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Win win solution for homeless issues
by miss La (lindahanson818 [at]
Wednesday Feb 24th, 2021 6:03 PM
The Dana Spriggs foundation resource and refuge for the homeless
Hi my name is miss LA the president of the homeless community here in the city of Santacruz, Our goal is to give all experiencing homelessness a warm safe place to rest and heal. It doesn't matter that its tents or trap houses where we live Everyone that is experiencing homelessness has been traumatized abused, bothered, just down right Hated from others here, City officials city workers. County workers all types of different people.And I miss LA will not allow you to continue harassing or with this behavior towards them anymore. Hate is an emotion and it is not in your job description or contracts to display this kind of emotion. Hate is a crime in the state of California punishable up to 9yrs in prison. it doesn't matter who you are whether you are the chief of police the mayor or homeless its unacceptable. give us the upper meadow where all homeless can reside we are intitled to have a place somewhere to live and get healthy so as to function properly in our right consciousness. iI take full responsibility for all under the title homeless and I will stand strong head to head with you and protect them because they are my brother's my friends family and loved ones. They are my neighbors and I care. I represent all of them. So if anyone has a problem issue or grievance against them i will be the one you address respectfully and we will have a meeting of head of council and discuss the details deciding on the course of action. We are a community and will be recognized as a community respected as a community and ecknowledge as one .I will not tolerate anyone for any reason to continue to act in HATE TOWARDS MY BROTHERS ANYMORE NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM LEAVE US ALONE AND LET US HAVE A PLACE TO HEAL GET I N OUR RIGHT MINDS GATHER OURSELVE so we can be a productive and valuable people for and to the communities of Santacruz this city just like the homeless community in majority are good people all we need is for everyone to come together and do whats right. To the homeless everyone knows who i am most homelesss don't have access to news but I personally talk with them all of them. If you do everyone that is homeless is to gather at the end of golf club dr in the upper meadow by club house we will have a meeting to go over the rules and regulations everyone is asked to abide by .. The rules are very simple common since no hoarding no drugs no acts of disrespect .Clean tight and out of sight is our motto everyone will be asked to participate in job training within our community with resources to do whatever it is you choose to pursue if you want to be an electrician or an artist those resource will be available to make it happen these are our long term goals to give you something positive and productive to look forward to daily, A good reason to be responsible in one form or another with a many different fields to join Gardening is a big one we will have a community garden everyone will be asked to participate in and lots of other ideas and projects to explore. We want to give you something to look forward to on a daily basics other than just getting high.i believe that we all want better for ourselves and for the ones around . We are a community and we have to act like a community by looking out for our neighbors and the rest of the community by not doing anything that reflects bad on us or anyone . We have to stand as one I don't care what u do as long as it doesn't effect your neighbors reflect badly on the rest of the homeless community Lets do this together as one thankyou urs truly miss LA
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