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SF Democrats Who Oppose Pot & Gay Liberation
by Register Peace & Freedom or Green
Wednesday Oct 4th, 2017 9:10 PM
On October 3, 2017, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, all Democrats, voted 9 to 2 to uphold an appeal of the decision to approve the Apothecarium, a medical cannabis dispensary which had been approved for Noriega & 32nd Avenue, after massive opposition of the bourgeois property owners of the Sunset District, organized by the anti-gay Pacific Justice Institute. A vote so overwhelmingly against medical marijuana, and in favor of an anti-gay gang, can only have occurred with the approval of the San Francisco Democratic Party.
On October 3, 2017, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, all Democrats, voted 9 to 2 to uphold an appeal of the decision to approve the Apothecarium, a medical cannabis dispensary which had been approved for Noriega & 32nd Avenue, after massive opposition of the bourgeois property owners of the Sunset District, organized by the anti-gay Pacific Justice Institute. A vote so overwhelmingly against medical marijuana, and in favor of an anti-gay gang, can only have occurred with the approval of the San Francisco Democratic Party.

See Board of Supervisors Draft Minutes for 10/3/17 meeting at: and see Item 170898 under Special Order 4:30 p.m.

For more on the anti-gay Pacific Justice Institute, see

San Francisco led the state in counties voting for Prop 64 in November 2016 with 73% voting for legalizing marijuana. San Francisco voters support gay marriage with 75% of the vote. However, the leadership of the Democratic Party, such as President Obama, did not favor gay marriage until he ran for office a second time, and medical marijuana is not favored by some of the leadership of the Democratic Party, such as Senator Feinstein, who opposed Prop 64.

This is the same Democratic Party that nationally has been supporting anti-abortion candidates and is now 28% anti-abortion in its membership. The Democratic Party has a long history of betrayal as it is the graveyard of progressive causes, being the twin party of war and fascism with the Republican Party. Only Peace & Freedom Party and the Green Party staunchly support medical marijuana, gay liberation, abortion, and all other worthwhile causes. You can change your registration online now at
For more information, see

After you change your registration, you can read the chant below to learn the history of Democratic Party betrayal and then go outside the next 4 days as the Navy’s Blue Death illegally strafes our City for Columbus Genocide glorification they call Fleet Week, October 5-8, 2017, from Noon to 5 p.m., making a terrifying, deafening noise, and point to these terrorist murder machines with people around you and teach peace, proclaiming: THAT’S WHY WE ARE SO POOR; WE CAN’T HAVE GUNS AND BUTTER. You can tell the soldiers and military sailors walking around town: DON’T FIGHT THE BOSSES’ WAR; FIGHT THE BOSSES HERE AT HOME; ORGANIZE LABOR! The officers should be told to resign from the military now.

The history of the Democratic Party, just as much a capitalist, millionaires’ party as the Republican Party, goes as follows:

We remember nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (Democrat Truman);
We remember the creation of the CIA in 1947 with $200 million from the Rockefellers and Mellons by 350 German Nazis under Nazi Army Major General Reinhard Gehlen (Truman);
We remember the frame-up and eventual execution of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg and frame-up of Morton Sobell (framed by Truman);
We remember Korea, with 3 million dead Koreans, 1 million dead Chinese, 36,000 dead Americans (Truman);
We remember Vietnam, with 3 million dead Vietnamese, 1 million dead Cambodians, 1 million dead Laotians, 58,000 dead Americans and thousands of other dead people (Democrats Truman, Kennedy, Johnson including under Truman the US paid 80% of the French war against Vietnam after WW2 until defeated in 1954 at Dien Bien Phu);

We remember Unemployment Insurance being tax-free until 1978, the 1979 bipartisan Advisory Council which promoted taxing of Social Security which bipartisan Congress legalized in 1983 (See, the disastrous effects of the 1978 Airline Deregulation Act (See; the US aid to the murderous Indonesian government at war with East Timor in 1977, US aid to CIA terrorists in Afghanistan in 1978, US aid to the fascist dictatorship of El Salvador in 1980 that murdered Archbishop Oscar Romero and thousands of other people, from 1978 to 1983, the HUD (public housing) budget shrank from $83 billion to $18 billion (in 2004 dollars), homeless shelters opened and the beginning of the homeless crisis in 1980 (Democrat Carter);

