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documentTwo Views of the City's Ambush of the Phoenix (Deseire Memorial Survival) Camp Behind Ross
by Robert Norse and Alicia Kuhl
Mainstream media have distorted and omitted various facts about the Friday morning November 15th police assault on the survival camp sending dozens into the bushes, streets, and neighborhoods for the winter. Camp Phoenix sheltered more than 60 people, many of them disabled and elderly, assisting with cooking, storage, and sanitation facilities and free access to its residents. The double sided flyer posted here attempts to correct false City claims echoed by the media....
Posted: Sat Nov 16, 2019 4:08PM
documentA Blast at Vice-Mayor Cummings Record As the Council Dallies
by Robert Norse
A long line of speakers urged faster action to protect Section 8 tenants in the last months of the year at Tuesday's Special City Council meeting. I summarized in accusatory terms Vice-Mayor Cummings record in siding with the reactionary Watkins majority on tenant and homeless issues. Brown supported a Mathews weakening of the Just Eviction protection emergency measure, and the Council caved....
Posted: Tue Oct 29, 2019 8:30PM
textOpen Letter to Vice-Mayor Justin Cummings by Robert Norse
Vice-Mayor Justin Cumming hasn't responded to repeated requests for a meeting with HUFF (Homeless United for Friendship & Freedom) and Conscience and Action, so I sent him this open letter. The issue of bathroom closure may come up quite strongly during Oral Communications with a proposed Pee Presentation at 7 PM Tuesday night 10-22....
Posted: Mon Oct 21, 2019 10:53AM
documentPushing Past the Censure/Recall Distraction at City Council
by Robert Norse
At the 10-8 City Council meeting, Mayor Watkins gave staff the usual expansive and unnecessary presentation time for prior items. She then eliminated group presentation time on the pointlessly returned censure of Krohn/Glover item. Initially refusing again to recognize a Councilmember, she again tried to hide behind the City Attorney as back-up. Failing this she cut back public comment time severely, allowing a special favored group presentation by the discredited City Commission for the P...
Posted: Wed Oct 9, 2019 9:53AM
documentWho Deserves Censure at City Council?
by Robert Norse
At the 9-24 City Council meeting, I was initially promised four minutes to give a group presentation on behalf of HUFF (Homeless United for Friendship and Freedom). Once the Censure item was tabled without public comment, Mayor Watkins cut me back to two minutes on the second related "Rose Investigation Recommendations" item. Here is the full speech she censored....
Posted: Wed Sep 25, 2019 4:07AM
textPassing the Buck and Rubberstamping at the Parks and Recreation Commission Yesterday by Robert Norse
Where's the "Progressive" Input at Parks and Recreation ?...
Posted: Tue Sep 10, 2019 10:01AM
documentNo Curfew, Restore Services!
by Robert Norse
Two half page flyers on the proposed Beach Grab by City Manager Martin Bernal as part of his endless "Drive the Homeless Out of Sight" campaign....
Posted: Mon Sep 9, 2019 9:32AM
calendarKeeping Up the Pressure: Open the Bathrooms ! by Robert Norse
San Lorenzo Benchlands at the Food Not Bombs table net to the San Francisco Mime Troupe event...
Event Date: Sun Sep 8, 2019 2:30PM
Posted: Thu Sep 5, 2019 11:30AM
documentCity Council Keeps London (Louden) Nelson Bathrooms Closed; Protest Tomorrow (9-3) 1:30 pm
by Robert Norse
A City Council meeting that lasted to 11 PM or shortly thereafter featured long anecdotal presentations by London (Louden) Nelson Community Center [LNCC] Supervisor Iseth Rae and her boss Parks and Recreation chief Tony Elliot. A long line of speakers and a list of organizations tried with no success to reason with the Council. Senior, disabled, homeless, & basketball players will continue to be excluded. Come to LNCC tomorrow and support an immediate "open bathrooms" policy !...
