audio September 9th National Prison Strike (audio/mpeg 43.5mb) by The Ex-Worker
The Ex-Worker is back! And just in time, because a potentially historic national prisoner strike is just around the corner. In our 49th episode, we discuss the upcoming September 9th strike to end prison slavery, with an interview with the Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee. You’ll also hear a review of Dan Berger’s book Captive Nation: Black Prison Organizing in the Civil Rights Era; an interview with an anarchist from the UK about the Brexit vote; listener feedback on Spanish revolut...
Posted: Thu Aug 25, 2016 11:51AM
image Mayor Schaaf Accused of Promoting Acting Police Chief Without Notifying Public 480_oakland_assistant_chief_david_downing_1.jpg by Ken Epstein, Oakland Post
Sources say Assistant Chief Downing is promoting white officers at expense of Black officers...
Posted: Wed Aug 24, 2016 7:52PM
calendar Freedom SleepOut #59 as RV Rights Struggle Continues by Keith McHenry (story by Norse)
City Hall sidewalk across from the Main Library as well as in the City Hall Courtyard. Food Not Bombs will serve vegan food along with literature and good cheer throughout the afternoon until early evening. The protest disperses on Wednesday morning around 8 or 9 after coffee....
Event Date: Tue Aug 23, 2016 2:00PM
Posted: Tue Aug 23, 2016 10:10AM
text ACLU of North Dakota Statement on First Amendment Violations at Dakota Access Pipeline Protest by ACLU of North Dakota
Cannon Ball, N.D., August 22, 2016 – The curbing of peaceful protests at the site of the Dakota Access Pipeline construction is in violation of our core principles of free speech....
Posted: Mon Aug 22, 2016 5:25PM
video Video of Newark PD Shooting Teo Valencia in the Back (video/mp4 4.6mb) by Anti Police-Terror Project
Family of 23 year-old slain by Newark police officer demands accountability with filing of a civil suit today...
Posted: Mon Aug 22, 2016 3:32PM
image Teo Valencia family filing federal lawsuit against City of Newark teodorovalencia.png by Anti Police-Terror Project
Family of 23 year-old slain by Newark police officer demands accountability A Newark police officer hid behind a door at KFC and quickly shot Teo Valencia, 23, in the back with an AR-15 after he left the building...
Posted: Mon Aug 22, 2016 10:06AM
calendar Stop Urban Shield: Mass Mobilization 480_stop-urban-shield-2016_1.jpg by Stop Urban Shield
Alameda County Fairgrounds 4501 Pleasanton Ave Pleasanton, CA 94566...
Event Date: Fri Sep 9, 2016 8:00AM
Posted: Fri Aug 19, 2016 10:38AM
image PHILIPPINES: Don’t make the war on drugs a war on human rights 480_2016-idefend-karapatan-para-sa-lahat_1.jpg by iDefend
Newly formed human rights coalition, In Defense of Human Rights and Dignity Movement (iDefend|) calls on President Rodrigo Roa Duterte not to make his government’s war on drugs a war on human rights....
Posted: Fri Aug 19, 2016 4:17AM
image Where The Bulletproof Warrior Went oakland-privacy.png by Oakland Privacy
"Shoot First, Ask Questions Later," Police Training Relocated to San Jose Church...
Posted: Thu Aug 18, 2016 2:36PM
calendar Oakland Privacy: Fighting Against the Surveillance State! by Oakland Privacy
Omni Commons 4799 Shattuck Ave., Oakland, CA...
Event Date: Wed Sep 14, 2016 6:30PM
Posted: Thu Aug 18, 2016 2:03PM
image Grand Jury Releases Report on 2015 Jail Death of Krista DeLuca; Family Sues County 480_krista_deluca_1.jpg by Santa Cruz County News
In June, the Santa Cruz County Grand Jury released its report on the death of 23-year-old mother Krista DeLuca, who died in the main jail on September 29, 2015. (see PDF file) Shortly after the release of the Grand Jury report, DeLuca's family filed a civil lawsuit against the County of Santa Cruz. (see PDF file) Besides the County, the lawsuit lists as defendants the Sheriff's Office, Sheriff-Coroner Jim Hart, Under-Sheriff Jeremy Verinsky, Chief Deputy Jeff March, Lieutenant Kelly Kent, and...
