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Death Sod Army...8-1-17 Mouse Report
by DJ Mouse
Tuesday Aug 1st, 2017 2:21 PM
Help Wanted: Monday noon at the tracks...Puting 'Yemen' on the 'Out of Syria' sign at 5300 Port Chicago Highway...and standing in the way explosive placards bound for our war over the blood stained sod of future oil leases...and dropping biggest WMD since Nagasaki on our deatl squad allies there.
...this week's enless horror show features Richie Allen on the latest gunboat diplomacy in the Persian Gulf...damn those Persians...full speed ahead...on the road to hell...
by Unity Jack for Mother Earth
Thursday Aug 3rd, 2017 1:42 PM
Like Ho-Chi-Minh says 'freedom and democracy' is most presious for all colonized people. Nothing could be more muchly easier that scrapping the WMD--weapons of mass destruction before they are used.

That would stop the total destruction going on planetwide for private profits from burning fossil fuels such as coal, gas, oil, and nuclear fission atomic power stations. That war by use is creating an unlivable planet, and all webs-of-life are indeed threatened with extinction from the burn-out of oxygen and replacement of CO2-carbon dioxide which belt around the atmosphere we cannot live on.

It is raising Hell on Earth with no possibility of ending until the peoples of the world unite and end fossil fuels dependence. Like uncle Ho says nothing is more precious then freedom and independence from the Empires material suppression of the liberation-freedom side.

You yet have a world to win! Re-tool the industrial revolution to renewable energy such as wind, tidal, and solar power that transforms to electricity and is more power than all fossil fuel non-renewables combined. Voila! Egalite' pour la femme dans la revolution!! Workers of the world unite!!