calendarCapitalism and Climate by Richard Fallenbaum
Niebyl-Proctor Marxist Library for Social Research 6501 Telegraph Ave., Oakland (bet. Alcatraz and 66th) Website: Wheelchair Accessible...
Event Date: Sat Nov 7, 2015 12:00PM
Posted: Thu Oct 15, 2015 8:56AM
calendarAaron Peskin benefit walking tour by David Giesen
American Youth Hostel 312 Mason Street San Francisco,...
Event Date: Sun Oct 18, 2015 9:30AM
Posted: Thu Oct 15, 2015 8:48AM
audioScott Eustis, Jonathan Henderson and Britney Penouilh on the 2015 Anba Dlo Water Festival (audio/mpeg 12.1MB) by WTUL News
Jonathan Henderson of Gulf Restoration Network and Britney Penouilh discuss the Anba Dlo water festival Saturday October 17th, 2015. In the morning, there's a walk and learn at the healing center on St Claude, with the New Orleans Water Collaborative. at noon, political and government leadership on wetlands restoration and clean water policies. after four, things open up into festival, art and music. And at midnight, a ceremony....
Posted: Thu Oct 15, 2015 6:51AM
textThe Coded World: Loss of Democracy and Abandonment of Knowledge by Andreas Kolbe
Neroliberalism is the enemy of knowledge. That is the central thesis. Specialized knowledge and the experience of skilled workers over years are sought less and less in a world ruled by simple numbers and algorithms. Through economization, powerful private enterprises arose that manipulated or withheld information. The original English title of Colin Crouch's new book is "The Knowledge Corrupters. The Financial Takeover of Public Life."...
Posted: Thu Oct 15, 2015 6:39AM
textPutin Is Right Saying US Officials Have Mush for Brains by Stephen Lendman
Posted: Thu Oct 15, 2015 4:00AM
text(A-Radio) Eastern Europe 2: The squatted ROD garden in Warsaw by A-Radio Berlin
As Anarchist Radio Berlin we had the opportunity of talking to an activist who is part of a group of people squatting an allotment garden in Warsaw, Poland. In this interview, we get to know a bit of the origins of this project that started in Spring of this year. The squat itself is based on the Reclaim the fields initiative in Poland and has organized some action days a short while ago. Some more interviews with anarchist organizations and anarchist projects will follow soon as part of our...
Posted: Thu Oct 15, 2015 1:35AM
textObama Could Stop Israeli State Terror with One Phone Call He Won't Make by Stephen Lendman
Posted: Thu Oct 15, 2015 1:05AM
imageWatsonville Council voted unanimously to pass CNA RNs Safe Staffing Resolution
by via California Nurses Association
On October 13 2015, the Watsonville City Council voted unanimously to pass CNA RNs’ “Safe Staffing & Patient Care Resolution.” This victory took several months of one-to-one meetings, 3 powerful Speak Outs, and some difficult groundwork by many of our leaders and activists, but the outcome is no less historic. Watsonville nurses have built an important alliance and were successful in educating elected officials that we all have a shared responsibility in safeguarding and ensuring quality heal...
Posted: Thu Oct 15, 2015 12:54AM
image"End The Occupation" SF Action Against Friends Of IDF Benefit
by Labor Video Project
A protest was held at the Palace Hotel where a benefit dinner was being held to support the Israel Defense Forces....
Posted: Thu Oct 15, 2015 12:33AM
textDemocratic "debate": No solution here by John Reimann
The Democratic presidential contender "debate" showed how different sectors of the US capitalist class are trying to resolve their problems. But the fact is that their problems cannot be resolved. Either the working class will get rid of the whole kit and caboodle of them, or we'll be crushed in their ruins...
Posted: Wed Oct 14, 2015 8:18PM
calendarFilm Night at the Omni! "The Spook Who Sat by the Door" by Liberated Lens Film Collective
Omni Commons Ballroom 4799 Shattuck Ave. Oakland...
Event Date: Wed Oct 21, 2015 7:00PM
Posted: Wed Oct 14, 2015 8:02PM
calendarDeaf People in Havana by Marti Goddard
Latino/Hispanic Community Room San Francisco Public Library 100 Larkin Street San Francisco, CA 94102...
Event Date: Tue Oct 27, 2015 6:00PM
Posted: Wed Oct 14, 2015 7:19PM
imageScientists Discover That The Purpose of Men is to have SEX.
by Knapton
Scientists Discover That The Purpose of Men is to have SEX. Getting SEX is programmed into male brain's like a drug! Male brain is programmed to seek out sex over food Brain cells specific to men fire up when mates are present and override the need to eat, scientists have found. Sex, to men, is a survival skill that has no equal....
Posted: Wed Oct 14, 2015 5:29PM
calendarDia De Los Muertos
by Leah
Adeline St. and 63rd Street, Berkeley, CA 94703...
Event Date: Tue Oct 27, 2015 2:00PM
Posted: Wed Oct 14, 2015 4:53PM
textOct. 15th is Pacific Leatherback Sea Turtle Conservation Day by Joanna Nasar
Turtle Island Restoration Network Calls for Action to Safeguard California Leatherback Sea Turtles from the Driftnet Fishery off California, Hawaiian Longline Fisheries & Gear Entanglements...
Posted: Wed Oct 14, 2015 4:49PM
calendar2015 Gaza 5K walk/run
by Laila Mokhiber
Sunset Parking Lot at Lake Merced Park by SFSU...
Event Date: Sat Oct 17, 2015 8:00AM
Posted: Wed Oct 14, 2015 4:09PM
imageCalifornians run to provide mental healthcare to Palestine refugee children in Gaza
by Laila Mokhiber
The Gaza 5K is an annual walk/run hosted by UNRWA USA. This event raises funds for UNRWA's Community Mental Health Program (CMHP) to support thousands of refugee children in Gaza affected by PTSD and other psychological trauma....
Posted: Wed Oct 14, 2015 4:06PM
imageTurkey Gov Attack On Labor And Kurds And Lessons of Grape Strike/Boycott for Today
by KPFA Pacifica WorkWeek Radio
WorkWeek Radio interviews journalists in Istanbul, Turkey about the latest bombing massacre that killed over 100 hundreds trade unionists and leftists as well as the ongoing war on Kurdish people. WorkWeek also interviews UFWA founder Al Rojas about the 50th anniversary of the Grape strike and boycott and the ongoing struggle of the Sakuma agricultural workers in the state of Washington and the San Quintin agricultural workers in Baja who went on strike and who are now fighting Driscoll and o...
Posted: Wed Oct 14, 2015 3:42PM
calendarEmbracing the Journey: End of Life Resource Fair by Shiva Schulz
JCCSF 3200 California Street San Francisco, CA 94118...
Event Date: Sun Nov 15, 2015 9:00AM
Posted: Wed Oct 14, 2015 8:47AM
audioFirst Annual Palestinian Film Festival in New Orleans (audio/mpeg 27.0MB) by WTUL News and Views
Kezia speaks with Lugine Gray about the first annual Palestinian film festival, taking place in New Orleans from October 18th - October 25th and featuring a multitude of popular films....
Posted: Wed Oct 14, 2015 7:40AM