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text TTIP and CETA Must Be Prevented by Conrad Schuhler and Jonas Sjostedt
Under TTIP, TPP and TiSA, corporations can sue states for lost profits. The German Judges Union calls additional protection of foreign investors "nonsense" that undermines democracy and the constitutional state and could lead to an avalanche of lawsuits and the chilling of labor and environmental protection. Jonas Sjostedt is the chairperson of the Swedish Left Party.
Posted: Thu May 5, 2016 11:53AM
text Chernobyl + 30 by Michael Steinbertg
Thirty Years after the nuclear cataclysm at Chernobyl, the disaster continues.
Posted: Mon May 2, 2016 3:52PM
text $40 Billion in Military Aid to Israel by Ted Rudow III, MA
Obama Administration Proposes Up to $40 Billion in Military Aid to Israel The Obama administration has proposed an unprecedented military funding package to Israel that could top $40 billion over 10 years. It is the largest military funding package the U.S. has ever offered to any nation. Israeli officials are reportedly demanding even more funding. The U.S. currently gives Israel $3 billion a year in military funding under a deal slated to expire in 2018.
Posted: Mon May 2, 2016 2:43PM
text For a REAL International Workers May Day by John Reimann
This May Day, ILWU Local 10 will be leading a march in San Francisco. But to be really serious, the unions must break with the corporate-controlled Democratic Party as well as really fight for their members on the job.
Posted: Thu Apr 28, 2016 9:24AM
text From the Constitutional State to the Security State by Giorgio Agamben
The state of emergency is that arrangement by which totalitarian powers were established in Europe. The security state is neither part of the constitutional state nor what Michel Foucault called the disciplinary society. The security state is permanently grounded on fear and must keep fear alive at any cost because it has its essential function and legitimacy from it. The de-politization of citizens is a characteristic of the security state.
Posted: Thu Apr 28, 2016 4:45AM
text The War on Truth by Anthony Ravlich
Describes profound and world shaking decisions made by the United Nations behind a global iron curtain which has determined that America, the West and individual freedoms should go into decline - and it is happening.But I believe there is an answer.
Posted: Tue Apr 26, 2016 7:24AM
text Nepal Struggles to Rebuild One Year After Massive Earthquake by Greg
Nepal faces significant humanitarian challenges one year after its devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake.
Posted: Mon Apr 25, 2016 4:07PM
text Argentina Returns to Bond Market after Debt Settlement by Oscar Polanco Reynoso
Argentina returns to the bond market after 15 years with access to limited international financing.
Posted: Thu Apr 21, 2016 8:41AM
text One human being is equal to a hundred animals? by Varun Kumar
In a small town of Kotpad in Orissa, a tragic incident claimed the lives of eight people, who were killed by a wild bear that had managed to escape from its habitat into the village. The bear was eventually caught and killed by the villagers.
Posted: Mon Apr 18, 2016 2:42AM
text House Republicans Convene to Discuss Puerto Rico Legislation by Greg
Speaker Paul Ryan is holding a special meeting with Republicans to discuss the Puerto Rico Oversight, Management and Economic Stability Act (PROMESA). ‎Ahead of the Republican special session, the religious development group Jubilee USA sent a letter from its executive director advocating passage with key changes.
Posted: Fri Apr 15, 2016 7:37AM
text The Shortwave Report 04/15/16 Listen Globally! by Dan Roberts
A weekly 30 minute review of international news and opinion, recorded from a shortwave radio and the internet. With times, frequencies, and websites for listening at home. 3 files- Highest quality broadcast, regular broadcast, and slow-modem streaming. NHK World Radio Japan, China Radio International, Radio Havana Cuba, and Radio Deutsche-Welle.
Posted: Thu Apr 14, 2016 5:37PM
text IMF Puts Spotlight on Puerto Rico Debt Crisis as Congress Debates Solutions by Greg
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) will categorize Puerto Rico as its own entity in its economic database for the first time. Puerto Rico is in the midst of a significant debt crisis but is not eligible for IMF assistance because it is not a country.
Posted: Thu Apr 14, 2016 11:12AM
text Palestinian Activists File $34.5 Billion Lawsuit against US Corps & Individuals by repost
The milestone must read $34.5 billion lawsuit exposing the US-Zionist theft of Palestinian land is at http://www.martinmcmahonlaw.com/Tamimi_Complaint.pdf on the website of the plaintiffs' attorney, Martin McMahon and Associates, and may be found with the use of PACER at the site of the US District Court, District of Columbia, Case 1:16-cv-00445, Tamimi v Adelson.
Posted: Wed Apr 13, 2016 8:48PM
text Puerto Rico Archbishop Invites Prayers for Congress, Creditors and Political Leaders by Greg
As Congress introduces legislation to address Puerto Rico's financial crisis, San Juan's Catholic Archbishop is inviting prayers that all "work together to find a solution to the crisis that respects the rights and dignity of all sides."
Posted: Tue Apr 12, 2016 12:35PM
text Tax Havens: Threat for Public Budgets by Sven Giegold
The common good is abused. The struggle against tax havens is a struggle for the rule of law and democracy. Apple, Google, Amazon, Boeing, GE and scores of other corporations shift tens of billions to the Cayman Islands, Delaware, Switzerland and Lichtenstein. According to a 2013 article, one building in Wilmington, Delaware has 285,000 mail box firms. Corporations seem to have rights without responsibilities. Trust and public spirit are replaced by cynicism and resignation when corporation...
Posted: Mon Apr 11, 2016 2:34AM
text The Shortwave Report 04/08/16 Listen Globally! by Dan Roberts
A weekly 30 minute review of international news and opinion, recorded from a shortwave radio and the internet. With times, frequencies, and websites for listening at home. 3 files- Highest quality broadcast, regular broadcast, and slow-modem streaming. Spanish National Radio, Radio Deutsche-Welle, Radio Havana Cuba, Sputnik Radio, and NHK World Radio Japan.
Posted: Thu Apr 7, 2016 4:41PM
text How Much State Does the Social Market Economy Need? by Wolfgang Ockenfels
The use of property is only legitimate within the limits of the public interest. Whoever takes a risk must bear it and be liable for the losses. The state has the political task of laying down effective rules for risk assessment, liability and providing transparency. Distributive battles intensify in times of dwindling growth.
Posted: Thu Apr 7, 2016 4:23AM
text Puerto Rico Congressional Negotiations Intensify by Greg
The House Committee on Natural Resources is poised to release the newest draft of Puerto Rico legislation amid tense negotiations.
Posted: Wed Apr 6, 2016 3:17PM
text Over 100 Writers Call on PEN American Center to Reject Israeli Government Sponsorship by Adalah-NY
In a letter made public today over 100 writers, including Pulitzer Prize winners Junot Díaz, Richard Ford, and Alice Walker, and award-winning author Louise Erdrich, have called on the PEN American Center “to reject support from the Embassy of Israel” for PEN’s annual World Voices Festival. PEN lists the Israeli Embassy as among the “Champions” of the Festival, and as a sponsor of one of the Festival’s panels.
Posted: Wed Apr 6, 2016 12:16PM
text Politics in the Age of Acceleration and Sharing by Karl Peter Weinert and Paul Schobel
Why do international crises always come over us so suddenly, seemingly without any signal? This happens because we consistently ignore all the signs. We want to know everything in real time-and miss the big connections. No one worried whether or not the risks on the exchanges could be too great. No one took seriously the early warnings of economists Robert Shiller and Joseph Stiglitz. While they warned of the crash, the Red-Green German government blithely continued deregulating. Whoever...
Posted: Mon Apr 4, 2016 4:34AM