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textHistory of Imperialiast unsuccesfull attempts to conquer Afghanistan 1837 - now by Dan Mattson
At the Media Alliance on Saturday 9/22/01 a featured speaker was Farhad Azad, an Afghani born journalist. Part of his presentation was a history of of British, Russian attempts and recently with covert US involvement to take over Afghanistan. The below is an experiment and a copy from a pdf. It may not be complete. the entire pdf is at and I'm guessing):
Posted: Wed, Sep 26, 2001 9:07pm PDT
textEx-Los Angeles narcotics cop Mike Ruppert bio, CIA, Afghanistan, opium, Pakistan by Corporate rule by any means necessary.
With the growing knowledge worldwide of the creation of the Taliban with massive help from the US and Pakistan, and the knowledge of the over hundred million dollars of aid in the last year to Afghanistan from the USA, the following Mike Ruppert biographical and other info is highly relevant. It is a great timeline and biography of ex-Los Angeles narcotics cop Mike Ruppert and his vast knowledge and proof of the CIA and US government involvement with drugs....
Posted: Tue, Sep 25, 2001 12:46am PDT
textWeb page instructs on how to donate to the Taliban by hoooooo boy!
A web page gives instructions on how to make cash donations to the Taliban for the formation of an Islamic State in Afghanistan, similar to the Jewish state of Israel....
Posted: Mon, Sep 24, 2001 6:20pm PDT
text1st war of the 21st century by Alan Woods and Ted Grant
Alan Woods and Ted Grant analyse in detail the perspectives for the so-called 'war against terrorism', the effects this will have in Afghanistan, Pakistan and the Middle East, and strongly denounce the hypocrisy and double standards of Bush and US imperialism in general....
Posted: Mon, Sep 24, 2001 7:11am PDT
textHindu Times (New Delhi, India) Report on Battles Between Taliban and Opposition by Hindu Times (New Delhi)
Report form Hindu Times on Battles Already Taking Place in Afghanistan....
Posted: Sun, Sep 23, 2001 5:44pm PDT
textHistory and Standpoints: Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan by RAWA
RAWA, the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan, was established in Kabul, Afghanistan, in 1977 as an independent political/social organization of Afghan women fighting for human rights and for social justice in Afghanistan....
Posted: Sun, Sep 23, 2001 2:34pm PDT
textUS role in WTC attacks - Investigation called for by Infinite Justice
Evidence is mounting that the Bush administration may have deliberately provoked a terrorist attack on the U.S. as a means of justifying its plans to replace the Taliban in Afghanistan with a puppet government friendly to gas and oil development in the region....
Posted: Sat, Sep 22, 2001 11:39am PDT
textSF Examiner Runs Meaningful Article on U.S. Foreign Policy! by Ed Rippy
The SF Examiner, to its credit, has run a pretty realistic article on the history of U.S. foreign policy in Afghanistan....
Posted: Sat, Sep 22, 2001 8:25am PDT
textAfghan invasion - the truth comes out! by ...
If anyone thought Washington's immediate focus on invading Afghanistan was an irrational response to the WTC disaster, this may explain it. Let's make sure this story gets to all our elected officials as well as to the public....
Posted: Tue, Sep 18, 2001 11:03am PDT
textColin Powell Reveals $43 Million in New Aid to Afghans by Colin L. Powell
Good morning, everyone. Afghanistan is in crisis. After more than 20 years of war, and now the third year of a devastating drought, the country is on the verge of a widespread famine. Nearly 4 million Afghans are at risk. If the international community does not take immediate action, countless deaths and terrible tragedy are certain to follow....
Posted: Mon, Sep 17, 2001 10:34pm PDT
textTo Punish Innocent Afghans Would be Immoral by Chris Buckley
This, I think you must agree, is not a voice from a country of dedicated international terrorists or religious fanatics. But it is a voice from the real Afghanistan, unrecognisable from the demonised image we are being urged to accept....
Posted: Mon, Sep 17, 2001 2:32pm PDT
textMay 22 2001 LA Times. Bush gave $43 million to Taliban. US is their major funder by 8 million inmates worldwide.
From the May 22, 2001 Los Angeles Times article. " ... the recent gift of $43 million to the Taliban rulers of Afghanistan, the most virulent anti-American violators of human rights in the world today. The gift, announced last Thursday by Secretary of State Colin Powell, in addition to other recent aid, makes the U.S. the main sponsor of the Taliban and rewards that 'rogue regime' for declaring that opium growing is against the will of God."...
Posted: Mon, Sep 17, 2001 1:46pm PDT
textWounded and Left on Afghanistan's Plain by Alex
In which the author considers the military, geopolitical, and domestic issues of a war in Afghanistan....
Posted: Mon, Sep 17, 2001 7:57am PDT
textWar Resisters League statement by SF IMC repost
The policies of militarism pursued by the United States have resulted in millions of deaths, from the historic tragedy of the Indochina war, through the funding of death squads in Central America and Colombia, to the sanctions and air strikes against Iraq. This nation is the largest supplier of “conventional weapons” in the world—and those weapons fuel the starkest kind of terrorism from Indonesia to Africa. The early policy support for armed resistance in Afghanistan resulted in the victory ...
Posted: Sun, Sep 16, 2001 10:43pm PDT
textOsama Bin Laden: How the U.S. by Ahmed Rashid
Ahmed Rashid of Pakistan is a member of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, a project of the Center for Public Integrity. He is the Pakistan, Afghanistan and Central Asia correspondent for the Far Eastern Economic Review and The Daily Telegraph of London. This is an excerpt from his book "Taliban: Militant Islam, Oil and Fundamentalism in Central Asia" (Yale University Press)....
Posted: Sun, Sep 16, 2001 10:07pm PDT