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imageSanta Cruz United Continues to Deceive the Public About its Paid Signature Gatherers
by Santa Cruz News Network
Despite an admission caught on video from a professional petition signature gatherer from San Jose, who said he was being paid to collect signatures for Santa Cruz United, the organization behind the recall campaign continues to push the false narrative that they are "all volunteer". Santa Cruz United's "I Want to Help/Get Involved" page on their website still currently reads, "we are all-volunteer and our expenses are low - but we could use your financial support." On September 24, Santa Cru...
Posted: Fri Sep 27, 2019 11:14AM
imageSanta Cruz City Council Votes to Table Censure 9-24-2019
by AutumnSun
As the Santa Cruz City Council was set to discuss a censure of Councilmembers Chris Krohn and Drew Glover during its September 24 evening agenda, a motion by Councilmember Sandy Brown to table the censure passed 4-3. Supporters of Councilmember Glover and Krohn gave a standing ovation in response. The majority of those in Council chambers were there to speak against the censure, and those supporters of Krohn and Glover stayed in large numbers to speak to the next item on the agenda, a discuss...
Posted: Thu Sep 26, 2019 5:33PM
imageCarol Polhamus and Santa Cruz United
by The Seeker
Carol Polhamus has been on the record of being "of Santa Cruz United," yet she has also denied any official affiliation with the shadowy recall group....
Posted: Wed Sep 25, 2019 9:42AM
documentWho Deserves Censure at City Council?
by Robert Norse
At the 9-24 City Council meeting, I was initially promised four minutes to give a group presentation on behalf of HUFF (Homeless United for Friendship and Freedom). Once the Censure item was tabled without public comment, Mayor Watkins cut me back to two minutes on the second related "Rose Investigation Recommendations" item. Here is the full speech she censored....
Posted: Wed Sep 25, 2019 4:07AM
calendarSTRIKE at Janus of Santa Cruz
by National Union of Healthcare Workers (NUHW)
200 7th Avenue, Santa Cruz, CA 95062...
Event Date: Thu Sep 26, 2019 6:00AM
Posted: Tue Sep 24, 2019 1:30PM
imageExtinction Rebellion Brings Street Theater Back to Santa Cruz
by Steve Pleich
Gimme That Old Time Rebellion...
Posted: Mon Sep 23, 2019 5:10PM
imageSanta Cruz Recall of Drew Glover and Chris Krohn, My Personal Statement 9-22-2019
by AutumnSun
I felt the need to post this after getting some negative and hateful comments....
Posted: Sun Sep 22, 2019 2:14PM
imageSanta Cruz Recall: Paid Canvassers at Trader Joe's and Whole Foods 9-19-2019
by AutumnSun
Today I went to Trader Joe's, and to no surprise to me, the paid recall signature gatherers were there again, along with the man who I will call "Manny", not really knowing his name since he has identified himself with several different names at several different times. Manny is the man who was handcuffed at Whole Foods recently by Santa Cruz Police....
Posted: Fri Sep 20, 2019 1:17PM
imageSanta Cruz United Canvasser Arrested at Whole Foods
by Alex Darocy
Manuel Mirabal, a recall petition signature gatherer for Santa Cruz United, was arrested today at Whole Foods Market. He was cited and released by Santa Cruz Police for "challenging another person to a physical fight in public"....
Posted: Thu Sep 19, 2019 8:00PM
imagebonfire - Call for Submissions
by Direct Action Monterey Network
bonfire is a ‘zine committed to connecting local voices and experiences to critical thought and global struggles. As we face climate disaster, intensifying state violence, emboldened white nationalism, and globalized capitalism that enriches the few at the expense of the many, there is a rising sense that the current system is no longer tenable. Now is the time to think beyond the limits of what we are told is possible and to imagine and bring to life the kind of world that can meaningfully s...
Posted: Thu Sep 19, 2019 3:20PM
imageStockwell Cellars free wine give away for signed Santa Cruz United recall petitions
by AutumnSun
Yesterday, I went to check out the free wine give away for anyone that brought in a petition with ten signatures to Stockwell Cellars, which took place at their place on Fair Street....
