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textForward to the 1930s? by Stephan Schulmeister
A look back makes the outlook easier: A speculative boom in 1929 leads to a stock market crash and recession, the budget deficit increases, the austerity policies drive the economy into a depression. Tensions within and between countries increase, scapegoats are sought, anti-Semitism and protectionism are spreading....
Posted: Thu, May 16, 2024 5:15pm PDT
textCFA Members File Unfair Practice Charge Over Cal Poly Humboldt’s Campus Closure by California Faculty Association
May 9, 2024 - This week, CFA members filed an Unfair Practice Charge with California’s Public Employer Employee Relations Board (PERB) over Cal Poly Humboldt administration’s decision to close the campus for the remainder of the spring semester. Management took the extraordinary step of closing down the campus last month in response to students protesting the war in Gaza when other campuses around the country have remained open despite fairly large actions and police responses. At Cal Poly Hu...
Posted: Wed, May 15, 2024 6:14am PDT
textCUCFA Statement On Campus Protests by Council of UC Faculty Associations
May 7, 2024 - The Council of UC Faculty Associations (CUCFA) denounces the growing number of attempts to intimidate, repress, and criminalize campus protests of Israel’s ongoing war on Gaza that is supported economically and politically by the United States....
Posted: Tue, May 14, 2024 11:41pm PDT
textACLU Responds to California Supreme Court Ruling on Minimum Wage for Incarcerated Workers by ACLU
OAKLAND, Calif., April 22, 2024 — The California Supreme Court ruled today that the state’s minimum wage law does not apply to people working for private companies while they are held in pretrial detention in California’s jails. The lawsuit, Ruelas v. County of Alameda, was brought by people incarcerated at the Santa Rita Jail in Alameda County who worked without compensation for Aramark, a for-profit corporation that provides food in jails and prisons....
Posted: Tue, Apr 23, 2024 12:48pm PDT
textREI Workers in Santa Cruz Vote to Unionize by Santa Cruz News
On April 18, workers at the REI store in Santa Cruz voted 32-12 in favor of forming a union. The workers filed for a union election with the National Labor Relations Board on March 14, at which time they announced their intent to join United Food and Commercial Workers International Union (UFCW) Local 5. The Santa Cruz REI store is the second REI location in the Bay Area to unionize, and the tenth nationwide. REI Workers in Santa Cruz say they are unionizing for "fair pay, sustainable schedul...
Posted: Fri, Apr 19, 2024 12:55pm PDT
textA Philosopher's Critique by Fabio Vighi
Because the declining middle classes are unable to see past individualism and economic self-interest, they stick with the fantasy that any loss of purchasing power is a temporary glitch awaiting systemic resolution – as if Capital were an eternal and inexhaustible mode of wealth creation....
Posted: Thu, Apr 4, 2024 1:51am PDT
textImmigrants Are Not Hurting U.S.-Born Workers – Six Facts To Set the Record Straight by Economic Policy Institute
Immigration is contributing to strong economic growth—with future immigration forecast to boost real gross domestic product by 2% over the next 10 years—as well as increasing government revenue. Immigrants are also complementing U.S.-born workers by contributing to overall population and workforce growth....
Posted: Fri, Mar 1, 2024 3:52am PST
textLearning for life by Kerstin Chavent
The winners of the digital revolution include hairdressers, plumbers, care and service workers and professions that have something to do with creativity and responsibility (1). It's starting to work in my head. If that is the case, then it is fair to ask whether we still need compulsory education. Why should we all be forced to go to school and learn things that we don't need in our lives?...
Posted: Tue, Feb 6, 2024 7:22am PST
textSFSU Red Week Jan.29-Feb. 2 Rally on Thursday Feb 1 at 12:00 Noon-2PM by CFU SFSU
We're declaring RED WEEK for the first week back to campus at SFSU! Let's build on our strike energy and start our semester grounded in the collective joys and struggles of fighting for the people's university....
Posted: Mon, Jan 29, 2024 10:18pm PST
textTeamster Mobilize: Teamsters Denounce Teamster Gen Pres Sean O'Brien on Trump Visit by Teamster Mobilize
Teamster Mobilize has launched a national petition opposing the visit of Teamster president Sean O'Brien to former president Donald Trump....
Posted: Sun, Jan 21, 2024 9:12pm PST
textMemorandum 2023 by alternative economic policy study group
Ecological restructuring and the expansion of the welfare state must be considered, conceived and coordinated. An active financial policy must compensate for inflation for low-income and poor private households along with bridging programs for energy-intensive companies, including craft businesses. This stabilizing fiscal policy must be complemented by an active monetary policy...
Posted: Sat, Dec 30, 2023 7:05am PST
textThe Consensus Factory by Wolfgang Teune
Many media companies are largely dependent on advertising revenue. Media that strongly influence the formation of public opinion prefer official sources from state institutions, which, however, reflect the views of the holders of power and accordingly process information in their own interests. Positions that question or even cast doubt on the prevailing narrative are often discredited...
Posted: Tue, Dec 19, 2023 8:38am PST
text470 Levi's Workers In Turkey Need Support by repost
Workers in Turkey who make Levis are fighting against union busting and need international solidarity...
Posted: Sun, Dec 17, 2023 8:28am PST
textLetter To NEA President and Officers On Palestine by NEA Members On Palestine
NEA members are circulating a letter to the NEA president and officers on Palestine....
Posted: Sun, Dec 10, 2023 11:43am PST
textThe machine is broken by David Ruccio
Corporations are also using their profits to repurchase their own shares (thereby boosting stock indices to record levels), to finance mergers and acquisitions (which increase concentration, but not investment, and often involve cutting jobs)......
Posted: Wed, Dec 6, 2023 4:03pm PST
textStop AFT 2121 CCSF Sell Out Of Part Time Faculty by AFT 2121 Member Rick Baum
The AFT 2121 leadership has again sold out part time faculty in their latest agreement....
Posted: Sat, Dec 2, 2023 1:48pm PST
textHope despite the mess! by Peter Dabrock
There is broad agreement that freedom should not only be measured in terms of one's own well-being, but also in terms of others, especially the socially disadvantaged, and in solidarity with those who lack recognition (see here). The strong welfare state is widely accepted, even by those who pay more than they receive....
Posted: Thu, Nov 30, 2023 5:49am PST
textThe four-day week as a transformation project by Philipp Frey and Stephen Krull
The pandemic, environmental disasters and the current wars have ushered in a new era, a kind of "turning point". As the demand for a reduction in working hours is shared by a broad majority of employees across generations (Lott/Windscheid 2023), this offers the opportunity to produce a conflict that has the potential to have an impact and contribute to renewing the trade union movement....
Posted: Mon, Nov 20, 2023 4:33am PST
textOpen Letter to UPTE by Elizabeth Milos
Open letter to UPTE union leadership from UPTE member and candidate denouncing UPTE president Dan Russell for suppressing Resolution in Solidarity with Palestine and for not calling for a CEASEFIRE....
Posted: Wed, Nov 15, 2023 5:40pm PST
textCalifornia Nurses Association/National Nurses Organizing Committee Statement on the Crisis by CNA NNU
The CNA NNU is supporting a ceasefire....
Posted: Tue, Nov 14, 2023 8:00am PST
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