document Trump Administration's Plan to Use 100,000 National Guard Troops as Deportation Force trump-national-guard-draft-memo.pdf_140_.jpg by la resistencia
The AP revealed an detailed plan written by the Trump administration to use the National Guard in 11 southwestern states as a deportation force to kidnap and forcibly remove as many people as possible from the country. The states of California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oregon, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana were included in the plan. Trump craves his very own Operation Wetback. Team Trump denies that they intended to carry out the plan and call the document a d...
Posted: Sat Feb 18, 2017 12:22AM
text Congress Moves Slowly on Bipartisan Puerto Rico Recommendations by Greg Williams
Congress has not acted on recommendations made by its Puerto Rico task force it implemented last year....
Posted: Fri Feb 17, 2017 9:18AM
text Trump Voids Dodd-Frank 1504 Transparency Rule by Greg Williams
President Trump signed into law Congressional action to void requirements that the oil, gas and mining industries report financial activity in countries where they operate....
Posted: Tue Feb 14, 2017 1:42PM
audio Satire: Corporate D'Etat! Press Secretary "Sean Spicer" interviewed by WTUL News & Views (audio/mpeg 30.0mb) by WTUL News & Views
WTUL News and Views' DJ - I'm Under The Bus - interviews Press Secretary "Sean Spicer" (AKA New Orleans Attorney David Capasso) about Donald Trump's selections for Secretary positions in "How America was handed a copy of Orwell's "1984" in 2016"....
Posted: Mon Feb 13, 2017 8:53AM
text Impeach Trump Movement Has Started by Stop Fascism
On Thursday, Congressman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) filed a “resolution of inquiry” that amounts to the first legislative step toward impeachment. From: The petition is at
Posted: Sat Feb 11, 2017 3:40AM
image Army Greenlights DAPL Completion 480_chase-iron-eyes_1.jpg by Chase Iron Eyes, Lakota People’s Law Project
The Trump administration threw down the gauntlet. Our movement must hold together and strengthen itself in the face of the president’s onslaught. We will not be silenced!...
Posted: Tue Feb 7, 2017 5:45PM
image We cannot let media and social media divide us standing_rock_sioux_tribe.png by via Standing Rock Sioux Tribe
For Immediate Release. 2/4/17...
Posted: Tue Feb 7, 2017 2:06PM
document Human slaughterhouse: Mass hangings and extermination at Saydnaya prison, Syria human_slaughterhouse.pdf_140_.jpg by Amnesty International
February 6, 2017 - A chilling new report by Amnesty International exposes the Syrian government’s calculated campaign of extrajudicial executions by mass hangings at Saydnaya Prison. Between 2011 and 2015, every week and often twice a week, groups of up to 50 people were taken out of their prison cells and hanged to death. In five years, as many as 13,000 people, most of them civilians believed to be opposed to the government, were hanged in secret at Saydnaya....
Posted: Tue Feb 7, 2017 1:36PM
text Poll: Most Americans don't want US embassy moved to Jerusalem by Grant Smith
An IRmep poll fielded by Google Consumer Surveys January 27-29 reveals 56.2 percent of the US adult Internet user population prefers the US keep its Israel embassy in Tel Aviv. Only 38.3 percent prefer moving it to Jerusalem, while 5.5 percent are either uncertain or have other responses. The statistically-significant survey has an RMSE score of 3.3%....
Posted: Tue Feb 7, 2017 12:05PM
text President Trump - We are Witnesses of a Turn of an Era by Jens Berger
Trump managed to stage himself as a candidate waging a crusade against the political establishment. Only 9% of the population still stands behind the elected congress in a country where established politics has hit rock bottom. Was this the revenge of the degraded? Does politics only give more to the top 1% and loses sight of the remaining 99%. Traditional politics has no answer to these questions. Insulting voters is not competence. Neoliberal politics knows many losers and very few winners....
