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A tenant’s rights conference was held at the Tenderloin Community School all day last Saturday, April 25. The event was sponsored by the San Francisco Anti-Displacement Coalition, which is a joint collaboration of most or all of the housing rights organizations in the city. The Coalition is together to continue a multi-pronged campaign to turn around the escalating epidemic of big money-oriented evictions aimed at driving the price of housing out of reach of mostly everyone except wealthy people (5 min). Local labor is firmly involved in the SF housing movement against evictions. While rents continue to escalate out of control due to a manufactured artificial scarcity of homes and landlord price gauging, SF rents are increasingly out of reach for city employees. Over at least the last decade, city hall has presided over a hostile labor climate in which wages have been purposely stagnated, sending actual and real quality of wages way downward. Union workers and housing activists are in alliance in this fight, with national real estate money flooding in to oppose every little thing that is needed to obtain justice. Mike Casey gives a rousing speech on the need to stand up and fight speculator-driven evictions and turn the political climate around.
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