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imageWorkWeek On LA SEIU 399 Organzing Struggles, Democracy & Business Unionism
by WorkWeek
The struggle in Los Angeles SEIU 399 was central to the Justice For Janitors campaign. The workers however who led this struggle faced a struggle to continue the fight for the membership when they won control of the Local through the Multi-Racial Alliance. Prior to the AFL-CIO convention in LA they had a sit-in at their offices. The International sent in SEIU president's aid Bill Fletcher to end the sit-in. He promised that they would get control of the local but as soon as the sit-in ended t...
Posted: Wed, Oct 5, 2022 10:46pm PDT
textElected officials encourage EPA to use California standards as baseline for Clean Cars by Ramon du Houx
Over 600 elected officials support the Biden-Harris Administration in implementing stronger vehicle standards to reduce carbon emissions by 2030. They also want the nation to apply CA's strong clean car standards as soon as possible....
Posted: Wed, Sep 28, 2022 12:10pm PDT
documentLawsuit Challenges Outdated Offshore Oil Plans in California
by Center for Biological Diversity
Year After Huntington Beach Spill, Federal Officials Still Haven’t Acted...
Posted: Wed, Sep 28, 2022 11:48am PDT
imageCalifornia ready for Unstoppable Africa
by From UN
The entire California Corridor to include or California State Capitol is looking forward to hosting our African Diaspora Spring 2023, building on goals and objectives of the Global Africa Business Initiative...
Posted: Thu, Sep 15, 2022 4:32pm PDT
imageHarmful Pesticides Found in Milkweeds from Retail Nurseries
by The Xerces Society
Milkweed, the only food source for monarch caterpillars, was frequently contaminated....
Posted: Mon, Sep 12, 2022 9:54am PDT
imageCalifornia Senate Passes Safe Roads Bill, Putting Statewide Wildlife Connectivity Within Reach
by Center for Biological Diversity
SACRAMENTO, Calif., August 30, 2022 — The California Senate passed the Safe Roads and Wildlife Protection Act on Monday in a 35-0 vote, paving the way for more wildlife crossings across the state’s roadway system. Assembly Bill 2344 now awaits approval from the governor after a concurrence vote in the Assembly, which it passed in May....
Posted: Wed, Aug 31, 2022 10:03am PDT
imageLegal Agreement Requires U.S. to Re-Examine Harms to Whales From Pacific Offshore Oil Drilling
by Center for Biological Diversity
LOS ANGELES, August 24, 2022 — The Center for Biological Diversity, Department of the Interior and National Marine Fisheries Service reached an agreement today that requires the agencies to re-examine the risks and harms to whales and other endangered species from continued oil and gas drilling in federal waters off California....
Posted: Thu, Aug 25, 2022 10:44am PDT
textMaking A Case for Universal Free Housing by Dr. D. Bruce Loisel
Factually, the current homeless epidemic in California will never be solved unless we, as a society, are willing to provide no-cost housing for unhoused persons....
Posted: Sat, Aug 20, 2022 11:04am PDT
imageLegal Agreement to Permanently Close Oil Wells, Restore Habitat in California’s Carrizo Plain National Monument
by Center for Biological Diversity
SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY, Calif., August 15, 2022 ― Conservation groups today announced a legal agreement securing the permanent closure and restoration of 11 long-dormant oil wells inside the Carrizo Plain National Monument, a unique landscape in central California famous for its vibrant springtime wildflower displays and rare wildlife....
Posted: Mon, Aug 15, 2022 1:02pm PDT
textRoof top solar should be affordable for all-don't tax it! by Heidi Harmon, former SLO mayor
We gathered proudly chanting “Don’t tax the sun” in front of PG&E’s office in downtown San Luis Obispo during a Don’t Tax the Sun statewide rally and tour. We are living in a climate emergency and oppose a tax targeted at net energy metering currently being considered by the California Public Utilities Commission. Help us stop the proposed tax and save our planet....
Posted: Mon, Aug 1, 2022 11:32am PDT
image2022 CA Fed Meeting, Internationalism, Fascism & A Workers Party With LA Roofers Local 36
by Labor Video Project
Cliff Smith, the business manager of Roofers Local 36 in Los Angeles was a delegate to the 2022 California AFL-CIO convention and raised issues about fascism and internationalism at the convention. The leadership opposed a resolution calling for the prosecution of people who participated in the insurrection and attempted coup on January 6, 2020. He also discussed the issue of the formation of a workers party....
