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Russophobic Seth Rich Election Murder Racketeers 'R' US...1-2-18 Mouse Report
by DJ Mouse
Tuesday Jan 2nd, 2018 1:28 PM
Nevermind the paper trails proving primary election theft and acknowledging our creation of death squads whose leaders are being exported from Syria by the Pentagon and whose remaining hit men in Damascus are being showered w/ crocodile tears by 'left' press oil war drones...(28 min.)
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Trump's chief shot caller and wedding guest Hillary Clinton's contra war Title 18 sec. 1116, 1117 violations (Conspiracy to Murder Internatioally Protected Persons) from Nicaragua and Honduras to Libya and Syria is the ball to keep our eyes on...not the Russiagate distractions...w/ MSM at wheel in get away for Seth Rich murder...source DNC crime evidence..."dirt on Hillary" in MSM parlance...spinning donuts for the bad cops who broke into his hospital room to shut Wikileaks' source plumbers' style...MLK style.
Well and what if the proletariat and the poor peasantry take state power into their own hands, organize themselves into Communes, and unite the action of all the communes into building agricultural organic ecological balances, that provide needed natural foods that the monopoly capitalists have abandoned by excessive chemical adulteration of the soils along with poisonous sprays that contaminate the so-called modern food source, the very webs-of-life. Building eco-communes guaranties healthy food as there is only natural food that does not sicken the peoples that unite to eat such foods.
Monopoly capitalism has abandoned the correct ways of growing food that is not contaminated or polluted. They have even gone so far as to put in GMOS genetically modified organisations to such extent that eating these foods reduces chances for natural taste and is known to sicken the eaters if consumed long enough. Manufactured food is not close to natural foods in taste and health ability as it does not arrive from the evolution through centuries of natural selection of seed that has proven worthwhile peasant solidarity with our own tastes and ability to stay strong and in well-beingness for our living life.
We cannot go along with monopoly capitalism locking away chickens in gages, cows living in feedlots in manure all their short lives, pigs on cement floors, in confined spaces all their lives and never seeing the light of day. The oppressors have created a veritable concentration camp agriculture and cheapened the lives of animals that sustain our very lives from year to year.

Corruption from pollution of fossil fuels has also condemned our organic systems to a degraded ending that shortens our life spans to some degree. Into this unjust system we are expected to pay them ever higher and higher rates of profits, and it becomes time to say no more for this kind of shabby treatment, we must rise to the occasion, and make communes that are wholesome and life supporting as a first consideration of our daily practice. You all have a world to win!! Egaiite' pour la femme dans la revolution. Workers of the world unite!! The strategy is eco-agriculture from the country side all across Canada so we are independent of foreign food sources of pollution and aggressive wars. Voila!

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