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Anti-homeless terrorists break our van window on MLK day
by John Cohen-Colby
Sunday Jan 27th, 2019 7:51 PM
The night of MLK day anti-homeless terrorists shattered the rear window of the van my sister Patricia Colby, I and our two emotional assistance cats live in. This was the latest hate crime in a gang stalking campaign by Take Back Santa Cruz (TBSC) which began with death threats against us in 2010. TBSC hate criminals connected with a gang of Section 8 criminals gang stalking us since we had HUD Fair Housing complaints against the consecutive managements of the Mission Gardens Apartments (MGA) — TerraCorp Financial and The John Stewart Company (JSCO). They conspired with the MGA gang stalkers to run us out because we stopped them from privatizing the apartment complex.

We were witnesses to the Santa Cruz Police Department (SCPD) but they allowed JSCO to falsely terminate our leases for gaining media and government investigations into their criminal network of collusion with teenage gangsters and drug dealers.

The SCPD has allowed us to be gang stalked for over a decade. We hoped this would be corrected under Chief Andrew Mills, but it has worsened since he took office. This is part of a larger social cleansing campaign against disabled homeless people by TBSC in collusion with their affiliates in local government and local law enforcement.
January 23, 2019

Dear Santa Cruz City Council:

I have not received a response to my copied email below sent to you yesterday petitioning your body to act upon the authentic ideals of Dr. Martin Luther King: attacking militarism, poverty and discrimination. He said:

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly."

The linked to photos of the terrorist attack on our van at a local McDonald's on Martin Luther King Day was the latest of a string of hate crimes committed by Take Back Santa Cruz (TBSC) anti-homeless terrorists on us and other disabled homeless people.

Like Santa Cruz Police Department (SCPD) anti-homeless bigots associated with TBSC
you might dismiss the disabled homeless community unworthy of your attention. But our struggle for justice against the anti-homeless vigilante hate group TBSC is inextricably connected —as Martin Luther King described — with all the struggles for justice in Santa Cruz.

TBSC's agenda, mirrored by their supporters in local government and the SCPD, is a prototypical fascist campaign of socially cleansing disabled and homeless people from the community. The links below describes how Nazis like other fascists began their genocidal campaigns first by killing disabled and homeless people.

TBSC — unlike white supremacists whose racist agendas attracts strong opposition — has gone under the radar by scapegoating disabled and homeless people as the disenfranchised Other who they blame for the social ills of our community.

Like the Nazis they are first attacking a group which has few allies, but their net will eventually widen to target others. Ignoring the social cleansing of disabled homeless people in Santa Cruz is a dangerous mistake, which Martin Luther King echoed by describing our web of mutuality.


The attack on our van was not just vandalism. The broken glass could be ingested by our emotional assistance cats or get caught in their eyes. This could not only blind them, it could kill them.


Given TBSC cyberstalker's threats to kill our cats combined with the fact they have been kidnapping other disabled homeless people's animals, this amounts to a serious string of hate crimes committed by TSBC vigilantes in their gang stalking of us and other disabled homeless people.

The Irish author, orator, political theorist and statesman Edmund Burke said: "the only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing."

This statement has been proven true over and over again.


Will the Santa Cruz City Council stand by, doing nothing, while TBSC's social cleansing of disabled homeless people continues aided and abetted by their supporters in the SCPD and City staff?


How much violence must my sister, I and our emotional assistance cats suffer until your council ends its silent betrayal of us and the disabled homeless community?

Be aware this social cleansing, if allowed to continue unopposed, will not stop with disabled homeless people, just like the Nazi extermination campaign did not stop with the disabled and homeless.

The moment calls for swift action to address this oppression. Will you stand on the sidelines until the fire reaches outward to the larger community, when opposition will be futile?

I ask you to reflect seriously on these questions. Answers are urgently needed. We deserve answers, not more silence!

Sincerely yours,
John E. Colby, Ph.D.

Cell: 831-428-1990

Mailing address:
849 Almar Avenue, Suite C-242
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

---------- Forwarded message ---------
From: John Colby
Date: Tue, Jan 22, 2019 at 3:29 PM
Subject: SCPD betrays Martin Luther King's ideals by aiding and abetting anti-homeless terrorism

January 22, 2019

Dear Santa Cruz City Council:

Yesterday the Santa Cruz Police Department (SCPD) marched with citizens to (supposedly) carry on the ideals espoused by Martin Luther King. Last night anti-homeless terrorists shattered the rear window of the van my sister, I and our emotional assistance cats live in.

