image"It's Insane!" ILWU Longshore Workers/Truckers Challenge Oakland A's Billionaire Owner
by Labor Video Project
ILWU longshore workers, Truckers and companies at the port of Oakland had a press conference to oppose the owner of the A's John Fisher from building a new stadium and 4,000 condos costing more than $1 million each on the Howard Terminal in the port of Oakland. Speakers talked about the gentrification and ethnic cleansing of East Oakland and now West Oakland where an African American community has lived for decades. This speculative financial scheme is fully supported by Oakland mayor Libby S...
Posted: Thu Apr 18, 2019 8:20PM
textThe Shortwave Report 04/19/19 Listen Globally! by Dan Roberts
A weekly 30 minute review of international news and opinion, recorded from a shortwave radio and the internet. With times, frequencies, and websites for listening at home. 3 files- Highest quality broadcast, regular broadcast, and slow-modem streaming. Radio Deutsche-Welle, Radio Havana Cuba, Sputnik Radio, and NHK Japan....
Posted: Thu Apr 18, 2019 5:14PM
calendar"The Ethical and Responsible Use of Artificial Intelligence for the Department of Defense by DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE
Stanford University in Stanford, CA....
Event Date: Thu Apr 25, 2019 1:30PM
Posted: Thu Apr 18, 2019 3:35PM
imageHomeless Residents Name Take Back Santa Cruz in Lawsuit
by Santa Cruz News
Homeless residents of the Ross/Hero's Camp in Santa Cruz have named the group Take Back Santa Cruz (TBSC) in a civil rights lawsuit filed in federal court on April 9 to prevent the camp's closure. While the text of the lawsuit is primarily focused on stopping the City of Santa Cruz's planned closure of the camp, it also seeks legal relief with regards to the wider campaign of hatred being waged in the community against the camp's homeless residents. The lawsuit is asking that Take Back Santa ...
Posted: Thu Apr 18, 2019 3:09PM
calendarMusic to my Eyes - Stories, Music and Art From a Chicago Cabbie
by The Green Arcade
The Green Arcade 1680 Market Street San Francisco, CA 94102...
Event Date: Sat May 4, 2019 7:00PM
Posted: Thu Apr 18, 2019 2:52PM
calendarLand & Liberty, Passover: the walking tour by David Giesen
American Youth Hostel 312 Mason Street San Francisco (meet in the lobby)...
Event Date: Sat Apr 20, 2019 9:00AM
Posted: Thu Apr 18, 2019 2:41PM
calendarPeña Adobe Welcomes "Rosie the Riveters", the USS Hornet & the SS Jeremiah O'Brien
by Pena Adobe Historical Society
Peña Adobe Historic Park To the left of Lagoon Valley Park's entrance Off Interstate 80 at Peña Adobe Rd. Vacaville, CA 95687...
Event Date: Sat May 4, 2019 11:00AM
Posted: Thu Apr 18, 2019 12:15PM
textUS seeking to tighten the noose on Cuba by Real News Network
The Trump administration has announced it plans to enforce the Helms-Burton act which will seek to undermine the ability to do business in Cuba for companies from around the world....
Posted: Thu Apr 18, 2019 12:11PM
imagePeña Adobe Welcomes "Rosie the Riveters", the USS Hornet & the SS Jeremiah O'Brien
by Pena Adobe Historical Society
The Peña Adobe Historical Society will host members from the Rosie the Riveter WWII Home Front National Historical Park at the Peña Adobe Park in Vacaville, on Saturday May 4, 2019 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. The park is located in Vacaville at Peña Adobe Road off Interstate 80 to the left of Lagoon Valley Regional Park’s entrance....
Posted: Thu Apr 18, 2019 12:10PM
imageWhy the Democrats collude with Ukraine?
by John Knotts
Rudy Giuliani's shocking statement that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange could expose a plot between the government of Ukraine and the US Democrats is in fact the tip of the iceberg....
Posted: Thu Apr 18, 2019 1:29AM
calendarWhat Should Santa Cruz do with Hero's/Ross Camp Behind Gateway Plaza?
by Salinas/Monterey Co. Homeless Union/Wes White
Resource Center for Nonviolence 612 Ocean St, Santa Cruz, California 95060...
Event Date: Wed Apr 24, 2019 6:00PM
Posted: Thu Apr 18, 2019 12:53AM
calendarMay Day - International Workers' Day
by May Day Coalition
Mexican Heritage Plaza 1700 Alum Rock Avenue San José, CA 95116...
Event Date: Wed May 1, 2019 3:30PM
Posted: Thu Apr 18, 2019 12:06AM
imageILWU 10, May Day 2019, The A's Port Stadium, Privatization & Gentrification In Oakland
by Labor Video Project
ILWU Local 10 retired members talk about gentrification and the attack by the A's owner John Fisher who also owns The GAP to build a stadium on the Howard Terminal in the port of Oakland. They also discuss why they are rallying on May Day...
Posted: Wed Apr 17, 2019 11:39PM
calendarSF Greeting For Billionaire Union Busting Charter King Reed Hastings
by Defend Public Education NOW!
San Francisco Design Center: 101 Henry Adams St San Francisco...
Event Date: Wed Apr 24, 2019 5:30PM
Posted: Wed Apr 17, 2019 3:20PM
imageAssange Gets Union Backing, ILWU May Day & Gentrification & CA DIR Baker Scandal
by WorkWeek Radio
KPFA WorkWeek Radio covers union support for Julian Assange in Australia, the threat of the John Fisher's A's Stadium to Maritime Union Jobs and Gentrificaiton in Oakland and the growing corruption scandal at California Department of Industrial Relations DIR where the director Christine Baker was forced to resign after illegally putting her daugther on the payroll and paying her over $100,000 for no work. California Attorney General Xavier Becerra is not only refusing to investigate and prose...
Posted: Wed Apr 17, 2019 1:35PM
textThe Toxic Lure of “Guns and Butter” by Norman Solomon
A spoonful of rhetoric helps the militarism go down...
Posted: Wed Apr 17, 2019 1:13PM
textBerkeley non-profit hosts Rising Stars Youth Event! by Max Frincke
Award-winning non-profit BOSS hosts rising stars event for 6th straight year. The event will celebrate adolescents that are doing well in school and taking care of themselves and their families while overcoming multiple hardships - such as homelessness, substance abuse, criminal justice involvement, and other challenges....
Posted: Wed Apr 17, 2019 11:20AM
calendar“Smoke & Mirrors: The War on Drugs” by African American Art & Culture Complex
AFRICAN AMERICAN ART & CULTURE COMPLEX 762 Fulton Street San Francisco, CA 94102...
Event Date: Thu Apr 18, 2019 6:00PM
Posted: Wed Apr 17, 2019 10:24AM
audioSlave State Amnesia...4-16-19 Mouse Report (audio/mpeg 89.1MB) by DJ Mouse
With the London arrest of Wikileaks' Julian Assange we take a look at this hit on the media...the Reuters snuff film he published...the big lie about freedom...about Iraq WMDs...who is really threatening the world...who's behind the 3 WTC tower demolitions after air defense stand down and 2 drone strikes...(1 hr.)...
Posted: Tue Apr 16, 2019 8:46PM
imageTrump signs two executive orders expediting oil and gas pipelines
by Dan Bacher
David Turnbull, Strategic Campaigns Director with Oil Change U.S., slammed the signing of the two executive orders, comparing the orders to taking a “jackhammer” to the Clean Water Act and the National Environmental Policy Act:...
Posted: Tue Apr 16, 2019 3:40PM