image Is the City of Santa Cruz Adopting Trump's Program of Hate? 480_fencing_off_san_lorenzo_park_from_the_homeless_santa_cruz_1.jpg by Keith McHenry
On October 17th, Sentinel journalist, Jessica York, reported that the River Street Campground will be shut down in November, with some of its members relocated into a scaled down Winter Shelter program at the VFW Hall on 7th Avenue. The VFW site will be available to 60 people and open only during evening hours, with a first-come, first-served model that does not allow pets and has limited possession storage....
Posted: Fri Oct 19, 2018 7:30PM
image Responders Free Humpback Whale off of Santa Cruz 480_humpback_whale_entanglement_santa_cruz_california_1_1.jpg by Monterey Bay Marine Life Studies
On October 15 a collaborative effort was made to free a Humpback Whale off of Santa Cruz, CA....
Posted: Fri Oct 19, 2018 2:37PM
image No on M Slumlord Dairus Mohsenin Distributes Racist Flyers at No Place Like Home Event 480_dairus_mohsenin_racist_flyer_santa_cruz_rent_control_1.jpg by Students United with Renters
Local slumlord Dairus Mohsenin and vocal supporter of the No on M Campaign distributed these flyers at the No Place Like Home event in Santa Cruz yesterday. This is an outrageous display of racism. These flyers look like something found at a KKK rally or a Proud Boys meetup. Darius is a large donor to the No on M campaign, and his banners with similar racist and classist undertones can be seen flying prominently around the city....
Posted: Fri Oct 19, 2018 1:48PM
image Top Ten Reasons for Passing Rent Control in Santa Cruz 480_chris-krohn_1.jpg by Chris Krohn
Top Ten Reasons for Passing Rent Control in Santa Cruz by Santa Cruz City Council Member Chris Krohn...
Posted: Thu Oct 18, 2018 5:00PM
image Fencing off the Parks from the Homeless 480_closing_san_lorenzo_park_santa_cruz_1_1.jpg by Keith McHenry
Fencing off the parks from the homeless before the city of Santa Cruz shuts down the Boneyard Camp where some of those without housing had been living under city supervision for the past several months. Shelter space also cut just before the cold rains come. Total war against the poor. Maybe we should retake City Hall....
Posted: Thu Oct 18, 2018 1:14PM
calendar UC Santa Cruz on Strike! 480_afscme_3299_strike_uc_santa_cruz.jpg by Worker Student Solidarity Coalition - WSSC
UC Santa Cruz...
Event Date: Tue Oct 23, 2018 4:00AM
Posted: Mon Oct 15, 2018 11:07PM
image Rent Control Key to Stabilize California Housing Market 480_california-rent-control.jpg by SEIU Local 521
Rent control policies are key to stabilizing California’s housing affordability crisis, which has driven millions of people into poverty and displaced hundreds of thousands of others, a new analysis released by the Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society at UC Berkeley shows....
Posted: Mon Oct 15, 2018 3:05PM
image Conscience and Action Calls for Basic Dignity 480_36969653_10156562534711983_4171725812191461376_o_1.jpg by Steve Pleich
Nonprofits Ready to Step Up...
Posted: Mon Oct 15, 2018 12:39PM
calendar Eviction notice rescinded for tenants at 526 and 528 California Avenue by Zav Hershfield
526 and 528 California Avenue, in front of the apartment buildings at those addresses...
Event Date: Mon Oct 15, 2018 10:00AM
Posted: Sun Oct 14, 2018 11:27AM
image Rally for Rent Control in Santa Cruz 480_rally-for-rent-control_10-11-18_1_1.jpg by Bradley Allen
Measure M would apply to rentals in the City of Santa Cruz. The measure is divided into three main sections: rent control, just cause eviction, and a rent board....
Posted: Fri Oct 12, 2018 4:45PM
image Boycott Driscoll's on KPFA's Full Circle 480_boycott-driscolls-solidarity_1.jpg by First Voice Apprentices
On October 5, 2018, Steve Zeltzer discussed the Boycott Driscoll's movement on KPFA's Full Circle....