We remember Iraq and Yugoslavia, both victims of “depleted” uranium, and in the case of Iraq, over 1 million dead and hundreds of thousands displaced (Democrats Bill and Hillary Clinton);
We remember the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) of January 1, 1994 that destroyed the Mexican economy, forcing whole villages to flee to the US to try to find work and caused the loss of 879,000 jobs in the US (see (Bill and Hillary Clinton);
We remember the destruction of a welfare system that actually helped people get out of poverty, replaced by the poverty-promoting Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996 (PRWORA) and we remember the prison, death penalty and racism promoting 1994 Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act (see and 1996 Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act ( (Bill and Hillary Clinton);
We remember from 1995 to 2011, HUD (housing authority) dismantled 290,588 units of public housing and 360,000 Section 8 units (from 1995 to 2000, Bill & Hillary Clinton);
We remember from 1996 to 2017 HUD (public housing) funding for new public housing units has been ZERO since 1996 (from 1995 to 2000, Bill & Hillary Clinton);
We remember the April 19, 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, an Inside Job that was a rehearsal for the 9/11/01 Inside Job, and was led by Andreas Strassmeir, a German national from a Nazi German family and resident of Elohim City, Oklahoma, a bastion of fascist organizations (Bill & Hillary Clinton)
We remember Sudan, Somalia and many more (See and Hillary Clinton);
We remember the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996, also known as the Mexican Exclusion Act, authorizing Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) to use "secret evidence" against aliens in various immigration proceedings if the evidence is deemed classified and the ICE considers it relevant to the case (Bill and Hillary Clinton);

We remember influencing the Russian election of Boris Yeltsin in 1996 to continue the impoverishment of the Russian people, whose Soviet Union was destroyed by the US in 1991 (see and Rescuing Boris, 7/15/1996 at,33009,984833-2,00.html) (Bill and Hillary Clinton);

We remember the Helms-Burton Act of 1996 codified the US embargo against Cuba which previously had been by presidential proclamation, now was an Act of Congress, which only the US Congress could cancel, and the embargo, in effect since 1962 started by Democrat Kennedy), is the longest genocide in history (See Blockade Against Cuba: The Longest Genocide in History) (Bill and Hillary Clinton);

We remember 50% poverty and 80% living from paycheck to paycheck including the 50% in poverty after 8 years of Democrat Obama’s failed presidency;
We remember from 1995 to 2011, HUD (public housing authority) dismantled 290,588 units of public housing and 360,000 Section 8 units (2009 to 2011 Democrat Obama);
We remember from 1996 to 2017 HUD (public housing) funding for new public housing units has been ZERO since 1996 (2009 to 2016 Democrat Obama);
We remember 2010-2016 HUD (public housing) housing and community development funding fell $4.6 billion or 8.7% since 2010 (adjusted for inflation) (Democrat Obama);
We remember 43 million student loan debtors because we do not have free education for all and it should be free from pre-school through university; we remember the failure to forgive all student loans; we remember the theft of Social Security payments from the poor who have student debt under the pretext of paying for student loans ( and;
We remember Democrat Obama’s refusal to support socialized medicine guaranteeing free medical care to all who live or visit here upon demand from cradle to grave and instead, with both the House and Senate majority Democrat when first elected, promoted a tax give away to the insurance companies with high deductibles and co-pays for American citizens only and restrictions on abortion payments known as Obamacare or the “Affordable” Care Act also known as Republican Mitt Romney’s medical plan for Massachusetts when he was its governor, with an increase in Medicaid tossed in which Medicaid expansion could have passed separately, all of which covers only 10% of the population, with the lack of socialized medicine for all causing about 1,000 deaths per year (see and and;

We remember a decline in life expectancy in 2015 for the first time in 20 years due to increased poverty, despite 8 years of Democrat Obama being in office (See and;

We remember Democrat Obama cut auto workers’ wages in half during the takeover of the bankrupt General Motors in 2009 (See,;

We remember Democrat Obama cut $8.7 billion in food stamp funding in the 2014 Farm Bill:;

We remember Democrat Obama bailed out Wall Street but not Main Street: and;

We remember Democrat Obama froze federal worker wages from 2011 through 2013 and came up with a paltry 2.1% raise in 2016:

We remember the spending of $1 trillion to upgrade US nuclear weapons instead of abolishing all nuclear weapons and nuclear power (Democrat Obama);

We remember that the Obama administration sold more weapons than any other since World War 2 (See;

We remember Democrat Obama’s military coup d'état in Honduras in 2009, promoted by then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, to overthrow President Manuel Zelaya (see'%C3%A9tat,;

We remember Democrat Obama ABOLISHED the opium eradication program in Afghanistan, causing a major heroin epidemic in the US (See;;;

