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The oppressed majority
by Rubikon editors
Monday Sep 27th, 2021 12:02 PM
The war on the virus is a crucial backdrop for destabilization and fear, before which vast amounts of public funds are siphoned off in the name of saving lives, saving the environment, and saving people's livelihoods - all of which are attacked by the arbitrariness of this very capitalist rule. Since the war on the virus is largely on public funds, we are bombarded with propaganda narratives.
The oppressed majority
We can only defend ourselves against colonization by unscrupulous "elites" if we become aware of our number and strength.
by Rubikon’s editor
[This article published on Aug 17, 2021 is translated from the German on the Internet, The oppressed majority | Rubicon (]

How can a single country manage to subjugate and subjugate virtually all the others? And how does a relatively small clique of manipulators succeed in turning entire peoples into intimidated, mask-wearing subjects? The domination of the many by the few — and the submissive cooperation of the latter with their own disenfrage — is always an astonishing and deterrent spectacle. We now know quite well the methods used to achieve this. Fear propaganda, the establishment of enemy images, coercion and violence. What is less clear, however, is how we can effectively counter this to all of them. The author initially focuses on being aware of the connections — and his own strength as part of an overwhelming majority.
by Hiroyuki Hamada

Kadhim Hayder (1932 to 1985), title unknown, Iraq
I remember a conversation with a man from Iraq in 2016. He was a cab driver in Germany. I wrote about him in one of my essays (1):
"Last month I had a conversation with an Iraqi cab driver in Berlin. My 12-year-old son and I took a cab from the Museum of Contemporary Art to our hotel. I couldn't help but ask the cab driver why he ended up in Berlin. He said it had something to do with the issuance of the visa. He emphasized that he had to leave because he rejected Islam. He said Muslims would kill each other.
I was a little sad because it sounded like he had to say that to prove he was not a 'terrorist'. I told him that it was the U.S. that supported Saddam when it suited them. Then the U.S. changed its policy when it became more advantageous for them. I asked him, Taliban, Al-Qaeda, ISIS, same number, right?

Then he said something unexpected. He said it was a 'people's revolution.' 'We stood up to Saddam.' He was referring to the first Gulf War in 1991. He went on to describe how that war did not go the way people wanted it to go, and it led to a devastating trade embargo, more war, ISIS, and so on. His voice was passionate. I felt in his voice the anger and frustration against war and imperialism that I feel myself."

Imperial war against countries that resist U.S. hegemonic imperatives takes place in several steps. The respective populations are deprived of their basic needs through economic embargoes, trade sanctions, travel restrictions, and the demonization of their leader. Society is destabilized by the lack of resources and economic activity. Hostile forces in the country are generously funded by the empire to create sentiment against the resisting "regime" in the name of "revolution," "democracy," "freedom," and so on. Communities are divided. Institutions are compromised to serve capital, further confusing and distressing the population.

Often this is enough to silence those who oppose such interventions, and it leads to an overthrow of the existing order. Society is reshaped to satisfy the colonial policies of Western industries, leading to resource extraction, privatization, financialization, exploitation of cheap labor, establishment of U.S. military bases, and so on.

Quite a few Middle Eastern countries have resisted such interventions, leading to proxy wars and Western military interventions.

That was the war on terror, which continues to this day, as U.S. forces are deployed unimpeded against the world under its "war on terror legislative framework," while its actions in the form of restrictions on our legal rights, as well as restrictions at airports et cetera, remain in effect.

Many of us raised our voices against the obvious crime of invading, colonizing and subjugating other countries. To my surprise, there were people who spoke out against our assertion, saying that if we had not invaded there, they would have invaded us, they would be "terrorists," and so on.

With this huge public project, the war, enormous profits were made at the expense of the people in the war-torn countries as well as the oppressed people in some of the richest countries in the world. No one was held accountable for the death and destruction. The war to save people from terrorists was a huge capitalist project to expand the power and wealth of hardened criminals who call themselves politicians, philanthropists, businessmen, intellectuals, patriots, academics and so on.