Posted: Sun Oct 7, 2018 9:54PM
image Santa Cruz Rent Control: Knocking On Doors for Yes on M 480_albert-santa-cruz-rent-control_1.jpg by YES on M: Santa Cruz for Rent Control
Albert lives in a small apartment complex which was just sold and the new owner is trying to kick everyone out, including a number of veterans on HUD assistance. They are protected for now by the temporary rent freeze, but come election day they need Measure M to pass, or else they will be put out of their homes....
Posted: Sun Oct 7, 2018 5:02PM
calendar Rally Against Big Money and Predatory Landlords 480_students_united_with_renters_-_santa_cruz_1.jpg by Students United with Renters
Trescony Park 398 Trescony St, Santa Cruz,...
Event Date: Thu Oct 11, 2018 4:30PM
Posted: Sat Oct 6, 2018 10:43PM
image Landlords in Santa Cruz Step Up Their Misinformation Campaign Against Measure M 480_darius_mohsenin_lies_about_measure_m_rent_control_in_santa_cruz_1.jpg by YES on M: Santa Cruz for Rent Control
Our opposition has now raised over three quarters of a million dollars, which they are using to spread fear and misinformation about rent control. While most of this money comes from out of the area real estate interests like the National Association of Realtors and the California Apartment Association, local landlords in Santa Cruz are also part of the problem. Over the last week, a number of banners have appeared on buildings owned by Darius Mohsenin, a landlord with dozens of properties fr...
Posted: Sat Oct 6, 2018 9:56PM
image Calls intensify for California regulators to take action on chlorpyrifos 480_californians_for_pesticide_reform_capitol_10-4-18-yanely4_1.jpg by Safe Ag Safe Schools
The U.S. Justice Department has requested a rehearing of a decision by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to revoke all tolerances of the neurotoxic pesticide chlorpyrifos within 60 days, putting the proposed federal ban back in limbo for the foreseeable future. The stalling tactic is the latest in an eleven-year struggle over the fate of a pesticide known to cause autism, ADHD and IQ loss. Health advocates in California, including many from the Monterey Bay region, are now renewing their call ...
Posted: Fri Oct 5, 2018 11:38AM
image Boycott Driscoll's Day of Action on KPFA Evening News 480_boycott-driscolls-alianza_1.jpg by KPFA
Saturday, September 29th marked an international day of action against Driscoll's, with rallies in Tijuana, Chicago, New York, and San Francisco. The United Farm Workers of America, the nation's largest farmworkers union, has been silent on the Driscoll's boycott....
Posted: Sun Sep 30, 2018 1:26PM
audio If You’re Going to Santa Cruz (audio/mpeg 5.7mb) by David Rovics
Last night I was kicked out of a building for the first time in my 51 years. It happened in Santa Cruz, California. Here's my latest podcast....
Posted: Fri Sep 28, 2018 10:52PM
image Rent Control: Things We Might Agree On 480_santa_cruz_for_rent_control_1.jpg by Landlords for Rent Control
As landlords and homeowners, we understand why some of our landlord friends are anxious about the proposed rent control ordinance on the ballot. Some of us are nervous about Measure M's potential restraints on our power to raise rents and evict tenants. We all grew up here in the US—property is sacred....
Posted: Fri Sep 28, 2018 8:31PM
image Support for Consideration of Safe Parking Site for Persons Sleeping in Vehicles safe-parking-symbol.gif by Support Safe Parking Sites
The Seventh Day Adventists are considering allowing persons who live in the cars to park overnight in the campground located in Soquel on Old San Jose Road. The Safe Parking program would possibly include security, access to bathrooms, entry around dusk and mandate leaving at a set time in the morning. Sign the petition to support the rational debate and consideration of this Safe Parking Program:
Posted: Fri Sep 28, 2018 2:51AM
image California Avenue Veterans Fight Eviction Notices 480_no_evictions_1516997880184.jpg_4862321_ver1.0_640_360_1.jpg by Santa Cruz Tenants Association
On Monday, September 24 at 4:00 PM at the California Apartments (526 & 528 California Avenue, Santa Cruz, CA 95060) Santa Cruz Tenants Association will join with tenants from the California Apartments to denounce landlords Daniel and Lisa Decker for issuing no-cause eviction notices to military veterans....
Posted: Mon Sep 24, 2018 1:26PM