image Can Negro Bar State Park continue to exist without change to California Education? 480_leidesdorff-1_1.jpg by Michael Harris
In December 1849, First California Governor Peter Burnett shared his focus on a slavery narrative that mandates disparaging treatment, currently measurable in today's California Public Policy. Clearly, an accurate authentic story of the past, present and future migration by people of African ancestry does not need to solely focus on "an enslavement narrative" in the current California Education System. Why not focus on the first City Treasurer of San Francisco, was a Negro who owned title t...
Posted: Fri Nov 30, 2018 5:44PM
image Australia's First Nations prepare legal way forward for sovereign rights 480_1540638515_thumbnail.jpg by Ghillar, Michael Anderson
28th November 2018 To counter the disastrous effects Native Title is having on Australian First Nations communities, a gathering of First Nations from across Australia is to prepare a legal way forward in pursuit of their sovereign rights and control of their own affairs....
Posted: Thu Nov 29, 2018 7:29AM
text In the wake of Bolsonaro's election victory... by Alice at Survival International
"It’s a shame that the Brazilian cavalry hasn’t been as efficient as the Americans, who exterminated the [U.S.] Indians" – Jair Bolsonaro, President-elect of Brazil...
Posted: Sat Nov 17, 2018 10:52PM
image Comcast Fires Proud Boys Rally Capt Andrew Kovalic after Social media pressure 480_pb_1.jpg by Tim Rumford
Social Media Pressure campaign outing White Nationalist Hate group member pays off. The Proud Boys Gear up for violent clash at rally in PA on 11/17 security Chat leaked...
Posted: Thu Nov 15, 2018 5:38PM
image California State Legislature passed a strong Fugitive Slave Act, April 15, 1852 480_capturing_fugitive_slaves_in_california_1_1_1.jpg by Stacey L. Smith ~ reprint
Stockton based Assemblymember Henry Crabb, a proslavery Whig from Tennessee, asserted that the federal territories were the common property of all American citizens. Echoing the arguments of the Slave South’s most vocal spokesman, US Senator John C. Calhoun, insisted that the U.S. Constitution guaranteed slaveholders the right to travel with their slave property into any federal territory....
Posted: Fri Nov 9, 2018 4:11PM
image Behind 12-day statewide Pennsylvania prison lockdown: Control, power, money 480_medical-personnel-in-haz-mat-suits-clean-up-after-6-sci-mercer-staff-belief-they___d-been-poisoned-led-to-severe-mail-visiting-restrictions-in-penn-080618-by-gary-diday-herald-web_1.jpg by Major Tillery
The lockdown of 47,000 prisoners in all 25 Pennsylvania prisons began Aug. 29, 2018, and lasted for 12 days. Department of Corrections (DOC) Secretary John Wetzel backed by Gov. Tom Wolf said the lockdown was an emergency measure to protect prison guards. They claimed there was widespread illness of guards from physical contact with synthetic drugs. This is false....
Posted: Mon Nov 5, 2018 11:25PM
image Australian minister used Aboriginal funds to fight Aboriginal land claims 480_2018-11-04_092915.jpg by WGAR News
The peak organisation representing the rights of Australian indigenous peoples seeks answers from Nigel Scullion, Minister of Indigenous Affairs, for allocating Indigenous Advancement Strategy funds to industry groups to oppose land rights claims....
Posted: Sun Nov 4, 2018 3:36AM
image Gathering of Nations extended – begins 10am 23 November 2018 480_1540638515_thumbnail.jpg by Ghillar, Michael Anderson
Due to the high level of interest in the Gathering of Nations we have decided to begin at 10am Friday 23 November 2018 so that our people have more opportunity to share their messages. Media will be advised of a time they can attend....
Posted: Fri Nov 2, 2018 3:18AM
image Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Renews Legal Challenge Against DAPL 480_dakota_access_pipeline_-_new_salem_north_dakota_-_photo_by_tony_webster_1.jpg by Earthjustice
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers downplayed oil spill risk; ignored Tribe’s well-documented concerns...
Posted: Thu Nov 1, 2018 7:08PM
image Australian politicians are starting to sound alarmingly like Trump 480_color_code.jpg by GetUp!
Australian politicians are starting to sound alarmingly like Trump. From the Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton trying to scare Melbournians from going out to dinner [1,2], to politicians thundering in Federal Parliament about a 'final solution' and an end to non-white immigration [3], and the Minister for Indigenous Affairs eagerly voting for a Neo-Nazi slogan [4]. We know that politics like this sees a spike in racist abuse towards our communities [5]. But we are standing up....