We remember Democrat Obama’s illegal wars against Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Pakistan, Somalia, Afghanistan, and Syria (On Iraq, see
; on Libya, see; on Yemen, crimes against humanity perpetrated by the US puppet, Saudi Arabia, at; on Pakistan, where Democrat Obama sent illegal drone strikes repeatedly, see; on Somalia, see; on Afghanistan, see; and on Syria, see;
We remember Democrat Obama’s illegal installation of Nazi Ukraine in 2014 with $5 billion of our tax dollars, where they worship a proud Nazi, the late Stepan Bandera and have named a street after him (on the May 2, 2014 Odessa massacre at the House of Trade Unions and the history of Nazi Ukraine, see,;;; );
We remember Democrat Obama’s illegal drone killings, illegal targeted assassination weekly lists, praise of US war crimes in Vietnam, providing skin-melting white phosphorus to Saudi Arabia to aid in killing 10,000 people in Yemen (same chemical used for same purpose by USA during American War against Vietnam), illegal use of “depleted” uranium in Syria, illegal use of white phosphorus in Iraq by American troops illegally there, all bombings and massacres in the US and Europe which were all staged INSIDE JOBS by definition as was the 9/11 Inside Job staged by the previous CIA family member, Bush, as is Obama, from 2009 to 2017, accelerated destruction of Civil Liberties (See “The Obama Legacy Part V: Waging War on Civil Liberties,” 8/2/16, by Danny Haiphong at, the refusal to compensate CIA torture victims or prosecute any officials responsible for their crimes (See : “Former CIA Detainees Describe Previously Unknown Torture Tactic: A Makeshift Electric Chair” by Alex Emmons, 10/3/16;

We remember that in 2016, Democrat Obama dropped 26,171 bombs last year on the poor people of the world, 3,027 more than in 2015 (see;

We remember the increased US military presence in mineral-rich Africa by Democrat Obama (see’

We remember that Democrat Obama continued the scapegoating of Muslims started by Republican Bush with his 9/11 Inside Job, the American Reichstag Fire, and continued with all bombings and massacres since 9/11/01, all inside jobs, to justify war and fascism, the same reason the Nazis perpetrated the Reichstag Fire and scapegoated Jews for everything, including all kinds of watch lists, such as the No-Fly List, which lists a 7-month-old baby as a terrorist (See;
We remember Democrat Obama’s failure to grant amnesty to all undocumented immigrants;

We remember Democrat Obama was the biggest deporter in history, deporting 2.5 million immigrants;

We remember that then Senators Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Joseph Biden and Charles Schumer supported the Secure Fence Act of 2006 which was an expensive attempt to build a wall at the US-Mexican border;
We remember that in 2015, Obama supported the Visa Waiver Program Improvement and Terrorist Travel Prevention Act of 2015, and updated it in February 2016, HR 158, which names the same countries listed under Trump's Muslim Ban. See

We remember Democrat Obama’s re-election campaign on the false statement that he had Osama bin Laden killed when Osama bin Laden, who had nothing to do with the 9/11 Inside Job but was a CIA agent who was on the CIA’s payroll in Afghanistan fighting the Soviet Union in the 1980s and in 2001 was the CIA’s prearranged fall guy or pasty, died of kidney disease and Marfan’s Syndrome in December 2001. See (Griffin: Bin Laden died Dec 2001) (Dr. Pieczenik: Bin Laden died Dec 2001 of marfan syndrome, genetic disease that shortens life span.) (DNA sample not possible in time frame given.)
(Roberts, 8/4/11: The Mysterious Death of OBL: Creating Evidence Where There Is None)
(Roberts: 9/17/13: The Killing of Osama bin Laden was an “American Hoax”) (In 48 hours, bin Laden “death” story changed for pending presidential election) (“Who Was Osama? Who Is Obama? By Michel Chossudovsky) (One Year On, Still No Evidence For Osama Bin Laden's Killing by Brit Dee)

We remember the failure to fulfill the promise to close Guantanamo Concentration Camp where the inmates are held indefinitely and receive no charges, trial or convictions and suffer torture, all illegal, and where 41 inmates remain from the 242 Democrat Obama inherited from his predecessor, Republican Bush who originally illegally imprisoned without charge and tortured 780 men, and we remember the same Democrat Obama who upgraded the illegal Guantanamo Concentration Camp with $40 million of our tax dollars (Democrat Obama) (See;

We remember the Democrat Party’s revival of anti-Russian hysteria in 2016, even though the US destroyed the Soviet Union in 1991 and Russia is now a capitalist country, to promote Democrat Hillary Clinton as president with no evidence being presented of wrongdoing by the Russians (but plenty of evidence that the Republicans again won the Electoral College vote with election fraud by tossing the black vote, as they did in 2000 and 2004 as that is the only way they can win the presidency since 1992), and promoting a possible attack on Russia by NATO-USA in the last days of Democrat Obama’s presidency (See,,;