The underlying mentality of neocolonial violence is based on prejudice against the peoples of the countries in question. These peoples, living in countries ruled by "leaders" committed to imperial policies, are subjected to intensified measures of exploitation and subjugation to serve the interests of imperial institutions. The predicament of the subjugated population - poverty, social unrest, and corruption - resulting from economic subjugation underpins the intellectual superiority of Westerners, falsely proving the inferiority of the "barbarian" population that must be "helped" by Westerners.
If the leader of a colonized country tries to change the unjust situation by adopting a policy that serves the country's own population, the Western authority will take measures to remove such an element. This policy is supported by the prejudices of the imperial population. Simple slogans and catchphrases such as "he kills his own people," "saves the children," "regime," "dictatorship," and "genocide" can trigger both the colonial mentality and the white savior mentality in the imperial population.

"There is food in the cage. Not much, but there is food. Outside, there's just wide open spaces of freedom.", Nicanor Parra Bird Nightmare by Mick Ryan

The year is 2021 - the era of the war on virus. We are witnessing a massive transfer of wealth to the rich and powerful that is best described by Jeff Bezos' thanking his workers and customers for his rocket ride (2). The cynical, exploitative violence inflicted on workers is found in all sectors across the country, leading to the destruction of small community businesses, massive homelessness, a wave of suicides, and a rise in drug-related deaths. The lockdown is destroying vital social relationships that must now be reconfigured.

The viral event has transformed the ailing health care system into a system of mask-wearing, standoff rules, and injection of extremely lucrative experimental genetically modified drugs accompanied by an unprecedented number of injuries and deaths that far exceed all previous reports of vaccine injuries and deaths to the CDC's VAERS reporting system. The lockdown measures and profit-driven response to the virus have further reduced the capacity of the broader health care system, leaving large numbers of patients without vital care for their urgent illnesses.

Destroying the health care system to save lives is only one aspect of the current mobilization. The education system, under attack by corporations for generations, has been given a blank check to fire teachers, convert classes to online tutorials, and pursue a new mission of creating obedient workers for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Financial institutions have accelerated the transition of the population into the digital world, where people are conditioned, commodified, and exploited as data. A massive restructuring process in favor of profit is taking place in every industry in the name of covid measures.

Of course, I realize that respiratory illnesses can be very dangerous. If you read articles from before Covid, you will find desperate calls from healthcare professionals complaining about the threat of flu epidemics due to lack of facilities and resources. This has become a reality, according to Covid, as massive deaths have occurred due to nursing home closures. For-profit treatment options have been promoted while effective options have been curtailed, resulting in even more deaths and hospitalizations. Statistically, however, all these deaths in the U.S. did not exceed the variation in mortality rates from year to year.

This crucial fact has been observed in several countries. The Covid situation, if any, is to a great extent a man-made event. It cannot be called a lethal pandemic comparable to bubonic plague. The inaccuracy of the PCR test has been heavily criticized by many scientists-including the inventor of the PCR test himself-because the results are arbitrary depending on the degree of amplification of the DNA fragments sought (3, 4).

The above statement is based solely on the opinions of numerous medical professionals, physicians, and scientists from around the world. At the very least, it must be acknowledged that there is considerable disagreement within the scientific community about every aspect of Covid-19, its treatments, and lockdown measures (5, 6).

However, none of these views are seriously investigated by the establishment. In fact, there are many instances of health care professionals being disciplined for reporting cases of vaccine injury, speaking out against treatment policies, and challenging prevailing assumptions about the virus. Medical personnel are actively forced to play along with the official covid narrative.

Among the public, mixed feelings in the face of contradictions have turned to frustration, and frustration has turned to anger, as if we are stuck in a pressure cooker of official narratives and structural constraints of lockdowns and forced vaccinations. The heat and pressure have shattered the social fabric as our daily routines are dictated by the "new normal."

So many things have happened since last year. But somehow, things don't seem to fit right in our minds.

We shape our sense of time and space through familiar events, daily routines and our general knowledge. When we lose these, we are left with a series of elements and dynamics without these points of orientation.

However, those who have taken away our landmarks have given us alternative features. Our lives are dominated by lockdowns, masks, and spacing rules - the "new normal."

Now our lives are defined by it.
We are told that there is a deadly disease out there and the only solution is to vaccinate. Our lives and deaths are being determined by one of the largest corporations, the medical-industrial complex.
Just as the war on terror was described as a "crusade" - legitimizing the colonizers' twisted religious and cultural superiority and disguising the white man's burden as a humanitarian obligation - the war on the virus crowns "science" as its guiding force.
Needless to say, the credibility of "science" is proportionate to the power and wealth it brings - just as the facts of the war are bought and sold as "journalism." Propaganda lies fill the air while those who resist are labeled as "others" who deserve to be castigated for being outside the protection of the gated community.