Around 12:30 AM my sister and I entered our van after exiting a local McDonald's. Looking at the back window upon entering the van my sister directed me to look at it from the outside. I discovered that the rear window had been completely shattered although not broken apart. This has been happening to disabled homeless vehicle dwellers on a routine basis: TBSC terrorists break their windows with hammers, paint ball guns and frozen water bottles. The SCPD routinely refuses to investigate these crimes.

Point: TBSC cyberstalkers have threatened to break the windows of our van to "free" our two emotional assistance cats Niles and Maggie.

Point: a decade of (cyber)stalking by TBSC has erupted into physical violence

Note: photos of damage will be forthcoming.

I immediately called Santa Cruz Regional 911 (SCR 911) for an SCPD officer to be dispatched to document the crime and investigate it. The officer (who called me but did not come out) claimed the SCPD does not investigate vandalism of automobiles. She ignored my explanations that this was a hate crime which is just the latest staking incident committed by the anti-homeless hate group TBSC and their Westsider gang affiliates against us. She refused to act.

I had SCR 911 dispatch the duty sergeant Jonathan Bush to call me. Sgt. Bush was glib and inappropriately happy. He too refused to have the crime documented and investigated. When I asked: Why not? Why not? Why not?", he responded eagerly, "because. because. because." As I described the decade of TBSC gang stalking us, he interrupted me saying I wouldn't allow him to speak. After correcting an inaccuracy by him, I said," Talk". He replied, "talk about what?". I said, you wanted to talk so so talk." Then he hung up on me.


Sgt. Bush was the lead detective investigating the murder of nineteen year old Carl Reimer at the Mission Gardens Apartments (MGA). He ignored my sister's and my testimony which implicated a Westsider gangster, deferring to the testimony of his gang cohorts. The SCPD knew these witnesses were gangsters: they used their testimony to divert attention away from suspects who are likely SCPD confidential informants.

Point: Sgt. Bush has a clear conflict of interest with us as our whistleblowing about Carl Reimer's murder implicates him as an accessory.

When I pointed out to Sgt. Bush that Chief Mills had referred "all my complaints" to SCPD Internal Affairs to investigate and review, Sgt. Bush glibly directed me to report this crime to them.

Early this morning I left voicemails for Chief Mills, for Internal Affairs, for City Manager Martin Bernal and for you, the Santa Cruz City Council.

At 9:30 a City staffer confirmed she had forwarded my voicemails to all these parties. Yet no one responded to me.

Finally I called Chief Mills around 9:45 AM. He answered the phone, calling me (derisively) by my first name. He directed me to get to the point. When I did, he replied, "don't tell me how to run my police force!": it's clear Chief Mills has an animus against me.

When I told him that the perpetrator who smashed our window was caught on video, he said "Thank you" then hung up on me.

This reveals the hypocrisy of the SCPD. It reveals the hypocrisy of Chief Mills.

Reference this news video

SCPD Chief Mills said: "We pursue justice for everyone.

However Chief Mills isn't pursuing justice for disabled homeless people. He's blind to his officers who (associated with the anti-homeless hate group Take Back Santa Cruz (TBSC)) have aided and abetted domestic terrorism against disabled homeless people.

Chief Mills has betrayed Martin Luther King's memory. He has betrayed the memory of all those who fought and still fight for the civil rights of everyone, including the disabled and homeless people. He is once more aligning himself with anti-homeless hate criminals who have been terrorizing the disabled homeless population here for a decade. Once more he has aligned himself with domestic terrorists who have infiltrated the SCPD and City staff.


Now I come to your body as the newly elected city council asking you to pursue justice for this city's disabled and homeless population by:

1. Denouncing the TBSC website used to gang stalk us:
2. Denouncing TBSC as the domestic hate group the homeless community here knows it to be
3. Cleaning out the SCPD (from the top down) of anti-homeless bigots and TBSC affiliates.
4. Cleaning out the City staff (from the top down) of anti-homeless bigots and TBSC affiliates.
5. Serving and protecting the local disabled and homeless community.

It's time for the new city council to declare what side you're on: with anti-homeless terrorists or with those oppressed by them.

Finally, we ask you to serve us — we have been gang stalked for over a decade by MGA hate criminals then from 2010 on by TBSC hate criminals who connected with them — delivering the long awaited justice we deserve for blowing the whistle on City corruption, gang crime and anti-homeless terrorism.

Sincerely yours,
John E. Colby, Ph.D.

Cell: 831-428-1990
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