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The Crisis of the Mentally Ill Homeless
by Bryan Louie
Tuesday Nov 28th, 2017 9:48 PM
The homeless are the most vulnerable within our streets, those who are mentally ill and homeless however, are the most vulnerable and in need of our help. Yet, what services can and do we provide? Or what pitfalls occur that prevents us from fully supporting these individuals?
Sonoma County is dealing with an ever growing crisis in regards to dealing with an ever expanding scope of homeless, a considerable percentage of whom, are mentally ill. Due to a lack of care for a majority of those who are considered to be mentally ill, large numbers of them are homeless, or transition to become homeless as a result. Furthermore, the lack of facilities to assist the mentally ill homeless mean that the only areas to provide any sort of care are our jails or hospitals, areas in which are not designed to house or assist those with any mental illness at any capacity, thus draining our resources with nobody winning as a result. The mentally ill homeless, who have nowhere to go, go back to the jails, are released, then return, creating a revolving door problem that must be solved.