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Mouse to 5300 PCH tracks...Is Syria Stupid...or US...4-24-18 Mouse Report
by DJ Mouse
Tuesday Apr 24th, 2018 8:44 PM
Is Syria stupid or are we?...Scott Ritter puts what is hopefully the last nail in coffin of the Syria chemical weapon big lie...spewn from ax murdering MSM zombie mind fork brain surgeons...credulously swallowing and reguirgitating big brother 'blame the victim' bs into our ears for years...Pink Floyd's Roger Waters sheds some light on the Dark Side...Us and Them...Oh Wow...(55 min.)
Yesterday DJ Mouse idiotically rushed into the radiation of the weapons station train tracks in North Concord...where white phoshorus and DU penetrators come ask the telephone pole the posted question: Is Syria invite US attack after winning war on our 'salafist principality'...or are we?...see General Flynn's 2012 DIA report if you don't know what misogyny means...and if there was any reason to doubt DJ Mouse, here it is...spewing too much evil innanity to repeat here...reading T word tweets displayed on the screen during 'Pigs' in last year's Wish You Were Here walk on parts in the war for a lead role in the cage...eventually...probably...hopefully...sorry for messed up mixing board cables but still a 'great gig' to hear