Posted: Wed Sep 18, 2019 8:14PM
imageRecall Canvasser Handcuffed at Whole Foods Returns to Trader Joe's
by AutumnSun
Today I went to Trader Joe's to purchase a few items. After I parked, I saw the same man that had been handcuffed by the Santa Cruz Police on September 10th for harassment and saying racial slurs to the Whole Foods Manager, along with actually harassing Alex after he was released!...
Posted: Wed Sep 18, 2019 12:43PM
imageFederal Rule Protects Endangered Orcas’ West Coast Habitat
by Center for Biological Diversity
15,000 Square Miles of Critical Habitat Added to Existing Salish Sea Protections...
Posted: Wed Sep 18, 2019 12:12PM
videoRecall Canvasser Detained by Police at Whole Foods for Threatening and Harassing Staff and Customers (video/mp4 466.0MB) by Alex Darocy
A Santa Cruz United recall signature gatherer was handcuffed and detained by Santa Cruz Police at Whole Foods Market on September 10 for harassing and threatening customers and management, and for blocking the entrance to the market repeatedly, according to Whole Foods management and police. The man was eventually released without arrest, after he agreed to move away from the market's entrance to the Whole Foods "free speech zone", which he did. He then began to aggressively solicit signature...
Posted: Tue Sep 17, 2019 10:48PM
imageSanta Cruz United Offers Wine for Signatures
by Santa Cruz News Network
Santa Cruz United is advertising a special deal for its recall canvassers: free wine. At its "recall update" event at Stockwell Cellars, Santa Cruz United is offering canvassers, who bring in at least 10 signatures, a free glass of wine....
Posted: Mon Sep 16, 2019 9:14PM
imageSanta Cruz Police Evict Homeless Residents from Main Beach
by Santa Cruz News
On September 10, the Santa Cruz City Council voted 6-1 to impose a six-month, midnight-sunrise curfew for the dry sand portion of Santa Cruz Main Beach. Santa Cruz Police Chief of Police Andrew Mills and other members of City Staff had requested that Council enact the curfew due to an "increase" in nuisance crimes related to homeless individuals camping on the beach. By the evening of September 15, police began evicting homeless residents from the beach....
Posted: Mon Sep 16, 2019 2:54PM
imageTabling for the recall of Drew Glover and Chris Krohn today, Saturday 9-14-2019
by AutumnSun
Things seemed pretty civil today! I believe that following my report of 9-5 2019, where police were called by the two people getting signatures that objected to me taking their pictures, and had called the police on me, the police found me within my legal rights! Also, civil compared to Alex Darocy's report on 9-10-2019, regarding Whole Foods having to call the police on a man who was getting signatures, who had called the Whole Foods manager racial slurs and also threatened Alex!...
Posted: Sat Sep 14, 2019 8:42PM
textSept. 20-27: Santa Cruz to Demonstrate in Global Climate Strike by Michelle Merrill
Santa Cruz activists join the Global Climate Strike, Sept. 20-27, to demand transformative changes to address the Climate Emergency; a week of events culminates in Santa Cruz school/work Strike/walkout, march and rally Sept. 27....
Posted: Fri Sep 13, 2019 10:46AM
imageSanta Cruz United Canvasser Handcuffed and Detained by Police at Whole Foods Market
by Alex Darocy
A Santa Cruz United recall signature gatherer was handcuffed and detained by Santa Cruz Police at Whole Foods Market today for harassing and threatening customers and management, and for blocking the entrance to the market repeatedly. For weeks now, stories have been circulating online about canvassers who are harassing community members as they aggressively solicit signatures for the petitions to recall progressive City Councilmembers Drew Glover and Chris Krohn....
Posted: Tue Sep 10, 2019 10:35PM
textPassing the Buck and Rubberstamping at the Parks and Recreation Commission Yesterday by Robert Norse
Where's the "Progressive" Input at Parks and Recreation ?...
Posted: Tue Sep 10, 2019 10:01AM