Immigrant Rights
Immigrant Rights
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imageO'odham Solidarity with Palestine: Native People Urge End to Colonization and Genocide
by O'odham Solidarity with Palestine
O'odham Solidarity with Palestine demanded a ceasefire and end to colonization and genocide, during the tribal inauguration of leaders at Gila River Indian Community, south of Phoenix, Arizona. O'odham said Israeli-trained police and Israeli-trained border patrol and Israeli surveillance towers are exploiting and militarizing O'odham lands of Gila River, Akimel O'odham, Hia Ced, and Tohono O'odham in southern Arizona....
Posted: Sun, Jan 28, 2024 9:05pm PST
imageMéxico/NuevaYork: Otro Mundo, Otro Camino, Otro Barrio
by reenvia Red Latina sin fronteras
México/NuevaYork: Otro Mundo, Otro Camino, Otro Barrio: Abajo y a la Izquierda...
Posted: Sat, Jan 27, 2024 4:06am PST
textAsylum policy: how to create a permanent crisis by Judith Saladin and Lukas Tobler
The principle of repression instead of adapting the asylum system to changing circumstances had long been established by this time. The discourse is being whipped up from the right. In its dispatch, the (German) Federal Council justifies its repressive package of measures with the dissatisfied mood among the population towards "delinquent asylum seekers."...
Posted: Mon, Nov 27, 2023 5:27am PST
imageMéxico: El paso migrante de “La pequeña Amal”
by reenvia Red Latina sin fronteras
México: El paso migrante de “La pequeña Amal” La marioneta, que representa la figura de una niña siria de 10 años, es un símbolo global de las personas refugiadas. Esta es su primera vez en Latinoamérica......
Posted: Sat, Nov 25, 2023 1:12pm PST
imageJustice for Raymond Mattia: Tohono O'odham Murdered by US Border Patrol Press Conference
by Censored News
Justice for Raymond Mattia, Tohono O'odham, Murdered by U.S. Border Patrol Agents on the Front Steps of His Home on the Tohono O'odham Nation. The Press Conference will be at the Tucson Federal Courthouse, November 17, 2023, 10 a.m....
Posted: Thu, Nov 16, 2023 9:42pm PST
imageMujeres migrantes: el silencio de la precariedad y los abusos
by reenvia Red Latina sin fronteras
Mujeres migrantes: el silencio de la precariedad y los abusos...
Posted: Thu, Sep 7, 2023 1:24pm PDT
imageMigrar NO es un delito
by reenvia Red Latina sin fronteras
Migrar NO es un delito...
Posted: Fri, Jun 30, 2023 3:37pm PDT
imageFamily of Raymond Mattia, Tohono O'odham Murdered by U.S. Border Patrol, Plans Protests
by Brenda Norrell
The family of Raymond Mattia, Tohono O'odham murdered by U.S. Border Patrol agents, plans peaceful protests at U.S. Border Patrol headquarters in Why, Arizona, and Tucson on Saturday. "Raymond called for help and, in turn, was shot down at his doorstep," the Mattia family said in a statement just released....
Posted: Thu, May 25, 2023 2:28pm PDT
imageU.S. Border Patrol Shot Tohono O'odham Ceremonial Person 38 Times in his Doorway
by Brenda Norrell
U.S. Border Patrol agents shot Raymond Mattia, a traditional Tohono O'odham ceremonial person and elected community council member, standing in the doorway of his home 38 times on Thursday night on the Tohono O'odham Nation....
Posted: Sat, May 20, 2023 10:38pm PDT
imageThe Next Big Threat: The Rise of the White Christian Nationalism in the United States
by Mike Kinney
A brief examination of the radical/ militant white Christian Nationalist movement....
Posted: Sat, Apr 1, 2023 11:19pm PDT
imageDocumental : ¿Quien sostiene la vida cuando las mujeres migran?
by reenvia Red Latina sin fronteras
Recomendamos Documental : ¿Quien sostiene la vida cuando las mujeres migran?...
Posted: Sun, Jan 8, 2023 7:49am PST
textPresident Boric Says Chile Will Open Embassy in Occupied Palestine by Brett Willkins
"We cannot forget a community that is suffering from an illegal occupation, a community that is resisting, a community that is seeing its rights and dignity violated every day," Chile's leftist president said....
Posted: Tue, Dec 27, 2022 11:29am PST
imageHuman Rights Tribunals: Excessive Force: San Diego, Standing Rock, Tohono O'odham Nation
by Brenda Norrell
The United States declined to respond during the tribunal today for the torture and murder of Anastasio Hernandez Rojos, who died after being kicked like a barrel and repeatedly tasered in handcuffs by U.S. Border Patrol agents at the San Diego border. Today's tribunal was the first time the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights had taken up a case of extrajudicial killing by U.S. law enforcement. The case exposed the shadow units, the secret cover-up units concealing the crimes committed...
Posted: Sat, Nov 5, 2022 4:16am PDT
textThe road to barbarism by Robert Kurz
Capital is losing its capacity for productive investment and is turning to the financial markets, which are more profitable. It is with this money that the war machine and the trade deficit are financed. The US is under great pressure to constantly show that it is in control. Even the countries of the European Union have a major interest in the maintenance of this order....
Posted: Fri, Nov 26, 2021 8:09am PST
imageTohono O'odham Ofelia Rivas: In Defense of Territories Honduras Conference
by Brenda Norrell
Ofelia Rivas, Tohono O'odham, joined Indigenous from throughout the Americas, via web, at a conference in Honduras on Friday and Saturday, documenting the destruction caused by invaders, corporations and governments to their homelands....
Posted: Sun, Oct 31, 2021 10:36am PDT
imageO'odham Rights Report Exposes Abuse: Spy Towers and Border Patrol on Tohono O'odham Nation
by Brenda Norrell
Ophelia Rivas, longtime founder of O'odham Voice Against the Wall, releases 81-page report on the destruction by Israel's Elbit Systems spy towers on the Tohono O'odham Nation, and the abuses by the U.S. Border Patrol on her homeland. Statement now in English, Spanish and French at Censored News....
Posted: Fri, Sep 10, 2021 10:47am PDT
imageO'odham Voice Against the Wall Releases New Report on Elbit Spy Towers
by Brenda Norrell
O'odham Voice Against the Wall demands a halt to the destruction and surveillance underway by Israel's Elbit Systems on the Tohono O'odham Nation and an end to the militarization by the U.S. Border Patrol, in a new 81-page report released to the world today....
Posted: Wed, Aug 25, 2021 8:52am PDT
imageDivest in Israel's Elbit on Tohono O'odham Nation and in Palestine
by Brenda Norrell
The 'Divest in Elbit' panel today reveals the surveillance and weapons of the Israeli defense contractor Elbit Systems, targeting Tohono O'odham and Palestinians, by way of U.S. contracts and funding, violating human rights and international law....
Posted: Fri, May 7, 2021 8:29pm PDT
textA Better Solution to DACA by Rebecca Magallon
DACA is temporary relief for immigrant childhood arrivals to the United States, this articles calls for permanent solutions for DACA recipients....
Posted: Sun, Apr 25, 2021 1:55pm PDT
imageBiden administration to use San Diego Convention Center to detain 1,400 migrant children
by Norisa Diaz (WSWS repost)
The opening of a detention center in downtown San Diego is an attempt to give the US government’s anti-immigrant policies a facelift as more than 14,000 children remain in federal custody....
Posted: Thu, Mar 25, 2021 8:46am PDT
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