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RimPac War Games--Imperial Hypocrisy on Steroids!
by DLi
Thursday May 31st, 2018 9:20 PM
Last week the Pentagon announced it had "uninvited" China from the upcoming RimPac 2018 military exercises(the US had invited 24 other foreign nations to join in bombing and otherwise desecrating the environment) off the waters of Hawai'i. It cited the reason for the revocation is that China is "militarizing" in the waters of the South China Sea.
As usual, the mainstream "Corporate-bin-Laden" media reported the announcement with no critical analysis nor dissenting opinion. But, pardon me, the last time I checked, China has not conducted any military activity in areas where indigenous residents have been actively organizing and protesting the illegal occupation of their "aina"(lands), whereas the USA regime have been massively militarizing the Hawai'ian archipelago ever since its overthrow of an independent Hawai'i since 1893! Talk about the Audacity of Hypocrisy!?