textBlack Bloc Organizers Respond to Mike Dolan by Columbus Anti-Racist Action
A detailed response to Mike Dolan of Public Citzen Global Trade Watch's slanders re the N16 demonstrations in Cincinatti OH...
Posted: Tue Nov 21, 2000 12:23PM
Vice Prime Minister of Iraq Tariq Aziz analyzes sanctions and Western policy....
Posted: Sun Nov 19, 2000 1:19PM
textMission Statement of Workers by Washington Alliance of Technology Workers -- customer service employees are asking their co-workers to join them in their efforts to build a permanent voice at the company. All interested employees are encouraged to contact the organizing committee at (206) 726-8580 or at
Posted: Fri Nov 17, 2000 8:50PM
textOfficial Response to Customers May Violate US Labor Laws by Washington Alliance of Technology Workers --
Amazon is making customer service workers write canned anti-union responses to customers inquiring about the organizing drive at the company. This may be in violation of rights that Amazon employees are guaranteed through Section 7 of the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA)....
Posted: Fri Nov 17, 2000 8:48PM
textYour Vote Doesn't Count: Anarchist Action Against Election Scam by anonymous
Anarchist response to the election scam/coup currently going on....
Posted: Thu Nov 9, 2000 7:03PM
textMedea Benjamin goes to Florida by mark vallen
on her way to Florida to call for a re-vote and an abolishment of the Electoral College....
Posted: Thu Nov 9, 2000 6:59PM
textMP3: Metallica guy talks at Million Band March (Salon) by anonymous
Haha, Kirk, this is in MP3 format, which is luckily still legal, no thanks to you....
Posted: Mon Nov 6, 2000 10:07PM
videoThe New Fight: Irish Liberation (Part I) (video/x-pn-realvideo 9.1MB) by Whirling Anarchist Productions
This is a multipart story regarding the struggle of the Irish working class in changing Irish society and ending British colonial rule in the norther six counties. How it impact the anti-capitalist movement and American leftists....
Posted: Mon Nov 6, 2000 9:27AM
textUWA Oxy Begins Drilling on UWA Land! by Patrick Reinsborough
Now is the time! Take action for the U'wa! - as of Nov 3 Occidental has begun test drilling at the Gibraltar 1 drillsite, under cover of US elections' publicity....
Posted: Sat Nov 4, 2000 9:36PM
textGreen Party presidential candidate at the University of Michigan For what socia by Dan Mattson
The "article" here is two paragrphs from a world socialist website ( 11/2/00. For the entire article click on the web address. This is presented to discourage a vote for Nader, but to stimulate discussion....
Posted: Thu Nov 2, 2000 1:34PM
textQuestion to Anarchists and a request for everyone to vote. by Dan Mattson
I wonder what the anarchist alternative is to the real existing world where in the USA we have a complex society of 280 million and world wide we need planning and sharing to allievate poverty and end environmental destruction....
Posted: Tue Oct 31, 2000 11:45PM
by forwarded from anarchist website
Posted: Tue Oct 31, 2000 9:35PM
textLieberman Tells TV He Supports Pro-Life Supreme Court by Angela Field
VP Nominee Says He Would Have Supported Bork For Court If Given The Chance....
Posted: Sun Oct 29, 2000 11:27AM
textMxico en la Lucha II - Mexico in Struggle I (1. en espaol, 2. in English) by George Salzman
(For English version scroll down through the Spanish to 2) Una carta abierta al Sr. Presidente-electo Vincente Fox con mi entendimiento de la realidad....
Posted: Sun Oct 29, 2000 10:02AM
textMxico en la Lucha I - Mexico in Struggle I (1. en espaol, 2. in English) by George Salzman
(For English translation scroll down through the Spanish to 2) Editorial de La Jornada, México, D.F. viernes 27 de octubre de 2000, "FOX, ANTE LA REALIDAD PRESUPUESTAL"...
Posted: Sun Oct 29, 2000 9:57AM
textstop barak! by Tanya Reinhart
The second stage in Israel's assault on the Palestinians has started already. They waited for the Arab League summit to end and then, away from the cameras, Barak started executing the big plan...But he can still be stopped. This time it is not like Iraq or Kosovo. Opposition to Israel around the world is enormous....
Posted: Wed Oct 25, 2000 10:42PM
textOglala People at Pine Ridge, SD, sovereignty, and hemp by Sue Supriano
The Lakota people of Pine Ridge decided, for economic & spiritual reasons, to grow industrial hemp. The grower was raided & arrested. 4 folks from Pine Ridge, plus their attorney, talk about this issue and what they will do....
Posted: Wed Oct 25, 2000 5:21PM
textSocialist Party on Palestine, etc by Balanced Coverage
Socialist party on the middle east...
Posted: Tue Oct 24, 2000 8:48AM
textWar on Palestine -- Latest News by Salim
Israeli settler militias massacre Palestinian farm workers...
Posted: Fri Oct 20, 2000 3:21PM
textIsrael-Palestine Peace Agreement by Jihad
Why the latest "peace agreement" between Israel and Palestine should not be taken seriously...
Posted: Fri Oct 20, 2000 4:38AM