video Free Movie: The 4th World War: UC-Berkeley Wed-Sept.15th (video/quicktime 7.6mb) by Bill Carpenter
"The Fourth World War" will be shown tonight (Wednesday, September 15) in 110 Wheeler on the UC-Berkeley campus at 7pm. Free....
Posted: Wed Sep 15, 2004 9:06AM
video bumperchairs forpeace8804 (video/x-pn-realvideo 541.1kb) by dan
born after aug 5 1945? we are conceived in violence....
Posted: Mon Aug 9, 2004 1:41AM
video Report from West Oakland Rally Against the "Central Station" redevelopment master plan (video/quicktime 1.6mb) by o-town IMC bloq
Oaklanders resist new upper-income mega-development around the historic 16th Street train station. Town Hall Meeting: 7 p.m., Wednesday, July 28, at the West Oakland Senior Center, 1724 Adeline Street. 1 minute mini-video....
Posted: Sat Jul 24, 2004 4:38PM
video Mingus Amungus RNC Protest Benefit Video (video/x-ms-wmv 6.6mb) by Jeff Paterson, Not in Our Name
1:50 min. Windows Movie (Windows Media Player required) Not in Our Name benefit evening at Zazoo's with Mingus Amungus to support upcoming RNC protests in NYC....
Posted: Sat Jul 10, 2004 2:32PM
video "Fear Will Not Silence Us! Art Show Video (video/x-ms-wmv 8.3mb) by Jeff Paterson, Not in Our Name
2:20 minute video (Windows Media Player required) of the Not in Our Name sponsored anti-militarism art show “Fear will not silence us!”, June 26....
Posted: Mon Jun 28, 2004 12:59PM
video Berkeley Protests Prof. Yoo, Author of Torture Memo (video/x-ms-wmv 6.4mb) by Jeff Paterson, Not in Our Name
1:52 min. Windows Movie (Windows Media Player Required)A hundred people gathered at Berkeley BART and marched to the Boalt Hall Law School to protest US Berkeley Prof. Yoo contributions to Justice Department torture memos and the PATRIOT Act yesterday, 25 June 2004....
Posted: Sat Jun 26, 2004 1:39PM
video a public access producer (video/quicktime 1.5mb) by sexyts
This a sequence from a press conference on the Gwen Araujo trial....
Posted: Sat Jun 19, 2004 11:59AM
video Berkeley Rally and March Against Israeli War Crimes Video (video/x-ms-wmv 9.5mb) by Jeff Paterson
2:30 min. Windows Movie About 300 people gathered at Berkeley BART this evening to rally against Israeli war crimes in Gaza. Hundreds who later marched down University Avenue were greeted by many solidarity honks from passing motorists....
Posted: Sat May 22, 2004 1:40AM
video "Return to the Oakland Docks!" Video (video/x-ms-wmv 8.4mb) by Jeff Paterson, Not in Our Name
2:15 min. Windows Movie with the Brass Liberation Orchestra; Antonia Juhasz, Direct Action; Jack Heyman, ILWU Local 10; Walter Johnson, SF Labor Council; Clarence Thomas, ILWU Local 10; and more....
Posted: Fri Apr 9, 2004 9:14AM
video "100% Heavy Metal" Benefit Opposes War and Repression (video/x-ms-wmv 8.2mb) by Jeff Paterson, Not in Our Name
Windows Movie, 2:13 minutes. The Bay Area Metal Scene packed the 40th Street Warehouse in Oakland last night to support the Not in Our Name project... and of course take in local favorites I Love a Parade, Hacksaw to the Throat, and Hammers of Misfortune....
Posted: Sun Apr 4, 2004 4:27PM
video Video: Oakland City Hall Rally for Immigrant Unjustly Fired by the City (video/x-ms-wmv 9.1mb) by Jeff Paterson, Not in Our Name
50 supporters of a wrongfully terminated city employee rallied in front of and inside Oakland City Hall today. He is an Iranian immigrant, trade unionist, local activist, and KPFA Radio producer. Windows Movie, 2:50 min....
Posted: Wed Mar 31, 2004 9:56AM
video Live video stream (Attachment On: Designs on Democracy) (video/quicktime 0.8kb) by when available
Posted: Sat Mar 27, 2004 4:32PM
video Are you ready to fight? Damn Right! (video/x-pn-realvideo 9.0mb) by Dan Mattson
several hundred gathered at superior court in oakland 3/19/04 just ahead of a 2pm hearing. here is 36 minutes of the 90 minute rally. 56 realvideo. a rally at the port for 4/7/04 was announced. 5pm at west oakland bart. see for more info....
Posted: Fri Mar 19, 2004 10:05PM
video impeach now press conference berkeley 3/9/04 (video/x-pn-realvideo 3.9mb) by Dan Mattson
just before a resolution was was presented to Berkeley City council to endorse investgation into impeachment of bush/cheney a press conference was held on steps of city hall. 19min 56k real video. Berkeley city council voted only for censure. see:
Posted: Mon Mar 15, 2004 3:42AM
video Vallejo Rally Against Iraq Occupation Video (video/x-ms-wmv 5.7mb) by Jeff Paterson, Not in Our Name
2:20 min. 5.7MB - WMV (Windows Movie) "Rally to Bring the Troops Home and Stop the Attacks on Working People!"...
Posted: Sat Feb 28, 2004 11:01PM
video The Oakland 25: Solidarity Rally: February 6, 2004. (video/quicktime 24.5mb) by Bill Carpenter
Speakers at the rally tell what happened on the Oakland docks April 7, 2003. Six minute QuickTime movie. 25MB....
Posted: Tue Feb 10, 2004 11:45AM
video Safeway video #2 (video/quicktime 22.3mb) by schock
video from j31 safeway action. 2 of 4....
Posted: Sun Feb 1, 2004 12:54PM
video Safeway video #1 (Attachment On: Safeway video #2) (video/quicktime 28.1mb) by schock
video from saturday's safeway action. 1 of 4 parts, each is 10-20 megs quicktime: 1. arrival, picket lines...
Posted: Sun Feb 1, 2004 12:56PM
video Safeway video #4 (Attachment On: Safeway video #2) (video/quicktime 8.3mb) by schock
video from saturday's safeway action. 4 of 4 parts, each is 10-20 megs quicktime: 4. wrap-up by lisa hoyos...
Posted: Sun Feb 1, 2004 1:10PM