Posted: Fri, Jul 29, 2022 11:11am PDT
documentReport: Federal Logging Projects Put 10 Climate-Saving Forests on Chopping Block
by Center for Biological Diversity
PORTLAND, Ore., July 12, 2022 — Federal agencies are targeting mature and old-growth forests for logging, according to a new report, despite these trees’ extraordinary ability to curb climate change and President Biden’s directive to preserve them....
Posted: Tue, Jul 12, 2022 10:21am PDT
imageJuneteenth is an official paid holiday in California’s largest City
by Khubaka, Michael Harris
With the concurrence of the Los Angeles City Council by resolution, Juneteenth shall be treated as a legal holiday for City employees, and I hereby request that the City Administrative Officer take immediate steps to implement Juneteenth as a permanent legal holiday for City employees, to be observed annually on June 19th....
Posted: Mon, Jul 11, 2022 4:34am PDT
imageCalifornia Juneteenth Holiday Bill - AB 1655 - Our Unique Journey From Slavery to Freedom
by Khubaka, Michael Harris
Since 2003, California has recognized Juneteenth through Assembly Bill 1749 (Longville) and signed into law by Governor Gray Davis. However, today 20 years later, it is our goal that Juneteenth through Assembly Bill 1655 (Jones-Sawyer) becomes an official California State Holiday....
Posted: Mon, Jul 4, 2022 1:18pm PDT
imageCalifornia Juneteenth Paid Holiday for All
by Khubaka, Michael Harris
The long and difficult journey to establish Juneteenth as a National Holiday has strong roots in California. Nearly 2,000 US Colored Troops from California helped preserve the Union and begin the legal ending of chattel slavery that continues today. Alignment with US Law, signed by President Biden for all Federal employees is good. A paid holiday for all Californians may take a bit more time and need your assistance. No need to rush, 20 years ago AB 1749 (Longville) made the difference wi...
Posted: Thu, Jun 23, 2022 9:41pm PDT
textEOPA asks Newsom to end drilling permits, lawmakers pass 1020 and announce CARB rally by Ramona du Houx
Elected Officials to Protect America CA asks Governor Newsom to end all fossil fuel permitting to stop fueling the climate crisis - which fuels war. For clean energy economy progress SB 1020 must pass, says EOPA CA and investments in clean energy realized...
Posted: Tue, Jun 21, 2022 1:05pm PDT
imageLawmakers, Organizations Warn Biden Against Rushed Pipeline Restart Off California Coast
by Center for Biological Diversity
Repair of Ruptured Oil Pipeline to Be Fast-Tracked Without Public Input...
Posted: Tue, Jun 14, 2022 10:37am PDT
image2022 California Juneteenth - National Freedom Day
by Khubaka, Michael Harris
In the coming years over 100 California cities with @100,000+ residents will begin to discover our unique California Juneteenth Legacy, helping manifest equity and greater inclusion throughout the 5th largest economy in the world. Today, "Mining for Freedom" or the authentic "Golden Legacy" of our California USCT who fought, bleed and died for freedom is a fierce debate impacting future generation....
Posted: Mon, Jun 13, 2022 10:58am PDT
image2022 National Maritime Day - Honoring the "African Founding Father of California"
by Khubaka, Michael Harris
As we consider the blessing of World Trade Month, fully cognizant of the vast majority of world trade on the global connected oceans. Ancient/future final preparations for 2022 Africa Unity Week in California helping host the World Conference of Mayors is an amazing journey. Engaging California Leadership looking forward to adding to a strong case to bring US African Leaders to San Francisco, California, Fall 2022. Discover the Golden Legacy of Honorable William Alexander Leidesdorff Jr. a...
Posted: Fri, May 20, 2022 8:56pm PDT
textLeft Unity Slate candidates win strong endorsements by Green Party
Eight organizations and groups have endorsed the Left Unity Slate candidates ( ) running for California’s statewide offices, in a historic coalition of the Green Party and the Peace and Freedom Party, whose shared values brought these candidates together....
Posted: Fri, May 20, 2022 8:07am PDT
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