This type of framing-the medical-industrial complex-is useful for understanding the dynamics within capitalist hegemony. However, such a framing is also part of the media-industrial complex, the nonprofit-industrial complex, the political-industrial complex, and, of course, the military-industrial complex. In short, our lives are dictated by several dynamic forces of oligarchs who enact a "reality" that firmly manifests itself as a capitalist framework - a cage that determines our lives based on its imperatives.

Patrice Letarnec's Human Zoo project.
As the current viral mobilization reshapes our society and erases existing values, norms and beliefs, corporations and their owners are declared absolute authorities that decide our life and death. That is why decrees legitimized by the "state of emergency" are now acceptable political tools. That is why the big corporations have gained enormous wealth. It is why our lives are being driven into the digital world, where we are commodified, conditioned for exploitation, and cut off from the mystery of life and the unknown.
But where to put the anger and frustration? The U.S. establishment is well aware of the seething anger and frustration with the situation. The anger is cultivated and shaped to turn people against each other - an old trick of corporate duopoly that has become a dynamic tool of social engineering in the United States. The shadows of civil war still define the modes of enslavement, while the ruling class can command the spectacle of "democracy," "freedom," and "humanity" - a fabricated "reality."

Individualism, self-determination, and a sense of freedom based on the sacrifices of many oppressed people are privileges that only people with economic security are entitled to. This is one of the reasons why opposition to the Covid lockdown contains a reactionary element. In particular, the course is mislabeled as "socialism" or "communism." This ironic twist of blaming capitalist oppression on the enemy of the capitalists reveals once again the mechanism of imperialist duopoly, as well as the expansion of exploitative violence against a formerly economically secure segment of the population, which necessitate the intensification of draconian restrictive measures.

It is no coincidence that the red states hold the opposite positions, while the blue states firmly adhere to the official narratives of vaccines and lockdown measures. Subjugated populations are allowed to choose the type of enslavement, but the small differences in choice are great enough to activate colonial hatreds against each other. Unresolved historical pain, emotion and resentment have found immediate expression against the "enemies" among us.

A battle between snarling wolves and sly foxes, as Malcolm X would call it, quells the anger and frustration safely within the capitalist framework. The media, politicians, and major institutions carefully stoke popular conflict by demonizing opponents of vaccines and lockdown measures while protecting the "pandemic" narrative one way or another.

Some people may think that things have to get worse before they get better. Things can certainly get worse, but it looks like this will only further fragment communities and destabilize institutions, allowing further erosion of people's interests by capitalist rule along with justifications for its draconian measures.

This probably makes the privileged in gated communities feel good. This also goes hand in hand with the intensification of the fascist dynamic that always justifies the forces of Western imperial hegemony - remember how the Trump phenomenon has driven the neoliberal policies advocated by both corporate parties, while justifying everything else to oppose Donald Trump, who was widely perceived as an obvious caricature of the narcissistic failing empire? U.S. capitalism advances while oscillating left and right within the acceptable spectrum of imperialism.

In short, everything is under control if those who destroyed the Middle Eastern countries have their way. The only difference is that we are now the target. We are under attack. Some of us are being demonized by the establishment to play the role of scapegoats. Some of us are being hailed as heroes, saving lives and sacrificing ourselves. Our communities are being destroyed to be further devoured by the colonizers of humanity and nature.

Crying tree - Ontario, Canada, 2021
The war on the virus is a crucial backdrop for destabilization and fear, before which vast amounts of public funds are siphoned off in the name of saving lives, saving the environment, and saving people's livelihoods - all of which are attacked by the arbitrariness of this very capitalist rule. Since the war on the virus is largely on public funds, we are bombarded with an unprecedented amount of propaganda narratives as if we are being thrown into the process of corporate elections - we are supposed to vote for these lucrative capitalist solutions to capitalist problems by agreeing to the narratives.

Public outcry against the policies is sure to be picked up among the populace as people are forced to fight among themselves. Moreover, the war against the virus is supposed to be a perpetual war. Inconceivable "mistakes" are made, victories are proclaimed here and there, facts are revealed when it suits, while much of the facts are distorted to keep up appearances of this huge protection racket of the oligarchs. One step forward and one step back, our lives swirl in the agonizing spectacle of the "medical crisis," but the real solution is never to be found in it.

