text Killer whales remain protected in Washington by via OCEANA
Olympia, WA, June 10, 2016 – Today the Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission voted unanimously to maintain killer whales on the state’s Endangered Species List. This vote follows the recommendation of Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife biologists who prepared a detailed review of the status of Washington’s southern resident killer whales. Oceana commends the Commission for its decision given the dire situation. Only eighty-three killer whales remain in the southern resident po...
Posted: Wed Jun 15, 2016 5:03PM
image Pre-Paid Phone "Security" Law Threatens to Make Black Lives Even Harder jackie_speier_congress.jpg by Color of Change
Politicians are using stereotypes and myths to make it harder to buy a cell phone. Laws based on racist beliefs only serve to reinforce racism and discrimination. Harsh voter ID requirements harm Black communities. Tell Representative Speier to retract her bill.
Posted: Thu May 12, 2016 9:37PM
image Police evicts No Border Camp in Greece 480_1_1.jpg original image (960x806) by No Border Camp
Today the No Borders Camp on the island of Lesvos, with a population of 300-400 people, was forcefully evicted. Around 6 o’clock in the morning the people in camp were brought to the detention center Moria in overcrowded buses. This camp is known for deporting the people seeking asylum back to Turkey without a fair examination of their application.
Posted: Wed Apr 20, 2016 5:13AM
image Mary Kay Henry - Members Demand Say Aside The Rigged Election Results In SEIU 1021! 120_henry__mary_kay_map_usa.jpeg original image (640x512) by Labor Video Project
Candidates and members of SEIU 1021 which has over 50,000 members discuss how their union's election was manipulated that ending up dis-enfranchize the members.
Posted: Sun Mar 27, 2016 11:34PM
image Capitalism, Sports & The Super Bowl: The Cost, The Politics, Privatization And The Game 120_super_bowl_fleece.jpg original image (615x441) by United Public Workers For Action
The presentation looks at the history of the Super Bowl, who profits, the marketing and how privatization of public spaces has expanded with this corporate enterprise
Posted: Wed Feb 3, 2016 11:55AM
text Feds Launch Review of Endangered West Coast Orcas by Center for Biological Diversity
SEATTLE, January 25, 2016 — The National Marine Fisheries Service today announced a five-year review of endangered southern resident killer whales, which are down to just 84 orcas, to assess whether they are properly protected under the Endangered Species Act. The Fisheries Service last year announced plans to expand existing critical habitat protections from the killer whales’ summer habitat in Puget Sound to include 9,000 square miles of their winter foraging habitat along the West Coas...
Posted: Wed Jan 27, 2016 5:18PM
image Spring Break Delegation to Bolivia, Food Sovereignty, and Indigenous Resistance! 120_27-sucre-1.jpg original image (765x508) by Alberto Lovera Bolivarian Circle
The Plurinational State of Bolivia is the first country in the hemisphere governed by a progressive indigenous leader. Learn about indigenous struggles for sovereignty over food, land, and water. Gain an understanding of the spiritual and philosophical foundations of Pachamama. And discover the traditional ecological knowledge of the country’s indigenous peoples. Meet with farmers, community leaders, government officials, and others. Experience the rich culture of the Andes and soak in the ...
Posted: Sun Jan 10, 2016 10:19AM
image War In The Middle East, The Kurds, Turkey, Erdogan And the ISIL Connection 120_turkey_police_blocking_taksim_square.jpg original image (300x273) by Labor Video Project
This forum provides a view of the the attacks on the Kurdish people and the connection between the Turkey Erdogan government and the ISIL grouping. The Turkish government has played a key role in arming, defending and using the ISIL grouping in Turkey and throughout the region.
Posted: Wed Nov 25, 2015 8:31AM
image Climate Games begin ahead of COP21 120_800-games.jpg original image (800x400) by David Roknich/IndyRadio
"Shift the game against profit and in favor of life" The California Academy of Sciences held a Climate Game Jam for budding game developers, but the real Climate Games will be in Paris on 30nov15, en route to COP21.
Posted: Sun Nov 8, 2015 1:55PM
image A Captured Agency? The Airlines, Trucking And OSHA With Fired OSHA Investigator Dar 120_fedex_truck_head_on.jpg original image (1280x720) by Labor Video Project
This interview is of fired OSHA investigator and lawyer Darrell Whitman who looks at how the biggest transportation companies in the US like FedEx and Lockheed have flagrantly violated health and safety rules along with retaliation against whistleblowers and gotten away with it by the failure of OSHA to enforce the rules protecting health and safety whistleblowers. This threatens these whistleblowers and the public who is being put in deadly danger
Posted: Sun Nov 1, 2015 4:25PM
image Californians run to provide mental healthcare to Palestine refugee children in Gaza 120_2015-flyer.jpg original image (600x829) by Laila Mokhiber
The Gaza 5K is an annual walk/run hosted by UNRWA USA. This event raises funds for UNRWA's Community Mental Health Program (CMHP) to support thousands of refugee children in Gaza affected by PTSD and other psychological trauma.
