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"We Remember Marikana" 5th Commemoration Of SA Marikana Miners Massacre
by Labor Video Project
Wednesday Aug 16th, 2017 9:09 PM
Thousands of South African miners at rallied on the 5th anniversary of the massacre of miners at the Lonmin mines in Marikana. They still demand justice and compensation for the government organized killings.
Thousands of miners from throughout South Africa went to Marikana to commemorate the 5th anniversary of the massacre in 2012. The ANC government in collusion with the mining company Lonmin was involved in the massacre and murder of the miners and there have been no trials of any of the police or officials who were involved in these criminal actions. Matamela Cyril Ramaphosa who is presently the Assistant leader of the ANC and was one of the founders of the National Union of Miners NUM after the apartheid regime supported capitalism and became a stockholder in Lonmin. He was involved in bringing the police to Marikana and helping to support the massacre which he now apologizes for but the ANC government continues to cover-up his and other criminals for their use of the special tactical police to kill the miners. He was also disinvited from the commemoration by the new union AMCU which now represents the workers at Marikana. The NUM had become a company union and has been rejected by the miners. The miners and the people of South African have not forgotten this crime and they are still fighting for the families and for holding the capitalists and politicians responsible for this action. The continued enslavement of the South African miners, their families and the people of South Africa in a corrupt and murderous capitalist system is part and parcel of their struggle in one of the richest countries in the world.
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§Marikana Widows of Murdered Miners Visit Site Of Attack
by Labor Video Project Wednesday Aug 16th, 2017 9:09 PM
Widows and other miners visited the site of the killings by special South African police in Marikana came together in front of the 5th commemoration of the Marikana massacre of striking miners
§ANC Government Officials Have Blood On Their Hands
by Labor Video Project Wednesday Aug 16th, 2017 9:09 PM
South African Zuma government and ANC leader Matamela Cyril Ramaphosa were personally involved in bring the special police to Marikana where they murdered the miners and are now covering this up to prevent any criminal prosecution. They also have refused to compensate the miner's families.
§Families Visit Site of Murders
by Labor Video Project Wednesday Aug 16th, 2017 9:09 PM
The families and miners who had been wounded as well as comrades went to the site where the SA government special police murdered the miners.