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Help Keep Porta-Potties for the Homeless Open in South Berkeley
by Olivia deBree
Thursday Sep 28th, 2017 9:26 PM
Friends of Adeline has arranged and is paying for 2 publicly accessible porta-potties and a handwashing station in South Berkeley at Adeline and Alcatraz. This is vital for the safety, health, and dignity of homeless people.
We believe it is the responsibility of the City of Berkeley to pay for these units and similar ones throughout the City, so we are pressing them to do so. For the next several months though, we are trying to foot the bill while the City isn't. We need support from the community to continue this project and to pressure the City.
EVERYONE DESERVES ACCESS TO A BATHROOM they can use in private, whenever they need to, without having to buy something in a store, beg, or apologize.

It's a public health issue, a safety issue, and a civil rights issue. ·

**Homeless people often have medical problems that require easy access to a bathroom—like an enlarged prostate, chronic diarrhea, high blood sugar, and urinary incontinence. ·
**Many homeless people take medications that cause frequent urination or don’t take these necessary medications because they don’t have access to a bathroom. ·
**Without access to a bathroom and water and soap for handwashing, homeless people are at higher risk for Hepatitis A. San Diego has a current outbreak that has killed 16 people and gotten 400 people sick, many of whom are homeless.

WE (Friends of Adeline) NEED YOUR SUPPORT to keep the 2 porta-potties (1 ADA compliant & 1 regular toilet) and a hand-washing station at Adeline and Alcatraz available for public use. Total cost is $822/month.

We believe it is the responsibility of the City of Berkeley to pay for these units and similar units throughout the city. Community members are paying now, but we will continue to press the City to step up and take responsibility for these services. If you agree, please email: council [at] and the City Manager at manager [at]