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There Is A Giant Whopping Hole In Election Canada’s Federal Voting System!
by Lloyd Hart (lloydhart2008 [at]
Saturday Oct 26th, 2019 12:06 PM
And it’s in the early voting system and may have played a role in the outcome of the election on Oct. 21st..
There Is A Giant Whopping Hole In Election Canada’s Federal Voting System...and it’s in the early voting system and may have played a role in the outcome of the election on Oct. 21st.. Where we leave a hole the Americans will exploit it like they robo called poll distraction instructions to stop Jack Layton and the NDP from forming the government of Canada. The problem lies right at the heart of international standards to secure the vote. I early voted for Jagmeet Singh, the leader of the NDP, in his riding of which we had four days of, over the thanksgiving day weekend.

So for four days ballots went into ballot boxes but instead of being counted each day with party observer’s eyeballs on the ballots, the ballots stayed in the ballot boxes and were sealed with tape and then removed to an Elections Canada office where they stayed till election day to be counted. Violation of international standards can be seen in not counting the ballots under party and independent observation before the ballot box is removed from the polling station. This is exactly how the Klu Klux Klan stole elections in the US and is how ballot box stuffing has traditionally occurred, removing the ballot box from the polling station before the ballots are counted. This is a disaster for Canadian democracy as we cannot call this last Canadian election legitimate as a result.

This is how the Americans ran the first Afghan elections after the invasion. They removed all the ballot boxes from the polling stations and took them all to Kabul and counted them on a US military base.

A new election should have been called after the “Robo Calls” but that didn’t happen and now we must seriously consider the US as an enemy of Canadian democracy as this early voting scam could only have been designed by them. I also consider “Strategic Voting” an American program as well as I have had it confirmed by an active CIA officer before I left the US that the term “Strategic Voting” was invented by the CIA for nations where ballot box stuffing was difficult to do, as well as the program of millions of dollars setting up web sites with huge server farms that can take millions of hits from Canadian voters at any given time in an election. The American designed optical scan voting machines that stole US presidential election in 2000 nationwide from Al Gore so to were used by Elections Ontario to steal the last provincial, Toronto mayor’s and Toronto council races for American backed candidates such as Doug Ford and John Tory whom have both brought in American policies that are not democratic in nature.

I scrutinized the voted in this last federal election and there was trouble in many polls of what looked like completely un-trained poll workers, another violation of international standards. Having spent the last 19 years in open warfare against the vote theft in the US and it’s head thief Carl Rove and to see it continue in Canada unabated simply makes my blood boil. I want a new and clean election

Anyone could have swapped the real ballot boxes out for pre-prepared and stuffed and sealed ballot boxes over the four days of early voting and the ten days the ballots were not counted before election day. If the Americans could find a way to steal our elections, trust me they will do it so they can have control of our resources they are now out of themselves.

Lloyd Hart
lloydhart2008 [at]

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