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P2 Hexogen West...11-21-17
by DJ Mouse
Tuesday Nov 21st, 2017 1:34 PM
this fowl murder week we listen to Pauline Whitesinger be unthankful for US' genocide on Big Mountain...and Gerald Horne be unthankful for NATO's creation of markets for African slaves in newly 'liberated' Libya...and look into the 'Free World' campaign to blame Russia...Hexogen would never be trucked thousands of miles to Moscow and Ryazan (where the 5th bomb was discovered and the blond assassin waved her Kremlin FSB card to escape justice)...nor used by Syrians to propel CW and invite further invasion and war as the West's 'official story' would have it...(54 min.)
Today's Voltaire's let's go to to check on our Proactive Preemption campaign...taking place at the hands of the West's warmongering media...following up on the Arab Sting assassination campaign in surviving socialist republics...P2 ops, the Bush-Cheney meme for creating false flag pretexts, begin in US history of course w/ the Boston Tea Party...but in the post Soviet West (after they joined the capitalist world)...our most notorious P2 ops occurred w/ our celebrated agent Yeltsin's Federal Security Bureau hexogen apartment bombings...
by Unity Jack for Mother Earth
Thursday Nov 23rd, 2017 3:15 PM
There is no program in monopoly capitalism for full employment, as used to be. People are being told to do nothing about the rivers being polluted, for the most part. The burning of fossil fuels to the extent that the oxygen is losing out globally to the replacement of carbon-dioxide belts around the world,raising Earth's temperature, Mass die-offs of species is being predicted and taking place beacause--- the extend of big aggie cropping organic matter from the ground year after year, which in time process leaves a bankrupt soil. Oceans being polluted with the fish disappearing at what is called an alarming rate. Once I built a railroad and made it run. Hey buddy can you spare a dime.

Instead of Austerity make a four hour day of socially necessary labour, and make love for the other four hours would be better then expending trillions on ggressive wars that can only make the ecological balances of the organic and inorganic webs-of-life dysfunctional and really threaten the life on the planet with extinction.

Voila! Egalite' pour la femme dans la revolution. End pollution wars of aggression. Workers of the world unite, by re-tooling the industrial revolution to renewable energy such a wind, tidal, and solar power that transforms to electricity and is more power than all polluting fossil fuels combined. Workers of the world unite!!