imageNo War, No Sanctions on Iran
by We Insist
January 25, 2020...a fabulous San Francisco turnout at the last in a series of emergency protests prompted by Trump’s assassination of Iran’s General Qasem Soleimani....
Posted: Thu Jan 30, 2020 3:01AM
imageCall for "No War but Class War" in San José on International Day of Action Pt II
by R. Robertson
See Pt. I photos at
Posted: Tue Jan 28, 2020 4:02AM
imageCall for "No War but Class War" in San José on International Day of Action Pt I
by R. Robertson
San José demonstrators broadcast their demands on an international day of action against war with Iran on January 25. Several hundred people with signs and banners met at City Hall for a brief program then marched through the historic downtown to the intersection of Story and King Roads where they rallied....
Posted: Tue Jan 28, 2020 3:13AM
imageAt SF Anti-War Rally Free Julian Assange & Chelsea Manning NOW!
by Labor Video Project
A rally was held for Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning before the San Francisco anti-war rally on January. 25, 2020....
Posted: Sun Jan 26, 2020 12:17PM
videoRaging Grannies Remember Kent State at J25 No War With Iran Rally (video/quicktime 108.8MB) by San Mateo Protests
Old enough to remember, members of the Raging Grannies tuned up their voices to sing a classic anti-war song from the Vietnam war era....
Posted: Sun Jan 26, 2020 4:03AM
image“No to War on Iran” Demonstration in Downtown SF
by Leon Kunstenaar
March from Market Street to Union Square against War, Trump, and Assassination....
Posted: Sat Jan 25, 2020 10:14PM
imageTrump/Pence #OutNOW: No War on Iran! No War on Women!
by Curt Wechsler
Bring #OUTNOW into mass protests against U.S. war on Iran — join up with the Refuse Fascism contingent for Saturday's Global Day of Protest. We will STAY in the streets into the afternoon, to protest this year's Christian fundamentalist "Walk for Life" attack on women's abortion rights....
Posted: Thu Jan 23, 2020 1:24PM
imageOakland Rally and March for MLK Day
by Leon Kunstenaar
Children and disabled lead Oakland march to reclaim King's radical legacy...
Posted: Mon Jan 20, 2020 9:23PM
imageJ9 Protest in San Francisco
by No War on Iran
Hundreds gathered at One Post St. above Montgomery BART on a day of national action....
Posted: Tue Jan 14, 2020 10:53PM
calendarRefuseFascism Protests Pompeo, Commonwealth Club, Jan 13, 3pm
by Curt Wechsler
110 The Embarcadero Taube Family Auditorium San Francisco...
Event Date: Mon Jan 13, 2020 3:00PM
Posted: Sun Jan 12, 2020 8:49PM
imageInternational Day of Solidarity with Okinawa in San Francisco / 沖縄国際連帯デーinサンフランシスコ
by Hanayo Oya
On December 14th, despite majority local opposition, the Japanese central government with the support of the U.S. military, renewed construction for a new base in Henoko, Okinawa. This phase of construction began by filling in ocean with sediment as part of irreversible land reclamation work in the ecologically rich Oura Bay. A protest against a US base Henoko in Okinawa was also held in San Francisco at the Japanese consulate....
Posted: Sun Jan 12, 2020 9:05AM
imageFresno Peace in Iran Vigil Coordinates with Nationwide Protests
by Peter Maiden
Over 100 people attended a vigil for peace with Iran in Fresno at 5 p.m. on January 9, in one of around three hundred demonstrations around the United States. The protest was coordinated with others by being held at the same time on the same day with the same message: no war with Iran....
Posted: Fri Jan 10, 2020 1:42AM
imageNo New War on Iran! Emergency Protest
by Leon Kunstenaar
Photos: Leon Kunstenaar People rush to demonstrate against Trump war on Iran...
Posted: Wed Jan 8, 2020 11:52PM
imageSan José Mounts Immediate Response to Call for Anti-War Action
by Text: R.R. Photos: Sharat Lin
Get Up! Get down... San José's an Anti-War Town! Photos of No War on Iran rally of Jan 4, 2020....
Posted: Tue Jan 7, 2020 12:08PM
imageIn San José, Protesters Say We've Got a Moron with a War On
by Text: R.R. Photos: Bernie Bob Jung
Many interesting signs and flags from national day of action against war on Iran in San José, California. January 4, 2020....
Posted: Tue Jan 7, 2020 11:16AM
imageIn San Francisco, Thousands March Against Occupation of Iraq And War With Iran
by Eddie Stiel
On Saturday, January 4, 2020, 2500 to 3000 people marched from Powell and Market to UN Plaza, proclaiming "US Out of Iraq" and "No War With Iran."...
Posted: Sun Jan 5, 2020 8:39AM
imageResounding Chants at San Mateo "No War with Iran" Rally after Drone Strikes
by On the Streets
Five thousand marched in San Francisco at noon on January 4; for people who felt they wanted something a little smaller, nearby San Mateo was a good option....
Posted: Sat Jan 4, 2020 10:46PM
textJan 4, 2020: 5,000 March for Peace in San Francisco by We Are The Many
With only two days' notice and during the winter vacation, some 5,000 people managed to take over the streets of San Francisco, filling two wide blocks near Fifth and Mission, as we marched past the San Francisco Chronicle building on January 4, 2020, a clear, sunny 55 degree day for a peace march protesting Nazi Trump's war against Iran....
Posted: Sat Jan 4, 2020 6:05PM
imageExtinction Rebellion and Women in Black In Black Friday Protests
by Leon Kunstenaaar
Photos: Leon Kunstenaar, Pro Bono Photo . Not everybody went shopping...
Posted: Sat Nov 30, 2019 10:46AM
audioSyrian War Refugee Mother & Daughter in Canada Want to Bring Family to Ottawa (audio/mpeg 97.5MB) by John Malkin
Interview with Syrian war refugee Walaa Ibrahim, who emigrated to Ottawa, Canada with her young daughter in November, 2018. Activists are now raising funds to bring Walaa's parents and brother to Canada. Includes interviews with activists who helped bring Walaa and Kadar to Canada....
Posted: Fri Nov 15, 2019 11:08PM