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imageTrump rails against Marxism and “international socialism”
by Patrick Martin (WSWS Repost)
While the deadly COVID-19 pandemic raged, President Trump celebrated Independence Day by unabashedly promoting a fractured, fascist interpretation of American history....
Posted: Mon Jul 6, 2020 9:43AM
textGilead Sciences cashes in on COVID-19 by Bryan Dyne (WSWS Repost)
Profit-minded Foster City-based pharmaceutical giant Gilead Sciences sets a price for its unproven new anti-COVID-19 treatment....
Posted: Wed Jul 1, 2020 11:56AM
imageConvocatoria Jornadas Ecofeministas antiextractivistas
by reenvia Red Latina sin fronteras
Posted: Tue Jun 30, 2020 12:14PM
imageRacial-communalist politics and the second assassination of Abraham Lincoln
by Niles Niemuth and David North (WSWS Repost)
To disrupt working-class and youth solidarity, the two capitalist parties and various reactionary elements in the upper-middle class are stooping to new lows to promote racial divisions....
Posted: Thu Jun 25, 2020 10:58AM
imageMèxico_Tamaulipas_Matamoros: la lucha por la libertad sindical
by reenvia Red Latina sin fronteras
México_Tamaulipas_Matamoros: la lucha por la libertad sindical Libertad a Susana Prieto Terrazas, dirigente del movimiento obrero...
Posted: Fri Jun 12, 2020 2:45AM
textCorporate Media Are Focusing on Race -- and Dodging Class by Norman Solomon
Economic exploitation, hidden in plain sight...
Posted: Thu Jun 11, 2020 5:19PM
imageGrowing anger among US workers as COVID-19 rips through workplaces
by Tom Hall and Jerry White (WSWS Repost)
A mood of anger and opposition is taking hold among meatpacking workers in Utah, sanitation workers in Philadelphia, and automakers and health care workers in Northern California. Where will it strike next?...
Posted: Thu Jun 11, 2020 9:45AM
imageThe paradox of the Wall Street surge
by Nick Beams (WSWS Repost)
As the ruling classes seek to preserve their profit system by all means necessary, it is becoming increasingly impossible for workers to “breathe,” that is, to live under the capitalist system....
Posted: Wed Jun 10, 2020 7:57AM
textTo the anarchist movement and everybody in the USA that participates in the struggle by Anarchist Federation (Greece)
Announcement of the Anarchist Federation (Greece) on the uprising in US...
Posted: Sun Jun 7, 2020 1:00PM
imageColombia (Audio) Por la liberaciòn de la Madre Tierra
by reenvia Red Latina sin fronteras
La liberación de la Madre Tierra sigue bien parada, juntando fuerzas....
Posted: Sat Jun 6, 2020 5:05AM
textG7 Finance Ministers Discuss COVID-19 Debt & Transparency Impacts for Developing Countries by Zachary Conti
Amidst questions of upcoming G7 meeting dates and which countries are participating, G7 Finance Ministers met virtually about economic issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic. The G7 meeting focused on aid, debt and transparency issues affecting developing countries impacted by the coronavirus....
Posted: Thu Jun 4, 2020 12:49PM
imageNLG Statement on the President’s Unlawful Declaration of Antifa as a Domestic Terrorist Organization
by National Lawyers Guild
“When police continue to murder Black people with impunity and when calls for systemic change to policing and structural racism are ignored, popular unrest is inevitable,” said National Lawyers Guild legal worker Kris Hermes. “Federal investigations and the targeting of Antifa will unfortunately result in increased surveillance and repression, and must be resisted.”...
Posted: Tue Jun 2, 2020 12:32PM
imageNew COVID-19 infections worldwide hit record levels
by Patrick Martin (WSWS Repost)
The United States, the richest country in the world has lost far more of its people to the coronavirus than any other nation because of the greed, callousness and sheer incompetence of its ruling elite. In the eyes of working people around the world, this is a political and social disgrace from which American capitalism will never recover....
Posted: Mon Jun 1, 2020 9:18AM
imageTrump Says He Will Name Antifa a Terrorist Organization
by Trump is the Terrorist
Corporate media is reporting Trump said Sunday that he will designate antifa as a terrorist organization. This follows Democratic and Republican officials' statements that extremist groups are responsible for violence at protests calling for Justice for George Floyd across the nation....
Posted: Sun May 31, 2020 2:36PM
textRigged-How SpaceX launch makes the rich richer & the poor poorer by taking publlic goods by Kanoh Nishizawa
SpaceX launch represents the latest transfer of public goods into private hands. A vital, enduring, feature of state capitalism....
Posted: Sun May 31, 2020 11:24AM
textPublicly traded corporate looters are ripping off the Small Business Administration by Lynda Carson
Mayor London Breed and some trigger happy cops are blowing a lot of hot air at the petty thefts taking place during the George Floyd protests, as they look the other way as the publicly traded corporate looters are ripping off over $200 million from the Small Business Administration, that hurts the small businesses that can not get the loans that were meant to go to them through the Cares Act, and Paycheck Protection Program (PPP)!...
Posted: Sat May 30, 2020 11:56PM
textExtremely Growing Inequality Destroys Democracy by Albrecht Mueller
When one percent have half of the wealth, mistrust and cynicism drown out public spirit and trust between the generations. A fair tax system includes closing tax havens, micro-second trading, stock buybacks and insider trading...
Posted: Thu May 28, 2020 3:54PM
imageTrump cheers on mass gatherings as US pandemic death toll hits 100,000
by Barry Grey (WSWS Repost)
The narrative that it is necessary to “balance” between human life and the “economy,” is false. What is referred to as the “economy” is the economy of the rich, not the working class. Workers are being given the “alternative” of returning to death traps or permanently losing their jobs and income....
Posted: Tue May 26, 2020 11:22AM
textClass War -- Not the Media Hokey Pokey -- Is What It’s All About by Norman Solomon
Scorching the earth with greed...
Posted: Thu May 21, 2020 12:14PM
imageEssential For Survival: The Need Of Global Solidarity
by The People's Collective
People are dying, every day. Many people are dying too early. People are dying through war, poverty, disease, lack of healthcare or lack of food. People are dying of starvation. Now, in the year 2020, a new disease is spreading around the globe, killing hundreds of thousands and affecting everybody’s life....
Posted: Mon May 11, 2020 6:48AM