The empire cannot lose the war, but the empire has no intention of winning the war either, because winning can destroy the tamed momentum of strife among the people, as well as a panoply of "activism" supported by the non-profit industrial complex that effectively pursues capitalist agendas in the name of "our democracy." After all, we are many. The oppressors, on the other hand, are not. The mechanism of domestication must be maintained to tame the masses within the feudal hierarchy of money and violence.

In the meantime, fear, doubt and the real threat to our livelihood in the form of economic strangulation continue to force us to swallow the protection racket deal with the criminal enterprises.
Ultimately, the path leads to a complete domestication of our species through the management of all means of production, their products, and the distribution system. To the extent that humans become products themselves through biotechnological processes, social relations in the digital realm seamlessly merge with fabricated reality, virtually cementing the feudal hierarchy of absolute power.

As we move into social media, as we present our identities within its framework, and as we are treated with genetic drugs to alter our physical response to the natural world, we have already entered a dangerous phase that could very well spell the end of our species as we know it.

The Arsenal, 1928, Diego Rivera
What could Iraqis do when they were suffering under the deadly embargo and invasions? The question is now ours. Unfortunately, many of those who were on the side of empire still insist on waging imperial war while we ourselves have become the targets of war, demonizing our fellow human beings as enemies and repeating slogans and arguments to justify imperial restructuring while our communities fall apart and are devoured by the colonizers.

It is no coincidence that those who oppose the current mobilization are accused of being racists, conspiracy theorists, or supporters of fascism - just as those who disagree with the bombing of brown people are accused of allowing brown children to die at the hands of a "dictator."

Our real enemy is not the "anti-vaxxers" or the gullible people who swallow corporate propaganda. The real enemy is the imperial oligarchs who shape our society to continue their ways of exploitation and subjugation. They are shaping the capitalist cage to stifle the last vestiges of our imagination and our connectedness to humanity and nature.

How can we resist the colonization of humanity and nature? How can we be part of the resistance to the criminal pyramid scheme that is bound to implode with its destructive nature? How can we find a way to be in harmony with ourselves, with each other and with nature? We are part of the countless people who carry the dream of such harmony. We are in solidarity with them and strong. We are many. The oppressors, however, are not.
Hiroyuki Hamada is an artist. He has exhibited in the United States and Europe and is represented by Lori Bookstein Fine Art. He has received several residency fellowships, including at the Provincetown Fine Arts Work Center, the Edward F. Albee Foundation/William Flanagan Memorial Creative Person's Center, the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, and the MacDowell Colony. In 1998, Hamada was awarded a Pollock-Krasner Foundation Fellowship, and in 2009 he was awarded a New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship. He lives and works in New York.
Editorial note: This text appeared August 3, 2021, under the title "We were many, the oppressors are not." It was translated by Sabine Amann of the volunteer Rubicon translation team and proofread by the volunteer Rubicon proofreading team.
Sources and Notes:
(1) Hiroyuki Hamada, How Do We Dream the Dream of Peace Together? September 23, 2016
(2) Lauren Elizabeth, Jeff Bezos Made Some Revealing Comments After His Trip into Space. July 20, 2021
(3) Apoorva Mandavilli, Your Coronavirus Test Is Positive. Maybe It Shouldn't Be. August 29, 2020.
(4) International Consortium of Scientists External peer review of the RTPCR test to detect SARS-CoV-2 reveals 10 major scientific flaws at the molecular and methodological level: consequences for false positive results. November 27, 2020
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The Propaganda War
The competition for the correct interpretation of the Corona event is an unequal struggle - yet we are not completely defenseless.
by C. J. Hopkins
[This article published on Aug 13, 2021 is translated from the German on the Internet, The Propaganda War | Rubicon (]

Propaganda is annoying. It is often ridiculous and an almost aesthetic nuisance. The arguments and strategies of the "mainstream" seem all too easy to understand to informed observers. But we must not forget one thing: above all, propaganda is a demonstration of power that seeks to intimidate. An apparatus that can force us to absorb the same phrases on all channels again and again and usually against our will thus shows its potency and demonstrates our helplessness to us reluctant. Fluctuating people are encouraged by this type of overwhelming sound to place themselves on the side of the likely winner in time as a precaution. Nevertheless, let us remain clear and brave! Let's dare confrontation more often than at the beginning of the epidemic. For how is doubt to be sown in the hearts of the adapted, how should possible companions be encouraged if we make our spirit of resistance a well-kept secret?