Posted: Sun Oct 28, 2018 8:25PM
image URGENT: Yanomami are dying of measles 480_18cbbed5-a886-4dbd-a439-a5255bd6bc18_1.jpg by Survival International
Yanomami indigenous people in Venezuela and Brazil are dying from a devastating measles outbreak which is sweeping through their communities. Survival has been sounding the alarm about the deadly epidemic, but this urgent humanitarian crisis is getting worse. Many more Yanomami are sick and dying....
Posted: Wed Oct 24, 2018 8:20AM
image Australia’s true colours are red, white, and racist. No-one should stand for it 480_australian-flag-blood-splatter_1.jpg by Liam McLoughlin at newmatilda
This nation is stained with blood, soaked with white supremacy, and shameless with its boastful brand of discrimination. Aboriginal leaders and refugees light the path to justice and healing, we just need the courage to follow them, writes Liam McLoughlin at New Matilda.
Posted: Wed Oct 3, 2018 5:34AM
image 'We want white people to stop celebrating the day they invaded us' 480_4520_1.jpg by Diet Simon, sourcing from WGAR News
On January 26 1788 the first of many British fleets carrying convicts arrived in what is now Sydney, Australia’s biggest city. Officially the date is celebrated as Australia Day. Indigenous Australians have long objected to that. The issue has just flared up again with the right-of-centre prime minister, Scott Morrison, rejecting the demand to change the date for a national date and suggesting that Aborigines be celebrated separately on a different day.
Posted: Fri Sep 28, 2018 3:11AM
image Prison Strike Statement, August 28 iwoc-logo_0.jpeg by IWOC
This is a growing movement and the Nationwide Prison Strike of 2018 is an unparalleled success for prisoner organizing in the modern era. However, it is important that in recognizing that success that we not lose sight of the demands that prisoners have laid out. Each of them is crucial....
Posted: Wed Aug 29, 2018 9:04PM
document Some thoughts on Blackkklansman boots-blackkklansman_20180817.pdf_140_.jpg by Boots Riley
[Because it is difficult to read Sorry to Bother You director Boots Riley's critique of Spike Lee's Blackkklansman as screen grabs on twitter, the full text is reposted here.]...
Posted: Tue Aug 28, 2018 8:22PM
video National Prison Strike: Prisoners in 17 States Demand End to “Slave Labor” Behind Bars (video/mp4 45.4mb) by Democracy Now!
August 21: Prisoners across the country are set to launch a nationwide strike today to demand improved living conditions, greater access to resources and the “end of modern day slavery.”...
Posted: Tue Aug 28, 2018 7:16PM
image Origin of Chattel Slavery in the California Inland Empire 480_img_8684_1.jpg by Nicholas R. Cataldo
Lizzy Flake Rowan, once enslaved in North Carolina, lifestory shares a largely untold legacy of Slavery and Freedom in California...
Posted: Fri Jul 13, 2018 8:52AM
image Fragile No More! 480_idle_no_more.jpg by David Michael
Learn about what factors and triggers that lead to White Fragility, and how our language sugar-coats the system of racial oppression. Through pairing up in a sharing/listening exercise, small group discussions, and role play we will practice facilitating a Fragility Intervention and how we can help dismantle privilege that acknowledges that whites hold social and institutional power over people of color....
Posted: Sat Jun 30, 2018 6:38PM
image ICE Plans to Start Destroying Records of Immigrant Abuse, Including Sexual Assault and Death 480_shreddedpaper_1.jpg by ACLU
UPDATE (05/29/2018): The ACLU and partners submitted public comments opposing Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s request to the National Archives and Records Administration last year. As a result of the campaign and overwhelming opposition from the public, NARA decided to review ICE’s proposal more closely. As of now, ICE has not made a new proposal regarding the destruction of these records. Government agencies with a long and well-documented record of abuse should not be permitted to des...
Posted: Tue Jun 19, 2018 7:48PM
image 2018 Juneteenth - US Census of Agriculture 480_img_8307_1.jpg by Khubaka, Michael Harris
Everyone should take the time to reflect upon the final Confederate Port, Galveston Island, Texas and honor the legacy of the US Colored Troops, many who used military pay and pensions to become Black Agriculture Producers....
Posted: Fri Jun 15, 2018 7:08PM