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The Women Of Alabama.
by Lloyd Hart
Friday May 17th, 2019 9:57 AM
The KKK wet dream going on in Alabama can be traced back to the arrest and conviction of Governor Donald Eugene Siegelman.
The Women Of Alabama.
By Lloyd Hart

The KKK wet dream going on in Alabama can be traced back to the arrest and conviction of Governor Donald Eugene Siegelman in a corrupt twist of law led by the White House in 2003. The usual suspects were involved from the Bush administration including Carl Rove. Alabama's KKKers wanted to repeat in Alabama what Bush and Rove had pulled off nationally and in the state of Texas. First stealing the Texas governor's race to put Bush inline with and then electronically stealing the 2000 US presidential election, primarily using optical scan vote count machines.

One of the first things the Alabama crackers pursued once they got rid of Gov. Seigalman and captured the legislature through wide spread election fraud cemented an unnatural political monopoly with what I started to call Electronic Jim Crow Voting Machines secured through the Bush administration's Help America Vote Act,,, was to pass a radical anti-immigrant labor bill which literally chased all the undocumented labor out of the state leaving Alabama farmers with no farm labor to pick crops. Well this did not sit well with the farmers but they were then provided with prison labor. What was the Black and Latino content of Alabama prisons at the time? 80% mostly Black. Poof, the return of the Jim Crow era arrest for just looking at a white woman and then put to work for profit criminal scam or what we used to call Slavery!

Of course the KKKer's think they are winning because almost no one is doing anything to stop them other than Jill Stein and the Green Party who successfully sued Pennsylvania to return it to a paper hand counted ballot. After the 2015/16 democratic primary it is now suspected that the Hillarycrats as well as the republicans participated in rigging elections.

It only makes sense that these narrow minded crackers once presented with fraudulent wins would stack the supreme court using the theft of elections to do so and it only makes sense that they would want to return women to a subservient position, back to being chattel in society as this is their ideology, the hatred of women. The hatred of what they perceive as their property, Africans. The hatred of counter culture whites like myself as they view us as race traitors.

When a state moves to take sovereign control of a woman's body that amounts an equal protection under the law case. As men would never allow the state to take the same control of their bodies, woman cannot be restricted from controlling their own destinies by having the same constitutionally protected sovereign control of their own bodies as men enjoy. That’s Equal Rights. However, when criminals take over the state and stack the US supreme court with criminal sociopaths this requires radical action in order to redress.

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