text Santa Cruz Green Party In Power Fails The Test by Steve Argue
Homelessness and political repression, the Green Party fails the test....
Posted: Tue Dec 4, 2001 5:00AM
text open letter to mayor of Santa Cruz by elijah huffman
E-mail letter concerning Camp Paridise, a homeless encampment, done by the homeless, for the homeless, as an attempt to "have a life". and being worked against by the political structure...
Posted: Sat Dec 1, 2001 9:44AM
text PBNB ALERT - Witnesses Needed for Camp Paradise Eviction in Santa Cruz by illegal alien
Publishing News and Events promoting peace!...
Posted: Thu Nov 29, 2001 10:18PM
text As Human Rights Violations Mount In The USA, by Steve Argue
European Officials State That Extradition May Be Impoossible....
Posted: Mon Nov 26, 2001 1:45PM
text Argentinian ceramist workers appeal to international solidarity by celeste argentina
Our strike began over a month ago, with mobilizations and pickets to avoid stock departures, blockages of bridges and highways to fight against the virtual closure of the plant and the subsequent discharge of almost 400 workers in a province where almost 20 % of its population is already unemployed....
Posted: Fri Nov 23, 2001 6:48AM
Neuquén, Argentina, November 16 2001 To solidary trade union, student and political organizations: We, the ceramist workers of Neuquén (Argentina), are appealing to your solidarity with the strong fight we are carrying out as workers of Zanon Ceramic Factory, in defense of our jobs and for our wages being paid....
Posted: Fri Nov 23, 2001 5:45AM
text Santa Cruz Secession by Claude Glasses
People in Santa Cruz against the war in Afghanistan will stage a secession from the United States of America, November 11th, 2001, at 2 PM....
Posted: Mon Nov 12, 2001 1:14AM
text Peoples Bark News Berkeley NOTICE - 11/6/01 by illegal alien
Publishing news/events promoting peace!...
Posted: Tue Nov 6, 2001 6:11PM
text Homeless Activists Protest Santa Cruz Council by Edison Carter / Network 23
Activists for the homeless protested in Santa Cruz last Sunday. Interviews, 30 mins....
Posted: Sun Nov 4, 2001 4:13PM
text Nov 3-18: US Nationwide and International Ant by Lee Siu Hin
To announce your protest, links, or good information, please send to: or Since some events may change or cancel withouth advance notice, PLEASE PLEASE call and check with the event organizer before you go. To check the complete listing, please visit:
Posted: Sun Nov 4, 2001 6:27AM
text Part 2, Stop the War by Steve Argue
Part 2, Provides much information opposing the war not found in the corporate media...
Posted: Sat Nov 3, 2001 8:55PM
text Peoples Bark News Berkeley NOTICE - 10/26/01 by illegal alien
Publishing news/events promoting peace!...
Posted: Fri Oct 26, 2001 12:40PM
text Attack on free speech in Santa Cruz by Atlanta Wobbly
Posted: Wed Oct 24, 2001 10:29PM
text is hate expanding? by dabogra
Are racism and hate becoming more common since september 11th? Will we now discover how far along our nation has come in the name of civil rights, peace, and the fight against ignorance. This is the perspective of a University of California student....
Posted: Fri Oct 5, 2001 10:24PM
text Santa Cruz - Big Bang Music Festival & Protest Rally by Oliver Brown
Many protest rallies in Santa Cruz, California revolve around punk and lo-fi band perfomances in an 11-day festival and peace rally called the Big Bang....
Posted: Sat Sep 29, 2001 11:10AM
text Actions in Santa Cruz - Tuesday March and Wednesday Forum by Joe Rigney
Actions and forums are being organized in Santa Cruz. On Tuesday, there will be a Walk for all of the Victims of Violence over highway 17. On Wednesday, there will be a community forum at 7:30 at the Pacific Cultural Center in Seabright....
Posted: Mon Sep 17, 2001 5:12PM
text Statement by East Timor Nobel laureate on Democracy Now! & Amy Goodman by East Timor Action Network/U.S.
East Timor Nobel Peace Prize winner statement on Democracy Now! and attacks on Amy Goodman...
Posted: Thu Sep 6, 2001 7:05AM
text Locking Down to Save Santa Cruz Old Growth by Halie
In response to loggers violent intimidation, three activists lock down to create road blockades, and supporters take a beating...
Posted: Mon Jul 30, 2001 10:54AM
text Hate Crimes Against Santa Cruz Forest Activist Televised at 5 and 6 PM by kirk james murphy, md
Film of Santa Cruz EarthFirst! forest activists beaten and by loggers at blockade this morning will air tonight on Santa Cruz public channel 26 at 6 PM and on network affiliate channels 8 and 46 at 5 and 6 PM...
Posted: Tue Jul 24, 2001 5:14PM
text Shots fired at tree sitters in Santa Cruz redwoods by Halie Johnson and Savannah
Mon, July 23rd shots activists were shot at by unknown logger or violent opposer. No injuries but definate esculation of violence....
Posted: Tue Jul 24, 2001 2:38AM