Every totalitarian system in history has used the power of visual propaganda to create a new "reality," one that verifies its official ideology and reshapes the world according to its own paranoid imagination. The totalitarianism of the "New Normal" is no exception. For example, take a look at the following excerpt, taken on July 17, 2021 from The Guardian's landing page - one of the most important propaganda organs of the ruling global capitalist classes ...

This is not just "partisan" or "sensationalist" journalism. It is systematic official propaganda, no different from that disseminated by any other totalitarian system in history. Here comes the one from the following day ...

Forget for a moment the content of the articles and perceive only the cumulative visual effect. Official propaganda is not just information, misinformation and disinformation. It is actually less about making us believe things and more about creating an official reality and forcibly imposing it on society.

When it comes to conjuring up a new "reality," images are extremely powerful tools, at least as powerful if not more powerful than words. Here are a few more you may remember ....

Once again, the goal of this kind of propaganda is not merely to deceive or terrorize the public. That's part of it, of course, but the more important part is to force people to look at these images, over and over again, hour after hour, day after day, at home, at work, on the streets, on TV, on the Internet, everywhere. This is how we create "reality."

We communicate our beliefs and values to ourselves and others with images, words, rituals, and other symbols and social behaviors. Basically, we conjure up our "reality" like actors rehearsing and performing a play ... and the more we all believe it, the more convincing it is.

This is also why the mask requirement was so important in spreading the ideology of the "New Normal." Forcing the masses to wear medical-looking masks in public was a propaganda masterstroke. Simply put, if you can force people to dress as if they were working in the infection department of a hospital every day for 17 months ... presto!

A new "reality" has been created ... a new, pathologized-totalitarian "reality," a paranoid-psychotic, cult-like "reality" in which formerly semi-rational people have been reduced to nonsense-babbling lackeys, afraid to go outside without permission from the "authorities," injecting their children with experimental "vaccines."

The sheer power of the visual image of these masks and the compulsion to repeat the ritual behavior of putting them on was almost irresistible.

Yes, I know you resisted. I did, too. But we are the minority. Denying the power we are up against may make you feel better, but it will get us nowhere, or at least nowhere towards anything good. The fact is that the vast majority of the population - with the exception of people in Sweden, Florida, and various other officially nonexistent places - has robotically performed this theatrical ritual, harassing those who refuse to do so and thereby collectively simulating an "apocalyptic plague."

The New Normalos - that is, those who still wear masks in the open, whine about meaningless "cases," coerce everyone to get "vaccinated," and participate in the exclusion of the "unvaccinated" - do not behave the way they do because they are stupid. They behave the way they do because they live in a new "reality" that has been created for them over the course of the last 17 months by a massive official propaganda campaign; the most extensive and effective in the history of propaganda.

In other words: We are in a propaganda war, and we are losing it. We cannot match the propaganda power of the corporate media and the "New Normal" governments, but that does not mean we cannot fight back.

We can and must, at every opportunity.

Lately, readers have been asking me how to do that. So, okay, here are some simple suggestions.

The vast majority of obedient "New Normals" are not fanatical totalitarians. They are scared and weak, so they follow orders and adjust their minds to the new official "reality." Most of them do not perceive themselves as followers of a totalitarian system or as exclusionists, although that is exactly what they are. They perceive themselves as "responsible" people who follow reasonable "health guidelines" to "protect" themselves and others from a virus and its constantly reproducing mutant "variants."

They perceive the "unvaccinated" as a minority of dangerous, irrational "conspiracy theorist" extremists who want to kill them and their families. When we tell them we just want our constitutional rights back and don't want to be forced to be "vaccinated" and censored and persecuted for expressing our views, they don't believe us. They think we are lying. They perceive us as a threat, as aggressors, as monsters, as strangers among them who must be dealt with ... This is exactly how the authorities want them to perceive us.

We must try to change this perception, not by giving in or being "polite" to them. On the contrary, we must become more confrontational. No, not violent. Confrontational. There is actually a difference, even if the "woken" want to deny it.

First, we need to name things for what they are. The "vaccine passport" system is a segregation system. It is segregationism. Call it what it is. Those who cooperate with it are segregationists. They are not "helping" or "protecting" anyone from anything. They are segregationists, plain and simple.

Refer to them as "segregationists." Don't let them hide behind their own terminology. Confront them with the fact of what they are.

