textMarta Elena de la Rodriquez, Mayor of Soyapango, El Salvador by Sue Supriano
Marta Elena de la Rodriquez is FMLN mayor of El Salvador's second largest city. She talks about worsening conditions there and a health workers successfull strike against privitization of health care in El Salvador...
Posted: Fri Dec 22, 2000 5:33PM
textMéxico en la Lucha III. Chiapas cambia-Mexico in the Fight III. Chiapas changes by George Salzman
The new governor of the state of Chiapas, who assumed office on Friday, Dec. 8, immediately began the process for freeing all Zapatista prisoners. La Jornada's top news report, on Sunday, Dec 10, describes what the State Attorney General will find when he begins, on Monday, Dec 11, to review the files. The original report, 1.) in Spanish, is first, followed by 2.) my translation into English. (My preferred title concluded: Mexico in the Struggle III. Chiapas changes. But it was too long.)...
Posted: Sat Dec 16, 2000 1:34PM
textHealing for Luna, Julia Butterfly, Winter Solstice, Dec. 22. Colombia drug war. by luna
The ancient redwood tree, named Luna, where Julia Butterfly lived for over two years has been wounded. There will be a collective global healing for Luna during the Winter Solstice. Cannabis hemp saves trees! The drug war is heavily involved in the madness of planetary destruction by the corporate petrochemical-pharmaceutical complex. In Colombia the Republicrat, corporate flunkie, Clinton continues to OK damaging herbicide spraying in the name of the drug war....
Posted: Fri Dec 15, 2000 12:50PM
textDemonstrate Thursday Against U.S. Militarism in El Salvador by lisa
IAC Upcoming Events: including Demonstration on Thursday Against US Militarism in El Salvador and Across the Americas...
Posted: Wed Nov 15, 2000 4:50PM
textMxico en la Lucha II - Mexico in Struggle I (1. en espaol, 2. in English) by George Salzman
(For English version scroll down through the Spanish to 2) Una carta abierta al Sr. Presidente-electo Vincente Fox con mi entendimiento de la realidad....
Posted: Sun Oct 29, 2000 10:02AM
textMxico en la Lucha I - Mexico in Struggle I (1. en espaol, 2. in English) by George Salzman
(For English translation scroll down through the Spanish to 2) Editorial de La Jornada, México, D.F. viernes 27 de octubre de 2000, "FOX, ANTE LA REALIDAD PRESUPUESTAL"...
Posted: Sun Oct 29, 2000 9:57AM
textEl Salvador Alternative Media Info by Jose Aleman
Presentation by Jose Aleman and Nicolasa Rivas of ARPAS, the independent community radio network of El Salvador. 3-5 pm, Sun Oct 15 at 2870A 22nd St (btwn Harrison and Alabama), SF....
Posted: Wed Oct 11, 2000 10:58AM
textZapatista Women Seize Radio Station by Movement 2000
Zapatista women peacefully seized a radio station to demonstrate for the rights of women and indigenous Indians, on International Women's Day, March 2000....
Posted: Thu Sep 21, 2000 10:07AM