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audio NATO's Turkey-ISIS oil theft...+war at home...5-24-16 Mouse Report (audio/mpeg 42.7MB) by DJ Mouse
First Family narco-terror...Oakland to Alleppo...studio recording equipment crashed in middle of my weekly endless bad news and horror show...but here's part one where I segway from last weeks Land Action 4 discussion at the Omni to the federal case against Berkeley's First Ammendment free fire zone/rubber bullet policy and the one against Bill Clinton and other narco-terror crooks in office who persecuted us in the name of the law...plus RT clip about our stealing oil from Iraq and Syria via...
Posted: Tue May 24, 2016 3:06PM
audio Turkey’s role in ISIS oil (Attachment On: NATO's Turkey-ISIS oil theft...+war at home...5-24-16 Mouse Report) (audio/mpeg 21.3MB) by DJ Mouse
"The Russian Defense Ministry has released evidence which it says unmasks vast illegal oil trade by Islamic State and points to Turkey as the main destination for the smuggled petrol, implicating its leadership in aiding the terrorists."
Posted: Tue May 24, 2016 3:06PM
audio First Family Narco-Terror...in Oakland?...5-17-16 Mouse Report (audio/mpeg 72.0MB) by DJ Mouse
Court support needed for Land Action 4 THIS Friday May 20 9-11 am...dept. 10...1225 Fallo St. 9-11 am...and check out Sunday night's benefit at the Omni,,,and DJ Mouse hopes that tump thump under our tires in Brazil wasn't hope for freedom among those enslaved by US' puppet white men.
Posted: Tue May 17, 2016 2:52PM
audio Big Brother Media 'Ukraines' Burundi + World (audio/mpeg 73.2MB) by DJ Mouse
this mad mouse fills in the Watergate scandal's 11-22-63 connection missing in Webster Tarpley's Ford Presidency story and fumes about friends here and 10 points down the dial (from 104.1 FM) pushing the latest 'color revolution' attack...on Brazil and Burundi's popular leaders and other targets of the West whose gatekeeper media turns blatantly blind eyes and deaf ears to our worst crimes
Posted: Tue May 10, 2016 9:06PM
audio Vote Your Hopes, Not Your Fears: Building the Green Party (audio/mpeg 3.4MB) by Ann Garrison
Socialist Alternative, led by Seattle City Councilor Kshama Sawant, and others have called for Bernie Sanders to found an independent left party for the 99 percent and run as an independent, or to appeal to Jill Stein and the Green Party to join their ticket, despite Sanders's oft repeated promise to endorse the Democrats’ nominee. With little time left to get a new party on the ballot in most states, I looked into Green Party ballot access in the 50 states and spoke to Bruce Dixon, Georgia...
Posted: Thu May 5, 2016 12:57PM
audio 5-3-16 Mouse Report (audio/mpeg 73.2MB) by DJ Mouse
War on Syria goes on...as w/ the rest of the socialist targets on the Pentagom's post 9-11-01 hit list...and as w/ the war at home on anyone who gets between the prison music industry and the corporate bank...Afeni Shakur?...maybe...plus another trip back to lthe scene of the crime...the media on 9-11-01
Posted: Tue May 3, 2016 6:34PM
audio Ray McGovern on Active Hope at Berkeley's Unitarian Church, 4-29-16 (audio/mpeg 44.3MB) by DJ Mouse
Ray runs down Hillary's email scandal, the criminal drone assassination program, bogus Panama Papers 'expose' and his work with Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity as part of the Unitarian Church forum Active Hope: Going Foreward.
Posted: Sat Apr 30, 2016 4:15PM
audio IS is US...4-26-16 Mouse Report (audio/mpeg 25.5MB) by DJ Mouse
Reading from Thierry Meyssan's 'Turkish Supremacy'...and sampling his World Crisis Radio interview...plus Ray McGovern on Erdogan's ejection of journalists and threats to opposition polititions for exposing our Turkish hand behind 2013 Sarin attacks...but not befor a trip in the WayBackMachine to 9-11-01 to see the laying of the pretext for AUMF...as the MSM repeatedly turn deaf ears and blind eyes to the 'series of explosions' after air defense stand down...both pointed out that day.,..10 po...
Posted: Tue Apr 26, 2016 2:33PM
audio Crapitalized Media Medicine...4-5-16 Mouse Report (audio/mpeg 60.7MB) by DJ Mouse
...just another Tuesday afternoon here (12-2) at Berkeley Liberation Radio...as zombie media push an over the top sexist racist sure loser down throats of zombified public in face of the known evils of another reign of Clinton murders...we take some calls...510-495-1666...
Posted: Tue Apr 5, 2016 2:49PM
audio Duty to refuse illegal orders show...3-29-16 Mouse Report (audio/mpeg 30.2MB) by DJ Mouse
East bay radio pirate DJ Mouse hails Mockingbird choire defector Udo Ulfkotte who sings damnation of his former bosses, the slave raping pirates of the Thames and Potomac... in part 2 we check in w/ World Crisis Radio on false flag Erdogan and the royal scamsters behind the latest slaughter in the NATO home of false flag slaughter.