Posted: Wed Oct 14, 2015 4:06PM
text Has the SF Human Rights Commission declared the Black community dead? by Allen Jones
For years the SF Human Rights Commission, which was created in 1964 to fight against discrimination and for equality. Today, sadly, there is strong evidence to suggest it discriminates against the Black community to the point of leaving for dead or worse.
Posted: Fri Sep 18, 2015 8:04AM
image Teach the children the reason in the midst of our Global Juneteenth Freedom Party 120_big_momma_and_first_sista.jpg original image (480x329) by Ser Seshsh Ab Heter-CM Boxley
President Barack Obama will celebrate the Sesquicentennial Celebration of Juneteenth near the Royal Fortress of Saint Frances. The "unknown" California Juneteenth Story awaits official permission to share the authentic legacy hidden within the California State Archives and California State Library. Honorable Mervyn M. Dymally shared the positive way forward available for reconsideration (AB 59 2003) reconnecting the blood stained shores of the Gullah Geeche Low Country to the Golden Gate of...
Posted: Thu Jun 18, 2015 9:16AM
text Worldwide Grassroots Support Going to Kobane and Rojava by Teachers4Peace in Kobane
Kobane is out of the headlines, but please let us not forget that people there are living amidst a city utterly reduced to rubble. Assistance is starting to flow from the European grass roots: funds, medicines, medical equipment and other resources.... but more is needed.
Posted: Sun Apr 19, 2015 7:03AM
text Why "Democracy Now" Refused to Interview Me on the 50th Ann of Assassination of Malcom X by Roland Sheppard
Amy Goodman's Democracy Now has refused to interview a trade unionist and Marxist Roland Sheppard who was at the auditorium when Malcom X was assassinated.
Posted: Mon Mar 9, 2015 12:27PM
image Spring-Break-March Delegation to Venezuela: The Revolution Continues! 120_img_6956-1.jpg original image (3888x2592) by Bolivarian Circle Alberto Lovera
While the mainstream media speculates about the future of the Bolivarian Revolution since the passing of Hugo Chavez, for the Venezuelan popular sectors, there is no turning back to a state of marginalization and exclusion. Come learn about the process currently transpiring in Venezuela as the people, faithful to the legacy of Chavez, deepen and further radicalize their struggle in defense of the Bolivarian Revolution. Come learn, connect, and show your solidarity at this critical moment for ...
Posted: Thu Jan 29, 2015 8:20PM
image Germany-- govt response to nuclear accident test results in chaos 120_nuke.jpg original image (200x272) by Klaus
A secret largescale simulation of an atomic disaster at a German nuclear power plant in Lingen ended in disaster on 17 September because crisis managers at national and state levels fought over responsibilities. The shocking outcome was revealed by the investigative daily newspaper, taz in October, citing 1,000 pages of internal ministerial protocols and files. In a real situation a radioactive cloud would have moved southeast from Lingen across Osnabrück, Steinfurt, Warendorf, Gütersloh an...
Posted: Fri Nov 14, 2014 10:57AM
text Global Rally against ISIS – for Kobanê – for Humanity! NOV. 01, 2014 by Layla
The so-called international coalition to fight the ISIS, have not helped Kurdish resistance effectively despite witnessing the ongoing genocide committed against Kobanê. They have not fulfilled their real international legal obligations. Some of the countries in the coalition, especially Turkey, are among financial and military supporters of the ISIS terrorists in Iraq and Syria. Therefore a Global Rally against ISIS – for Kobanê – for Humanity is vital. If the world wants democracy i...
Posted: Wed Oct 29, 2014 7:24AM
text High Numbers of Sea Turtles, Whales and Seabirds Die in Hawaii Tuna Longline Fishery by Todd Steiner
An estimated eight sea turtles, including four critically endangered Leatherback sea turtles were killed, and eight false killer whales were injured in the last three months by the Hawaii tuna longline fishery, according to the National Marines Fisheries Service newest report.
Posted: Thu Oct 16, 2014 10:49AM
audio Ferguson Police Chief apologizes; Michael Brown's family unmoved (audio/mpeg 1.9MB) by KPFA Weekend News
Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson issued a video apology to the family of slain Ferguson teenager Michael Brown, but Brown's family was unmoved. They were in Washington D.C. seeking federal assistance in the investigation and prosecution of the police officer who shot their son. Mesha Irizarry, who lost her own son to police violence, spoke to KPFA.
Posted: Tue Sep 30, 2014 5:27PM