imagePro-Recall Mailer is Worthy of a Trump Medal of Honor
by Santa Cruz News Network
In her latest piece written for Bratton Online, Gillian Greensite, the co-founder of the Commission for the Prevention of Violence Against Women (CPVAW), dissects some of the misinformation contained in a flyer she received in the mail from the recall campaign. "The latest expensive mailer from the pro-recall camp is expertly crafted. Its layout is a graphic designer’s dream," Greensite writes. "Its playing fast and loose with the truth is worthy of a Trump medal of honor." Read Gillian Green...
Posted: Tue Feb 25, 2020 9:52AM
imageRecall Campaign Uses Darkened Photo of Councilmember Glover in Facebook Ad
by Santa Cruz News Network
The group Santa Cruz United is running a Facebook ad that features a visibly darkened photo of Santa Cruz City Councilmember Drew Glover, who is African American. The photo has been converted to gray-scale and covered in text containing allegations of misconduct. The ad was placed to promote the recall of Councilmember Glover, as well as Councilmember Chris Krohn, who is not featured in the photo. The imagery preys on human perception through what has been termed by researchers as the "Bad is...
Posted: Mon Feb 24, 2020 1:04PM
imageAchievements of City Council's Progressive Majority Defy the Recall
by Santa Cruz News Network
Despite the recall campaign, the Progressive majority on the Santa Cruz City Council remained focused on work in 2019 and 2020, accomplishing more in a short period of time than any other Council in recent memory. In January, Progressives published a list which noted significant achievements by the Council on affordable housing issues, the increased funding of emergency shelter options for the homeless, and work on environmental issues, among other successes. This article supplements the list...
Posted: Sun Feb 23, 2020 5:03PM
imageRally at State of the State calls on Newsom to phase out oil production
by Dan Bacher
“Today’s State of the State address is an opportunity to make clear that the Newsom Administration will not wrap itself around fossil fuel polluting billionaires — representing an industry that profits from human suffering and ecological destruction,” said Matt Nelson, Executive Director of the nation’s largest online Latinx organizing group, Photo of rally at State Capitol on February 19 by Dan Bacher....
Posted: Sat Feb 22, 2020 2:43PM
imageBig Money: Campaign Finance Totals for the Recall in Santa Cruz
by Santa Cruz News Network
Groups in support of the recall in Santa Cruz have raised $176,408 total in cash donations, while groups opposing the recall have only taken in $31,804, according to the current campaign finance reports available on the City's website which reflect contributions and expenditures made through February 15. Of the City Council replacement candidates, Renée Golder raised the most in cash donations at $28,426, Don Lane follows her with $12,253, Katherine Beiers raised $10,499, and Tim Fitzmaurice ...
Posted: Sat Feb 22, 2020 1:25PM
imageAttorney General Becerrra and Governor Newsom file lawsuit against Trump water plan
by Dan Bacher
“As we face the unprecedented threat of a climate emergency, now is the time to strengthen our planet’s biodiversity, not destroy it,” said Attorney General Becerra. “California won’t silently spectate as the Trump Administration adopts scientifically-challenged biological opinions that push species to extinction and harm our natural resources and waterways....
Posted: Fri Feb 21, 2020 11:36AM
imageGovernor Newsom, AG Becerra say they will sue over Trump water plan
by Dan Bacher
Recreational and commercial salmon fishermen responded positively to Newsom’s announcement of a lawsuit against the Trump administration, but John McManus, President of the Golden State Salmon Association (GSSA), cautioned that “a measure of Governor Newsom’s sincerity will be if he orders his Department of Water Resources to pull their Trump-like water pumping plan back and rework so it’s protective of the environment."...
Posted: Thu Feb 20, 2020 7:03AM
imageMessage above Hwy 101 Tells Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook "Truth Matters"
by Human Billboard
Criticism against Facebook continues to grow. Ahead of the 2020 US elections, misinformation is a top concern. Ergo, this human billboard message on January 17 near CEO Zuckerberg's Palo Alto home and Facebook headquarters....
Posted: Thu Feb 20, 2020 4:49AM
imageMonterey Bay Central Labor Council AFL-CIO Opposes the Recall
by Santa Cruz News Network
One of the Monterey Bay area's largest labor organizations, Monterey Bay Central Labor Council AFL-CIO, opposes the recall of Progressive Santa Cruz City Councilmembers Drew Glover and Chris Krohn. The Monterey Bay Central Labor Council (MBCLC) is the local body of the American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO), representing more than 39,000 union members and their families from the Monterey Bay Area. The organization recommends voting "No" on the recall of th...