Posted: Tue Mar 29, 2016 2:47PM
audio WayBackMachine:Radio9-11-01 (Attachment On: Duty to refuse illegal orders show...3-29-16 Mouse Report) (audio/mpeg 35.4MB) by DJ Mouse
."...there was a series of explosions...not only did the aircraft come from the top but at the base of the building as well...we knew after the second aircraft that it wasn't an accident because it was restricted airspace" (Ezell Harris, 9-11-01 Democracy Now) ...Turning deaf ears and blind eyes to the "series of explosions" described on that day...playing dumb about the only possible suspects, the Pentagon and its drone pilots and covert demolition teams, for the air defense stand down operation before remote controlled jet crashes and 3 tower demolitions...ignoring our hand on the cloaked dagger of our 'cannon fodder for the holy land' project...to divide Ukraine, Iraq, Syria, Libya into a series of weak and containable apartheid auxiliaries across the region 'blowback' that happens to be following the divide and conquer rule should be recognized as an operational success rather than a 'failure' at accomplishing fictional aims
Posted: Tue Mar 29, 2016 2:47PM
audio Russia Ducks Bullet...3-22 Mouse Report (audio/mpeg 17.4MB) by DJ Mouse
on 3-22-16...amid false flag terror in the Brussels home of false flag terror...one of Alex Nieto's SFPD killers Roger Morse walks as Russia Ducks US/AQ in Syria...
Posted: Tue Mar 22, 2016 2:33PM
audio Hillary Clinton and Justin Trudeau united behind Israel, against BDS (audio/mpeg 1.8MB) by KPFA Weekend News, Ann Garrison
There is now a full-fledged national movement to counter the BDS movement, with AIPAC-supported bills moving forward not only in Congress but also in two dozen state legislatures. These bills mimic legislation passed by the Israeli Knesset in 2014 and a resolution passed by Canada’s House of Commons, by a vote of 229 to 51, on Feb. 22 this year.
Posted: Mon Mar 21, 2016 1:01PM
audio Hillary wants Death Row...shuns LWOP 4 Honduran coup...3-15-16 Mouse Report (audio/mpeg 72.1MB) by DJ Mouse
At a Town Hall meeting this week California death row candidate Hillary Clinton explained her opposition to the abolition of capital punishment...in light of the Berta Caceres murder...for the thousands of death squad murders in Honduras and Central American she and Bill aided and abbetted, the hundreds of thousands assassinated in the Arab Sting and millions murdered in the 90-94 US backed invasion of Rwanda and subsequent genocidal looting of the Congo...instigated by previous murder boss G...
Posted: Tue Mar 15, 2016 3:26PM
audio Planting Berta...the Crimes of Hillary & Co...3-8-16 Mouse Report (audio/mpeg 73.2MB) by DJ Mouse
Candidates for US Assassin in Chief/Ca. death row studied w/ respect to past crimes in Iraq, Honduras, Libya, Syria...Stop US before we kill again...
Posted: Tue Mar 8, 2016 3:47PM
audio Routing Hillary's Terrorists...3-1-16 Mouse Report (audio/mpeg 43.8MB) by DJ Mouse
This endless bad news horror story features Tim Anderson's Dirty War on Syria about media complicity in the 182,187 CPC violation contra war assassinatioin campaign...and Scott Bennet on PressTV about Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's role in creation and backing of 'enemies' being bombed in Iraq, Syria, Libya ad nauseum...
Posted: Tue Mar 1, 2016 1:19PM
audio Flowers for Algernon and Palma...Warrants for Bibi and Company...2-23-16 Mouse Report (audio/mpeg 71.3MB) by DJ Mouse
Algernon was Olof Palma's Foreign Minister w/ Sweden's military concealing from its own government the staging of US and UK subs disguised as Soviet warships leading up to their assassinations ending the investigation into the arming of both sides in the war on Iraq and Iran.. Magal and Meshad were assassinated in Paris by the Mossad,...Judge Jose de la Mata ordered police to notify them if any of the seven murder bosses from the Mavi Marmara massacre enter Spain......MSM undies in knot afte...
Posted: Tue Feb 23, 2016 3:20PM
audio Contra war update...2-16-16 Mouse Report (audio/mpeg 72.3MB) by DJ Mouse
Mercenary operations in Syria and Ukraine...seeking a partisan view
Posted: Tue Feb 16, 2016 3:49PM
audio UNvSyria...2-9-16 Mouse Report (audio/mpeg 36.1MB) by DJ Mouse
Jeffry Feltman's assassination campaign against Syria from 2005 to his present position as #2 murder boss at the United Nations is detailed by Thierry Meyssan on Voltairnet and World Crisis Radio...plus some info on the release of GMO mosquitoes in the alleged outbreak area and vaccinations mandated by Brazil BEFORE current scare around the Rockefeller 'owned' bug
Posted: Tue Feb 9, 2016 1:28PM
audio Blinsided By Truth?...2-2-16 Mouse Report (audio/mpeg 56.9MB) by DJ Mouse
Paid 2 Prevariricate DJ 10 points down the dial hits the gas in getaway 4 banksters during sedition free Sunday Show on Right Wing Studies and SF murder bosses guilty in Mario Woods, Amilcar Lopez Perez, and Alex Nieto murders...and SF's Pay $10,000 to Play game...
Posted: Tue Feb 2, 2016 2:46PM