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War making for idiots...4-17-18 Mouse Report
by DJ Mouse Report
Tuesday Apr 17th, 2018 2:15 PM
Eva Bartlett, Jimmy Dore and Richie Allen tackle the weekly big lie and patently insane policy of bombing Damascus in support of Al Qaeda (Western takfiri) forces (1hr.)
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In todays horror story we ask the recurring question; is the latest country on the Pentagon's post 9-11-01 hit list the stupidest enemy give the US a pretext to bomb Syria after she'd won the war on our salafists, kicking the death squads out from around Damascus...or are we the stupidest idiots ever to swallow another false flag production...stupid as during Iraq WMD bs...or the 'Gulf of Tonkin' incident...'Remember the Maine'...?
by Unity Jack for Mother Earth
Sunday Apr 22nd, 2018 10:33 PM
The Empires ruling classes knowing that the masses of the world's people are by instinct opposed to aggressive war, and therefore have resorted to aggressive war only as a series of lies designed to push war as the only way to security in this wide, wide world. How is that when any hard blow to the body causes pain, disfavor, discontentment, and unpleasant feelings that are at odds with our natural ways of living the way of peace, happiness, and freedom from suffering.

As todays weapons of mass destruction have become so largely capable of destroying the rest of the ecological balances of the organic and inorganic webs-of-life, you would think they would wise up, but the damned fools say to push on.

No we must stop and wonder at the rulers IQ which is telling us that safety of living is having another war of aggression. None of it good for our security only theirs? ?

Canada is being told to pay more for NATO, and do more front line fighting so the Americans that rule NATO can have a easier time. Implying that the Canadian Front for liberation namely the First Canadian Division, has not done enough or the follow through doesn't suit the U.S. goal of American hegemony around the world as they rule, whilst we in Canada must obey as they take-over our railways, public merchant freight, organic agricultural valleys, minerals, forests, and cultural expressions. organic,food sources, electrifications, etc. Admonishing that We must become a quiet colony which does what they tell us is permissible.

Some one aught to remind that government, and their puppets that the second world war is over, and won the rights of nations to be independent of foreign domination such as Canada and Canadians built Canada and ought to own and control Canada, and not have our means of production owned and controlled by Americans, who did not build Canada.

Empires are passe'over with, and by world law now. Illegal by the United Nations of the world. So says the Charter, and the General Assembly and the security council. Here is fundamental--fundawomanal basis of the ways to life and liberty globally.

America should stop pretending with illegal violence that it can control all governance in the world. It is known by the Nuremberg Trials that the Planning and Doing of aggressive war is the Supreme International Crime on the Planet Earth, or did they think that they were so superior to all others that world law does not apply to them. Think again.
America has initiated over sixty aggressive wars since 1945 and has plenty more dreamed up in their Pentagon think tanks, and are hot to trot towards the biggest destruction potential ever known on Earth.

Pollution for money is hard core destruction of the ecological balances of the organic and inorganic webs-of-life on the planet, and they are the worst and biggest offender of the failure to win liberation from planet wide pollution and aggressive war is present day Imperial America.

They initiate aggressive war to avoid the majority of the peoples that need liberation from all the worst that America has become to represent.
Big Aggressive war crime lies after big lies does not make for a joyous and peaceful world.

War crimes by unjust war crimes is not the way to precede to the promised land of greater glory.

Hey, Hey U.S.A. how many kids did you kill today? todays popular chant from the American youth and people in large demos. Is Follow up on the last generations chant--Hey, Hey, LBJ, how many kids did you kill today?

Seems they forgot natural feelings so much longed for by the worlds peoples.

You all have a world to win yet!! Voila! Egalite' pour la femme dans la revolution, elect woman equally as gender parity at all levels. Workers and all peoples unite to end aggressive war, and that way make a new and better society. Workers of the world unite!!

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