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textBush will continue to act as "blind man in room of deaf men" by D. Li
Ex-Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill revealed to CBS' 60 Minutes that Bush & his neo-con men planned to invade Iraq before 9-11, and that Bush told his advisors to find a way to justify such an illegal & immoral War of Aggression....
Posted: Mon Jan 12, 2004 1:26AM
textNational "Freedom to Marry Week" Actions Feb 9-15 by
World's Largest Gay Church Group And Announce National "Freedom to Marry Week":"Gays Called To Flood Marriage Bureaus With Same-Sex Marriage License Applications And Participate In National Pro-Marriage Rallies...
Posted: Sun Jan 11, 2004 11:06PM
textBush administration expands police spying powers by wsws
The Bush administration has signed into law an act that grants new powers to US intelligence agencies to spy on the public, and expands the controversial Patriot Act. In a highly unusual move, Bush signed the legislation into law on a Saturday—December 13—the same day US forces captured Saddam Hussein....
Posted: Sat Jan 10, 2004 1:59PM
textOperation 'Change The Subject' by Liberez L'Ours
Just another anti-Bush essay......
Posted: Sat Jan 10, 2004 12:12PM
text"We have lost 30 years": Dennis Meadows by Dennis Meadows
"We must develop a new concept of economics, one in which people are less interested in accumulating material things. Only then can sustainable growth be achieved..If we had begun in the seventies to develop alternatives to material growth, we could look to the future more calmly.."...
Posted: Fri Jan 9, 2004 3:27PM
textDrug Shoppers to be tracked by database by Sarah Lundyand Alisa LaPolt
Rush Limbaugh isn't the only doctor shopper -- a Florida truck driver (political affiliation not given) was arrested for drug shopping in December. It's a problem so pervasive that the state legislature is considering a multi-million dollar prescription tracking database....
Posted: Fri Jan 9, 2004 1:01PM
Posted: Fri Jan 9, 2004 4:09AM
For the sake of public safety, Jesse White and others should be held accountable for the deaths of six people in the Cook County Administration Building....
Posted: Thu Jan 8, 2004 12:58PM
textDemand Justice for Miami FTAA protesters! 1/12 call-in action by paul
The City is continuing to harass people in the legal system. Call/Fax/Email the following political officials all day on January 12th!...
Posted: Thu Jan 8, 2004 12:31PM
textEPA Refuses to Protect Food Supply from Sewage Sludge by Center for Food Safety
On New Year's Eve, December 31, 2003, the Environmental Protection Agency denied a petition requesting that the agency ban the land application of sludge. On the same day, the agency published its review of regulations governing the use and disposal of sewage sludge......
Posted: Thu Jan 8, 2004 9:55AM
textHow Arnold Schwarzenegger Made Millions From A Stolen Screenplay by Daniel Perez
The newest bombshell exposing the real character of Arnold Schwarzenegger....
Posted: Sat Oct 4, 2003 11:31PM
textThe Age of Murdoch by James Fallows
Many see him as a power-mad, rapacious right-wing vulgarian. Rupert Murdoch has indeed been relentless in building a one-of-a kind media network that spans the world. What really drives him, though, is not ideology but a cool concern for the bottom line—and the belief that the media should be treated like any other business, not as a semi-sacred public trust. The Bush Administration agrees. Rupert Murdoch has seen the future, and it is him....
Posted: Sun Aug 31, 2003 10:37AM
textDebasing Democracy? by Bill Duryea
A Tampa pirate radio activist says an FCC proposal favoring media conglomerates can be detrimental to us all....
Posted: Mon Jul 14, 2003 9:56AM
textPublic Interest Angels Descend on FCC by John Tarleton
A plucky band of public interest angels descended Friday afternoon on FCC headquarters. Was it all a dream, or was it Michael Powell's worst nightmare?...
Posted: Sun Mar 24, 2002 7:54PM
textThe Revolution Will Be JAMMED - Independent Radio To Be Destroyed By Design by Digital Disaster
The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) is pressuring the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) to force acceptance of new version of Digital Audio Broadcasting, a kind of "Fax For Audio" on to the existing AM and FM broadcast bands. To accomplish this, the NAB plans to double the amount of space on the dial that a station uses, thus jamming the signals of weaker stations next to them on the dial....
Posted: Tue Mar 12, 2002 5:32PM
textCourt Rejects NAB/NPR Attempt to Silence Low Power FM by Center on Democratic Communications
Press Release: The Center on Democratic Communications praises Court of Appeals rebuff of broadcast industry attempt to sabatoge Low Power FM....
Posted: Sun Feb 10, 2002 10:44PM
textthe latest News on Low Power FM radio by Partytown Streaming network
Congress, with the help of the NAB & NPR, has gutted the opportunity for hundreds of diverse community stations to go on the air....
Posted: Thu Jan 18, 2001 9:54PM
textNatl Association of Broadcasters Execs Exposed! by Peter Phillips
National Association of Broadcasters Executives Exposed....
Posted: Sat Sep 23, 2000 2:59PM
textNPR Working Against Low-Powered FM by LPFM Coalition
Media reform groups call on listeners to withhold pledges until NPR stops beating up on neighborhood radio....
Posted: Sat Sep 23, 2000 11:51AM
textLPFM propaganda sent out during NAB week by Associated Press
Forgive my ignorance, but can anyone expalain how this relates to the actions/demands of today's protests?...
Posted: Fri Sep 22, 2000 10:20PM