Posted: Mon Feb 6, 2017 4:22AM
text The Instigator of the 'Theft of the Century' from the budget in Moldova Vlad Plahotniuc... by Olivia Young
The Instigator of the 'Theft of the Century' from the budget in Moldova Vlad Plahotniuc remains at liberty. Late in 2014, a 'theft of the century' happened in Moldova, and fraudsters stole $1 billion from the banking system of this country. The financial scandal triggered a severe political crisis in Chisinau. Dozens of thousands of people rallied in anti-corruption protests, and former Prime Minister of Moldova Vlad Filat was convicted for financial fraud. But yet, main beneficiaries of this...
Posted: Mon Feb 6, 2017 2:39AM
image Pelosi - “we’re capitalists, and that’s just the way it is” 480_pelosi__smile_1.jpg by repost
Pelosi in a rigged CNN "Town Hall Meeting" was forced to defend her belief in capitalism as the solution for the crisis in US and the world...
Posted: Fri Feb 3, 2017 12:13AM
text Petition to Stop Betsy Devos' Confirmation as Education Secretary by Now is the Time
The petition to stop the confirmation of Betsy Devos as Education Secretary is at
Posted: Thu Feb 2, 2017 7:56PM
text Trump-May meeting: Downing Street's desperate attempt to save face by Kyle Warren
A few days ago the U.S. President Donald Trump held a meeting in Washington with the British Prime Minister Theresa May......
Posted: Thu Feb 2, 2017 1:25AM
image If we are to fight for treaty rights, then we must all work together standing_rock_sioux_tribe.png by via Standing Rock Sioux Tribe
February 1, 2017 - Last night, a group of campers moved materials onto private land. This group’s actions do not represent the tribe nor the original intent of the water protectors. If we are to fight for treaty rights, then we must all work together. Tribes came to Standing Rock in support of our tribe’s effort with the recognition that it will reflect back on us all. This type of action was not undertaken in that spirit, because instead of empowering us, it undermines us....
Posted: Wed Feb 1, 2017 8:13PM
text House Repeals Dodd-Frank Transparency Provision; Senate Prepares to Vote by Friday by Greg
The US House of Representatives repealed a bipartisan transparency initiative that affects the oil, gas and mining sector by a vote of 235-187....
Posted: Wed Feb 1, 2017 2:45PM
text War on Facts by Adrian Lobe
Trump's War on Facts may leave behind greater damage than Bush's War on Terror. While Bush and Rove created a fantasy world, Trump created a never ending nightmare. Trump is a semi-fictional figure from Reality TV. His election promises were fictional like his deportment as a self-made man. Trump's statements should be understood for what they are: fiction. The media that should have upended and embarrassed the propagandist legitimated him with billions of free advertising....
Posted: Wed Feb 1, 2017 5:32AM
text Trump Orders Massive Rollback of Environmental Protections by Center for Biological Diversity
Order Contains Dangerous, Illegal Requirement to Cut Two Rules for Every New One...
Posted: Mon Jan 30, 2017 6:48PM
image Defiant as Ever, Water Protectors Vow to Continue the Fight Against the Dakota ‘Black Snake’ Pipeline 480_pevar_standing_rock_snow_1.jpg by via ACLU of North Dakota
STANDING ROCK INDIAN RESERVATION, N.D., January 26, 2017 — On his fourth day in office, President Trump took executive action that signaled his desire to complete the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. He signed a memorandum ordering the Army secretary and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to “review and approve in an expedited manner…requests for approval to construct and operate the DAPL” as well as an executive order to “streamline and expedite” the environmental review and approva...
Posted: Mon Jan 30, 2017 12:27AM
image Earthjustice Condemns President Trump’s Presidential Memorandum on Keystone XL and Dakota Access Oil Pipelines 480_standing_rock_sacred_stone_camp_flags_1.jpg by via Earthjustice
Trump’s action is legally questionable, anti-democratic, ethically suspect...
Posted: Mon Jan 30, 2017 12:09AM