Posted: Wed Aug 17, 2016 6:23PM
image Occupy Obama lawsuit clears federal hearing 480-design_radio.png by IndyRadio/David Roknich
A federal lawsuit by Occupy Wall Street protesters against NYPD officials will proceed to trial. Motions for summary judgement by former NYC police commissioner Ray Kelly et al were denied after a hearing last week by Judge Thomas Griesa of New York's Southern District....
Posted: Wed Aug 17, 2016 5:51PM
calendar Prison Strike Solidarity BBQ, Banner Making, and Film Showing 480_13935127_475367742671511_368213623873292135_n_1.jpg by Oakland IWOC
Mosswood Park, MacArthur and Broadway Ave, Oakland, CA...
Event Date: Fri Sep 9, 2016 6:00PM
Posted: Wed Aug 17, 2016 2:46PM
calendar Search for a New San Francisco Chief of Police by Adrienne Fong
Gordon Lau School 950 Clay Street San Francisco, California...
Event Date: Wed Aug 17, 2016 6:00PM
Posted: Wed Aug 17, 2016 2:23PM
calendar Rally and March in Solidarity with Prison Strike 480_solidarity-prison-strike-sep-9-2016_1.jpg by Bay Waters
Gather at Latham Square next to OGP (Broadway and Telegraph Ave) Oakland, California 94612...
Event Date: Sat Sep 10, 2016 1:00PM
Posted: Wed Aug 17, 2016 2:15PM
image Rohrabacher-Farr Amendment Continutes to Help Medical Marijuana Defendants in Federal Court 480_judge-o-scannlain_1.jpg by Americans for Safe Access
An opinion today (August 16, 2016) issued in the federal 9th Circuit by a three-judge panel has found that federal prosecutions of medical cannabis defendants may not proceed unless there is a violation of state law. In the opinion of U.S. vs. McIntosh, written by 9th Circuit Judge Diarmuid F. O’Scannlain, the court held that the Rohrabacher-Farr Amendment prohibits the federal prosecution of conduct that is allowed by the state's medical cannabis law....
Posted: Wed Aug 17, 2016 2:12PM
calendar Santa Cruz-Statewide Coordinated Actions To End Solitary Confinement by Willow Katz
corner of Pacific Ave. and Cooper St. (110 Cooper St., Santa Cruz, CA 95060)...
Event Date: Tue Aug 23, 2016 12:00PM
Posted: Tue Aug 16, 2016 7:49PM
image Sin Barras Issues Letter Concerning Medical Care at the Santa Cruz Jail sin_barras_santa_cruz.jpg by via Sin Barras
On August 12, the organization Sin Barras issued a letter that calls for the County Health Services Agency to resume responsibility for medical care in the Santa Cruz Jail....
Posted: Tue Aug 16, 2016 6:37PM
calendar Nationally Coordinated Prisoner Workstoppage 480_prisoner-strike-sept-9-2016_1.jpg by Prisoners from across the United States
nation-wide prisoner work stoppage...
Event Date: Fri Sep 9, 2016 12:00PM
Posted: Tue Aug 16, 2016 10:26AM
calendar Freedom Sleep #58 In the Midst of Struggle Over RV Rights by Keith McHenry (article written by Norse)
Bring bags, blankets, and bellies to the sidewalk and brick area in front of City Hall. Actual duration of the protest: until mid-morning actually around 16 hours....
Event Date: Tue Aug 16, 2016 5:00PM
Posted: Mon Aug 15, 2016 11:39PM