The same goes for the rest of CovidSpeak. Covid "cases," "deaths," and "vaccines" are put in quotation marks. Healthy people are not medical cases. If Covid didn't kill someone, they are not Covid deaths, period. "Vaccines" that don't behave like vaccines, and that kill and cripple tens of thousands of people, and that have not been adequately tested for safety, and that are indiscriminately forced on everyone, should not be called vaccines.

Okay, here comes the big idea that will only work if enough people do it. You probably won't like it, but what the heck, here goes ...
This is the upside-down red triangle that the Nazis used in the concentration camps to mark their political opponents and members of the anti-Nazi resistance. Make one for yourself. Make it out of fabric, paper, or any other material you have on hand. Make a large, black "U" in the center to symbolize "Unvaccinated." Wear it in public - conspicuously. When people ask you what it means and why you wear it in public, tell them. Encourage them to do the same, assuming they are not "New Normal" segregationists, in which case ... Well, that will be a different conversation, but go ahead and tell them too.

That's it. That's the whole big idea. That and whatever else you do. The triangle is not meant to replace that. It's just a simple way for people to express their opposition to the totalitarian, pseudo-medical segregation system that's being implemented right now ... Regardless of all the other things you've done and I've done over the last 17 months.

All right, I can sense your disappointment already. You thought I was going to propose a frontal assault on Klaus Schwab's secret castle or a guerrilla naval assault on Bill Gates' yacht. As cathartic as (1) these undertakings might be, they would be (a) pointless and (b) suicidal. As frustrating as it has been for all of us, this is still a battle for hearts and minds. In essence, it is a war against reality (or between two "realities" if you prefer). It is being fought in people's minds, not in the streets.

So, let me try to make this red triangle thing palatable to you.

The point of a visual protest like this is to force the "New Normals" to confront a different representation of who they - and we - are. A representation that accurately reflects reality. No, of course we are not in concentration camps - so, please spare me the angry literalist emails - but we are being marginalized, scapegoated, censored, humiliated and otherwise abused, not for any legitimate public health reasons, but because of our political deviance, because we refuse to mindlessly follow orders and conform to the new official ideology.

The "New Normals" must be forced to perceive their beliefs and actions in this context, even if only for a few fleeting moments at the mall or grocery store or wherever.

Think of it this way ... As I explained above, they are basically performing a theatrical event and creating a "pandemic reality" with words, actions, and pseudo-medical stage props. What we need to become is the asshole in the audience who undermines the credibility of the performance and reminds everyone that they are sitting in a theater, not 15th century Denmark, by loudly taking a call on his phone in the middle of Hamlet's soliloquy.

Seriously, we need to become this asshole as conspicuously as possible, as often as possible, to disrupt the show that the New Normals are putting on ... And to remind them what they're actually doing, and who they're actually doing it to.

Look at the white people at the top of the tweet bullying the girl who is just trying to go to school like all the other students. The New Normals don't want to be perceived that way, as a pack of rabid, hate-soaked segregationists, but that's what they are because that's what they do ... But it's not what most of them are by nature. Yes, some people are sociopathic by nature, but nobody is totalitarian by nature.

We are not born fascists or segregationists. We have to be programmed that way. That's what propaganda is for, not to mention all the other authoritarian conditioning we are exposed to from childhood.

That's the gamble or leap of faith behind the upside-down red triangle thing. It's a basic nonviolent tactic of civil disobedience that works for people who still have a conscience and haven't yet become totalitarians.

Granted, it may not work this time - we've already gotten to the point where restaurant owners are being jailed for serving the "unvaccinated" - but it could work, and what have we got to lose?

Editorial note: This text first appeared on The satirical essay appeared on July 19, 2021, under the title "The Propaganda War (And How to Fight It)" at Consent Factory. It was translated, mutatis mutandis, by the volunteer team at New Debate.

Sources and Notes:

(1) Catharsis is a central concept in Aristotle's theory of tragedy and refers to the purifying effect of tragedy on the audience.

C. J. Hopkins is an award-winning playwright, novelist, and political satirist/commentator based in Berlin. His plays have been produced internationally at theaters and festivals. His political satire and commentary is published by Consent Factory,, OffGuardian, ZeroHedge, ColdType, Dissident Voice, and other publications. His dystopian science fiction novel Zone 23 was published by Snoggsworthy, Swaine & Cormorant in 2017.
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