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Clinton / Wall Street Democrats Are At It Again
by Leon Kunstenaar
Friday Jan 18th, 2019 7:51 PM
Clinton and Wall Street Democrats Are Attempting to Hijack Progressives and Threaten To Repeat the Electoral Disaster of 2016
Apparently not satisfied with having inflicted Trump on the nation by their inside job sabotage of the real progressive in the 2016 Democratic primaries, the Clinton Wall Street Democrats are misrepresenting themselves as the voice of a “united” Democratic party.

Specifically, in the upcoming delegate elections to the CA Democratic Party Convention they have put forth candidate slates with names sprinkled with the word “united”. In fact, Assembly Speaker Rendon, the one who scuttled SB 562, California’s single payer bill, has asked electeds to only endorse “centrist” candidates.

The old guard who brought us the disastrous Clinton campaign and seem determined to snatch defeat out of the jaws of a real possible victory in 2020, want us ignore the true progressives.

These progressives support Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, the ones who have been doing the heavy lifting against Trump as opposed to, for instance, Joe Biden, who looks like he considers himself entitled to simply parachute into the 2020 presidential campaign after having done nothing since the election. Let us recall that it was Joe Biden who presented George Bush with the “Liberty” medal in 2018.

On Saturday, January 26, Democrats in Assembly District 10 representing Marin and Sonoma Counties will be able to vote for the true progressive slate that includes veterans of Norman Solomon’s 2012 congressional primary campaign like Norman himself, Ruth Carter, Alice Chan and Ralph Miller.

By voting the Progressive slate, Democrats will be able to repudiate the recently manufactured and fraudulently named Democrats “United” slate that claims to be diverse but contains only Clinton supporters. This slate, in its “pledges”, does not even mention America’s crushing college education debt burden let alone the free higher education that most advanced countries provide. The so called “United” slate is the warmed over Clinton campaign that chases Wall Street money, turns its back on Main Street and will bring us the same disaster it brought us in 2016.

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by Register Peace & Freedom or Green
Saturday Jan 19th, 2019 6:05 AM
The story of Joe Biden, age 76, friend of segregationist Strom Thurmond, may be found at:

"Joe Biden, Crime Fighter From Hell" by John Grant, 1/16/19 at

Joe Biden was millionaire war criminal Democrat Obama's vice president. As to the Democrats in general, they, including Warren and Sanders, can hardly wait to overthrow the democratically elected government of Venezuela, are proudly anti-Russian, always vote with the Republicans to give money to the war machine, support the openly Nazi government illegally installed in Ukraine by Democrat Obama, are staunchly pro-Zionist Israel and much more. The Democratic Party is just as big a supporter of charter schools as the Republicans, destroying the public school system, as we are seeing in Los Angeles, with a Democrat, billionaire, investment banker Superintendent of Schools, promoting 50 students per classroom with students sitting on the floor, crammed into a room like sardines in violation of the fire code, and much more, causing the teachers' strike.

The list of collusion with the Republican Party is many miles long since the Democrat and Republican Parties are paid by the same capitalist class to carry out the same capitalist agenda. The Democrats only exist to keep the socialists and Greens out of office, which is why they mouth decent phrases at election time, but once elected, carry out the same capitalist, anti-labor agenda. No party can represent capital and labor.

Now is the time to change your voter registration to Peace & Freedom or Green, the only 2 parties that do not accept corporate contributions, the only 2 parties that support the Palestinian liberation struggle, the only 2 parties that oppose the war machine, and much more. You can register online at
For more information, see:
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