calendar Freedom Sleep #55 To Follow Pacific Avenue Protests by Keith McHenry (posted by Norse)
Using the public City Hall Courtyard until police drive the public out at 10 PM when sleepers will bunk down on the sidewalk....
Event Date: Tue Jul 26, 2016 5:00PM
Posted: Mon Jul 25, 2016 11:39PM
image Recall of Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf Underway with High Level of Discontent in City (video) 480_recalllibbyschaaf-announcement_20160711_003_1.jpg by Dave Id
In front of Oakland City Hall on July 11, Leigh Davenport of the Anti Police-Terror Project announced community activists' intention to recall Mayor Libby Schaaf. Primary among the concerns cited as cause for Schaaf's removal from office are her failures: 1) to address the massive displacement of long-time Oakland residents; 2) to support local youth and job centers; and 3) to hold Oakland police accountable for corruption, sexual exploitation, and those they've killed. Also referenced was ...
Posted: Mon Jul 25, 2016 8:19PM
image Tuesday is Still the Night to Sleep at Santa Cruz City Hall 480_freedom-sleepers-1-santa-cruz-city-hall_1.jpg by Alex Darocy
After celebrating their one-year anniversary on July 5, the Freedom Sleepers returned to Santa Cruz City Hall for their 53rd community sleepout on July 12, as well as their 54th sleepout on July 19. [Top photo: A Freedom Sleeper lies next to a protest sign that reads, "Embrace Your Moral Compass Because We Upon This Earth Are One," at the 53rd community sleepout held on July 12.]...
Posted: Mon Jul 25, 2016 6:43PM
image Tell Oakland City Council: Let the Cops be the Bad Guys coalitionforpoliceaccountability_150x150.png by Coalition for Police Accountability
Contact your city council members!! Ask them to reject the City Attorney's advice and include the part that allows the police commission to impose discipline on officers that have engaged in misconduct....
Posted: Mon Jul 25, 2016 12:58PM
calendar Forum/Foro: Resisting Racist Police Terror: What Have We Learned? How Do We Win? by Party for Socialism and Liberation
2969 Mission St., between 25th and 26th Sts. Near 24th St. BART, #14, 49 MUNI $3 - $10 donation requested, no one turned away for lack of funds. Refreshments served. Wheelchair accessible. More info: 415-821-6171 or
Event Date: Fri Jul 29, 2016 7:00PM
Posted: Sun Jul 24, 2016 6:25PM
image Houseless activist protests sleeping ban, public space restrictions in Santa Cruz 480_dsc_0177_1.jpg by zh
Houseless activist Lucero Luna shares her experience in Santa Cruz city jail and protests against laws criminalizing poor and houseless people within the city....
Posted: Sun Jul 24, 2016 1:28PM
image Killer Cop Training - Coming Soon to the Bay Area. calibre-press-bullet-logo.jpg by r2d2
Police training by a private company trains them to shoot zeroth, worry about it later....
Posted: Sat Jul 23, 2016 7:43AM
audio Power for the People (audio/mpeg 58.7mb) by Mike Rhodes
This was an interview on the Street Heat radio show (July 22, 2016) on KFCF 88.1 FM with Justice Medina and friends. Justice was the lead organizer of an impressively large demonstration in Fresno demanding police accountability. 30:40 minute audio....
Posted: Fri Jul 22, 2016 10:09PM
calendar Santa Cruz-Statewide Coordinated Actions To End Solitary Confinement 480_end-solitary-pelican_1.jpg by Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity
Pacific Ave. and Cooper St, Santa Cruz, CA 95060...
Event Date: Sat Jul 23, 2016 12:00PM
Posted: Fri Jul 22, 2016 2:18PM
calendar Black Lives Matter - Say Their Names! 480_say-their-names_1.jpg by Direct Action Monterey Network
Monterey Farmer's Market Monterey, California 93940...
Event Date: Tue Jul 26, 2016 6:00PM
Posted: Fri Jul 22, 2016 2:11PM
image Oakland City Attorney Advises Gutting Police Commission coalitionforpoliceaccountability_150x150.png by Coalition for Police Accountability
City Attorney Gives Commission Away to OPOA...
Posted: Fri Jul 22, 2016 12:27PM
text Questions About Mass Incarceration Remain Unanswered by Steve Pleich
Grand Jury Report and Larger Problems Still Ignored...
Posted: Fri Jul 22, 2016 10:17AM
image "Kill Cops Not Trees" Graffiti Found in Santa Cruz 480_kill_cops_not_trees_santa_cruz_1.jpg by Police News
SCPD is reporting that graffiti stencils with the message "Kill Cops Not Trees" have been found painted this week in Downtown Santa Cruz. The "Kill Cops Not Trees" message was found painted on a bridge over the San Lorenzo River and on the river levee pathway near Felker Street, Santa Cruz Police said. The stencil has been left in up to a dozen places so far....
Posted: Thu Jul 21, 2016 4:55PM
video Police Execute Man in Santa Maria, California (video/mp4 11.0mb) by VIDEO ZONA TV Network
Here's the unedited, uncensored video of Wednesday's (July 20, 2016) fatal officer-involved shooting of a knife-wielding man at the corner of Enos and Broadway in Santa Maria, California captured by James Jepsen....
Posted: Thu Jul 21, 2016 3:42PM
calendar Oakland Privacy Meeting: Fighting Against the Surveillance State. by Oakland Privacy
Omni Commons 4799 Shattuck Ave., Oakland, CA...
Event Date: Wed Aug 17, 2016 6:30PM
Posted: Thu Jul 21, 2016 11:52AM
image The War on the Oppressed & Those Who Effectively Resist 480_american-white-terrorists_1.jpg by Tur-Ha Ak
No matter what your analysis is on the recent shootings in Dallas and Baton Rouge (false flag, genuine acts of revolution, or reactionary overreactions), it is a fact that a common tactic of war is to frame your enemies in terms that justify aggression....
Posted: Wed Jul 20, 2016 11:12PM
image San Francisco: March and Rally in Solidarity with Oaxaca and Against the Police 480_califas-oaxaca-sf-protest_1.jpg by It’s Going Down & El Enemigo Común
On Friday, people took the streets in San Francisco against state-sanctioned police murders in the US and in solidarity with the rebellion in Oaxaca....
Posted: Wed Jul 20, 2016 10:12PM
image Resistencia desde Califas a Oaxaca 480_califas-oaxaca-sf-protest_1.jpg by El Enemigo Común
El viernes, genta tomó las calles en SF contra los asesinatos policiales de los pueblos Negros, Morenos, y pobres y en solidaridad con la rebelión en Oaxaca....
Posted: Wed Jul 20, 2016 10:08PM
image #FreedomNow: Global Call to Action 7.21 freedom_now.png by ACLU of Northern California
The ACLU of Northern California supports the Movement for Black Lives and the collective #FreedomNow actions taking place globally on Thursday, July 21....
Posted: Wed Jul 20, 2016 4:01PM
calendar Justice For Josiah in Solidarity with Black Lives Matter #FreedomNow 480_justice_for_josiah_antonio_guzman_lopez_1.jpg by Justice For Josiah
San Jose City Hall 200 E Santa Clara St, San Jose...
Event Date: Thu Jul 21, 2016 3:30PM
Posted: Wed Jul 20, 2016 2:29PM