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Mexico: The Earthquake of Our Struggle for Our 43 Children
by Anonymous Contributor, (reposted from IGD)
Sunday Oct 1st, 2017 9:03 PM
Friday, September 29, 2017 :
– Three years after the forced disappearance of our children, the Fathers and Mothers of the normalistas [teaching college students] remain standing, present in the heart of the homeland to affirm our struggle alongside the families impacted by the earthquake, who in the midst of disaster are also seeking their loved ones. Pain and indignation have united us and in this embrace of solidarity we face a government that does not pay attention to our demands. Since that terrible night of September 26, we have not relented against a government that keeps untouched a pact of impunity with the state perpetrators who colluded with organized crime. Our nights of insomnia and days of uncertainty have marked a new path in our lives; we are now a movement dedicated to fighting the battle to dismantle the historical truth devised by the PGR [Federal Attorney General’s Office] in order to find the whereabouts of our children.

The insensitive, careless and corrupt authorities have insisted on maintaining a lie as the conclusion of their investigation. Although their historical truth has been scientifically destroyed and there exist no legal bases to sustain it, at every opportunity that presents itself they insist on hitting us with it in order to obstruct the advance of the lines of investigation proposed by the GIEI [Interdisciplinary Group of Independent Experts, sent by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights].  This is what Roberto Campa Cifrian, the Interior Ministry’s Undersecretary for Human Rights, did during the Inter-American Commission’s public hearing on March 18, and what Tomás Zerón de Lucio, Technical Secretary of the National Security Council, did at the beginning of this month

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