election companies consider their codes private property and are willing to go to court, citing intellectual property laws, to keep candidates or public officials from looking at it....
Posted: Sun Jan 7, 2001 12:33PM
text Bush Family & Third Reich by Robert Lederman
According to former US Justice Dept. Nazi War Crimes prosecutor John Loftus - who is today the director of the Florida Holocaust Museum - "The Bush family fortune came from the Third Reich." Sarasota Herald-Tribune 11/11/2000 More Robert Lederman articles:
Posted: Sat Jan 6, 2001 3:31PM
text PGE rate increase protest Tues jan 9, noon by dan
Come to PGE headquarters at noon on Tuesday to protest the rate increase and demand that PGE be allowed to go bankrupt, then to become a publicly owned utility. Contact your legisators on this issue as well! See last weeks SF Bay Guardian for details of the deregulation scam....
Posted: Sat Jan 6, 2001 2:58PM
text The coming war in the Middle East by Jihad
Fear and loathing in the Middle East takes a turn for the worse...
Posted: Fri Jan 5, 2001 7:07PM
text Free Radical Guide to the Inauguration Protests by L.A. Kauffman
A comprehensive guide to the scenario and cast of characters for the January 20 inauguration protests, from L.A. Kauffman's FREE RADICAL column...
Posted: Fri Jan 5, 2001 6:34PM
text Chattanooga 3 Protests & Press Conference by anon
The trial for the Chattanooga 3 begins after the weekend. On Monday, supporters will hold a press conference and protest at the Hamilton County Criminal Court Building. Nationwide supporters should plan their own creative direct actions!...
Posted: Fri Jan 5, 2001 12:12PM
text Poopa Scoopa -- Switch Hitter 01.05.2001 by Scoop Jackson
Traficant Jam Register and Revolt Tranny Jive Ashes To Ashcroft, We All Fall Down! Clinton Mends Cherry Trees Aliens, Time Travelers and Haunts head back to Work!...
Posted: Fri Jan 5, 2001 10:59AM
text Surf the Web Safely (Including Indymedia) by Crouching Tiger
Check out this new secure service online-Safeweb...
Posted: Fri Jan 5, 2001 9:59AM
Protests In Seattle!...
Posted: Fri Jan 5, 2001 3:42AM
text Electric SF Protest by John the Lionheart
Personal account of the SF protest against the PUC ordered rate hike Jan 4, 2000. Told by a tall rangy fool, a green party volunteer with a long lunch break, Honest to Goddess....
Posted: Thu Jan 4, 2001 11:44PM
text Oaklands 2 Year Moratorium On Rent Increases Out Of Control by Lynda Carson
Tenant Activists Advise Bay Area Renters To Avoid Oakland Like The Plague When Seeking Rental Units...
Posted: Thu Jan 4, 2001 5:47PM
text Save Arctic National Wildlife Refuge from Bush by c. baron
call White House NOW to get Clinton to make Arctic National Wildlife Refuge a National Monument before Bush works his destructive intent: turning it over to big oil....
Posted: Thu Jan 4, 2001 12:03AM