We remember Democrat Obama failing to improve the environment in that 1. He did not clean up the water in Flint, Michigan and the rest of the 3,000 communities that have contaminated water; 2. He approved 1500 offshore oil drilling plans including fracking in the Gulf of Mexico from 2010 to 2014; 3. He failed to permanently cancel the Dakota Access Pipeline; 4. He approved new oil pipelines equal to 10 Keystone pipelines from 2010 to 2015; 5. He continued to allow oil and gas rail shipments. (See;

We remember Democrat Obama joining with Democrat California Governor Jerry Brown in destroying the Delta Tunnels and destroy the Delta’s ecosystem, and destroy local fisheries, agriculture, and recreation (see and;
We remember that the Democrat & Republican parties are both bought and paid for by the oil companies (See “Buying Silence: Why So Many Democrats are Mute About Standing Rock” by Michael Sainato, 11/23/16 at;

We remember that on Friday, December 23, 2016 while people were busy preparing for a holiday weekend, Democrat Obama signed a $619 billion military appropriations bill for the 800 US military bases and 7 illegal wars Obama was promoting, which in and of itself is unconscionable, but it also contained a Ministry of Truth clause known as the Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act, an anti-free speech and anti-free press law that was part of this 3,000 plus page war-mongering bill which Congress did not read, but did approve (See’

We remember that Democrat Obama’s 2016 Ministry of Truth clause followed his 2011 Indefinite Military Detention Law for American citizens without trial or charge as part of the December 31, 2011 military appropriations bill (see,, and for a comprehensive list of Obama’s horrors including this one, see and;

We remember that Democrat Obama expanded the powers of the spy agencies to do warrantless searches in January 2017 (See;
We remember Democrat Obama telling us, who voted in the majority against the Republican Donald Trump in 2016, to get in line behind Trump, whose attorney was the vicious US attorney Roy Cohn (who later became an attorney for organized crime friends of Trump, organized crime often being a part of the construction industry) who framed and prosecuted the innocent Julius and Ethel Rosenberg and Morton Sobell, and Democrat Obama opposed the recount in the contested states where the Republicans again committed election fraud in 2016, as they did in 2000 and 2004, which vote for his fellow Democrat presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, was a popular vote by a wider count, 2.9 million votes, than the victorious candidates in 1948 (Truman over Dewey), 1960 (Kennedy over Nixon), 1968, (Nixon over Humphrey) and 1976 (Carter over Ford) (see;
We remember the failure to exonerate Ethel Rosenberg, despite a petition with over 59,733 signatures to him to do so (see; we remember the refusal to abolish the federal death penalty, the refusal to legalize all drugs to remove them from the street to end the prison pipeline as they will have no market value, the refusal to free Leonard Peltier, Sundiata Acoli, Aafia Siddiqui and all other political prisoners; the refusal to pardon Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, Assata Shakur, Mutulu Shakur, Mumia Abu-Jamal; the refusal to completely close all federal maximum security prison-concentration camps and the refusal to demand that all state governors abolish the death penalty, free Mumia Abu-Jamal and all other political prisoners, the refusal to free all prisoners over age 50, the refusal to transform all prisons, federal and state, into high schools providing a high school diploma and job training for decent paying jobs, changing all sentences to a maximum of 5 years (Democrat Barack Obama);
We remember Democrat Obama’s FBI increased the bounty on Assata Shakur on May 2, 2013 to $2 million and placed her on the FBI’s Most Wanted List (she is safely in Cuba) and increased the militarization of the police (see

We remember Palestine being destroyed by Israel (Truman through Obama, Democrats and Republicans together, 100%)

We remember the twin parties of war and fascism paid for by the same capitalist class to maximize their profits, the Democrat-Republicans, refused to abolish the stock market, refused to nationalize everything and abolish the private profit system replacing it with a planned economy to satisfy the needs of everyone as equitably as possible, refused to establish socialized medical care, including dental care and all related medical treatments and drugs, free to all upon demand from cradle to grave, refused to provide free education, including tuition and books, from pre-school through university to all upon demand, refused to legalize all drugs, thereby ending the prison pipeline; refused to abolish the military, the police, the prison-punishment system; refused to abolish the CIA, FBI and all other police state agencies; refused to abolish nuclear power and nuclear weapons and transform the US into a renewable energy state, using solar, wind and tidal power for our energy needs, along with massive, free public transit, thereby reducing cars to being rarely used; refused to house the homeless and provide free public housing to all upon demand, with housing built with full laundry and child care facilities in transit villages to minimize the need to travel to work, school, pharmacy, grocery and clothing stores and medical appointments;


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