Posted: Tue Feb 18, 2020 2:45PM
calendarKoffee Klatch at City Hall Wednesday Morning
by Robert Norse
City Hall, 809 Center St., Santa Cruz...
Event Date: Wed Feb 19, 2020 7:30AM
Posted: Tue Feb 18, 2020 12:14PM
imageGovernor Newsom's 2019 Oil Permits Rival Brown's 2018 Numbers
by Dan Bacher
It is no surprise that the 4,545 oil and gas well permits were issued in a year where oil industry organizations again dominated lobbying spending in California. Photo: Nalleli Cobo, who fought to shut down an oil well near her house and just two blocks from her school, speaks at a press conference at the State Capitol in 2018. Photo by Dan Bacher....
Posted: Tue Feb 18, 2020 11:48AM
imageTrump will visit San Joaquin Valley to sign salmon-killing water plan
by Dan Bacher
“While Trump is in California talking about plans to destroy our rivers and salmon runs, Gavin Newsom’s Resource Secretary Wade Crowfoot will be in Sacramento discussing water issues and cutting ‘green tape," said Regina Chichizola, co-director of Save California Salmon. “Gavin Newsom has only not come through on his promise to fight Trump on water, he is actively negotiating with him, and has started prioritizing new dams and diversions above restoration.”...
Posted: Mon Feb 17, 2020 9:54PM
imageDanny Glover & Bernie Sanders In Richmond Call For Working Class Power In Elections
by Labor Video Project
Actor and SAG member Danny Glover spoke and introduced Bernie Sanders at a Richmond rally of over 6,000 people on Washington's Birthday on 2/17/20....
Posted: Mon Feb 17, 2020 9:01PM
imageNo Quarry on Mutsun Sacred Grounds 2-11-2020
by AutumnSun
I am proud to say that last Tuesday the Santa Cruz City Council voted unanimously in favor of the resolution in support of protecting Juristac in Morgan Hill Ca. located in Santa Clara County....
Posted: Sat Feb 15, 2020 12:38PM
imageHow a "Grassroots" Campaign Bought a Recall Election in the City of Santa Cruz
by Stop the Santa Cruz Recalls
Campaign finance reporting forms recently filed with the City of Santa Cruz demonstrate how “Santa Cruz Together” coordinated with “Santa Cruz United” to place measures on the March 2020 ballot seeking the recall of two Santa Cruz City Council members, Drew Glover and Chris Krohn. Together, the two groups spent over $100,000 in 2019. Basically, they bought their way onto the ballot....
Posted: Fri Feb 14, 2020 10:26PM
imageSan Rafael Protests Senate Decision to Acquit Trump
by R.R.
Protesting the Senate's decision to acquit Trump on articles of impeachment...
Posted: Wed Feb 12, 2020 5:17PM
calendarWake Zuck Up at His House on President's Day! Facebook Protest
by Andrea B.
Gather at 21st Street and Fair Oaks 3450 21st Street San Francisco, CA...
Event Date: Mon Feb 17, 2020 10:00AM
Posted: Tue Feb 11, 2020 4:51AM
imageEl Cerrito Shows Up to Say: No Witnesses, No Fair Acquittal
by R.R.
Feb. 5, 2020. In the East Bay city of El Cerrito, the call went out to "flood the streets to protest against this reprehensible cover-up and despicable GOP attempts to destroy our democracy!"...
Posted: Mon Feb 10, 2020 1:13AM
imageAquittal Protest in Berkeley
by Leon Kunstenaar
Few people but message gets delivered loud and clear...
Posted: Sun Feb 9, 2020 12:04AM
imageProminent Feminists Oppose the Recall in Santa Cruz
by Santa Cruz News
Ann Simonton, the founder of Media Watch, spoke out again this week to address what she calls the "false accusations" leveled against Santa Cruz City Councilmembers Chris Krohn and Drew Glover, and to urge voters to vote no on their recall. "False accusations of harassing women is worrisome, as it generates an environment where survivors who experience harassment aren’t believed," Simonton wrote. "Generations of women have worked to reach the progress we are beginning to see today. It’s parti...
Posted: Sat Feb 8, 2020 6:15PM