Posted: Mon Sep 2, 2019 1:35PM
documentCity Attorney Stonewalls Homeless Activists on Settlement Conference
by Robert Norse
After leveling the Ross Camp, sending its 200-300 residents fleeing into the parks, greenbelt, downtown, and neighborhoods, and fencing off the area, the City is now refusing to sit down and work out compromise settlement terms as suggested by Judge Edward Devila. It apparently prefers to incur more the expense of its homeless residents....
Posted: Thu Aug 29, 2019 8:49AM
documentUpcoming Activist Events & Additional City Council Info
by Robert Norse
City stonewalling on the issue of shutting down bathrooms to exclude homeless folks and inadequate and token campground facilities are the subject of some City Council chatter and activist direct action in the coming week. Also available for view now are claims against the City which the City refuses to put on its public website....
Posted: Tue Aug 27, 2019 9:47AM
textWho Will Change City Council's Dirty Diapers at Louden Nelson and City Hall? by Robert Norse
Item #1 on the City Council's Evening Agenda at 7:30 PM on Tuesday 8-26 endorses the Continued Exclusionary "Closed Bathroom" Policies of Louden Nelson Supervisor Iseth Rae and her superior Tony Elliot. The Parks and Recreation [P&R] Commission have essentially reversed Councilmember Drew Glover's original proposal, which Mayor Watkins and City Manager Bernal successfully delayed for six months....
Posted: Mon Aug 26, 2019 10:02AM
imageResist the Recall With Real Progressive Initiatives
by Robert Norse
Flyer distributed at former mayor Mathews new bait-and-switch 'Bury the Library in the Parking Garage" Rally Today...
Posted: Thu Jul 11, 2019 8:15PM
calendarTime to Get Off the Pot: Louden Nelson--Reopen Your Bathrooms to All the Public
by Robert Norse & Keith McHenry
323 Church St. in front of the Parks and Recreation Department...
Event Date: Mon Jul 8, 2019 3:00PM
Posted: Sat Jul 6, 2019 10:31AM
textSanta Cruz County Homeless Union President Launches RV Park-In Protest by Robert Norse & Alicia Kuhl
Recent renewal of harassment of RV dwellers along Woodrow has prompted Alicia Kuhl of the SC Homeless Union Park-In to protest the threatening vigilante behavior. More details below....
Posted: Tue Jul 2, 2019 1:53PM
calendarParks and Rec Set to Sabotage Glover "Open the Bathrooms" Proposal by Robert Norse
Santa Cruz Council Chambers at 809 Center St....
Event Date: Mon Jul 1, 2019 4:00PM
Posted: Mon Jul 1, 2019 10:17AM
documentResist and Reject the Recall!
by Robert Norse
Strongly and Clearly Reject Mayoral Bullying...
Posted: Sat Jun 29, 2019 4:06PM
imageRaising Some Issues at Oral Communications
by Robert Norse & Alicia Kuhl
Continued delay and inaction on providing homeless shelter and services (to say nothing of civil rights) for homeless folks was the silent part of yesterday's Santa Cruz City Council agenda. Several of us raised issues at Oral Communications...
Posted: Wed May 29, 2019 10:16AM
textFascist trends in Santa Cruz Government by Elise Casby
Activists and myself using the derogatory gesture of the nazi salutes were focused on and reported in the conservative and reactionary paper, The Santa Cruz Sentinel by writer, Jessica York on May 15, 2019. As usual the focus was on the graphic gesture and not the fact that public comment and other forms of democratic participation are dwindling over the years as each mayor, now Martine Watkins takes up the mantle of repression....
Posted: Thu May 16, 2019 6:40PM
imageMayor Watkins Blocks Food Not Bombs Proclamation
by Santa Cruz News
Mayor Martine Watkins has blocked a city proclamation proposed to honor the work of Food Not Bombs in Santa Cruz. In a letter to Councilmember Chris Krohn, Watkins stated it would not be "appropriate" to issue a proclamation honoring Food Not Bombs because the organization is "suing the city". Santa Cruz Food Not Bombs has provided information in support of the plaintiffs in Quntero v. the City of Santa Cruz, a civil right lawsuit filed on April 9 by a group of homeless residents of the Ross ...
Posted: Mon May 6, 2019 2:50PM