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Tommy Robinson - Class Traitor! @Slatukip @Jlrfb @Missduffyafa @2ferdi7 #Antifa
by Global AFA
Monday Jul 31st, 2017 7:26 AM
STEPHEN YAXLEY LENNON, former Fuhrer of the British far-right organisation, the EDL, presents himself as a "working class hero", whilst flaunting his wealth unabashed in the faces of his improverished yet loyal supporters, to whom he has refused to help bail out, while arrested under his command. A make-believe working class man with false passports and a rumoured drug dealing past, Tommy Robinson is happy to boast about "being loaded" whilst his faithful wallow on the breadline in true fascist style. As he tweeted back in 2015, before his ghostwritten books were launched, "there is lots of money to be made from an organisation which doesn't charge membership", an obvious reference to getting rich off the EDL supporters, for whom, having no formal membership scheme left them rife to exploitation.

A cowardly, penny-pinching egotist who wouldn't know loyalty if it bit him in the ass, the wifebeating, police-assaulting rabble-rousing liar from Luton whole stole the name "Tommy Robinson" from a popular dead soccer hooligan has always encouraged his gullible supporters to do his dirty work, whilst refusing to take the heat when things go wrong, devoid of all responsibility for all the problems he creates worldwide.

Aware he faced a lengthy prison sentence for mortgage fraud, liable for extra years inside for instigating a riot in Birmingham, when large paving stones were ripped-up by the EDL footsoldiers under his command, he announced to the media in October 2013 he was leaving to join Muslim organisation Quilliam, blaming "neo-nazis" who said had "infiltrated" the footsoldier ranks of his violent street thug organisation.

Tommy Robinson: "I believe this is a step forward, not a step back"

English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson leaves the group, saying he has concerns over the "dangers of far-right extremism".

A fascist fuhrer without a backbone, Stephen Yaxley Lennon didn't hang around. He left the EDL in a hurry, along with the divisional commanders under his leadership, at a time when dozens of less than well off (actual working class) EDL supporters were being arrested, facing lengthy prison sentences for public disorder that occured on the 20th of July 2013, whilst acting under his command.

Violence at the EDL Birmingham rally - Birmingham Mail

Smoke bombs, cobble stones, bottles and coins were hurled at police as the English Defence League and their opponents descended on Birmingham city centre for ...
Not only were Stephen Yaxley-Lennon and his spineless henchmen doing their cowardly utmost to evade responsibility for the Birmingham EDL Riot, by quitting their beloved political organisation at the eleventh hour, believing the police and judicary would react favourably to the accelerated death of a far right group which had cost the taxpayer millions, and depleted much-needed police budget money to fight crime, Tommy hoping for leniancy in his upcoming fraud trial, but the rightwing moneygrabbers sneaked out the backdoor with pockets full of supporters' cash donations and merchandising funds at a time when it was needed most, money raised both online and via collection buckets at EDL rallies that never went through the books.

UK police forces don't rest until partcipants in major disturbances are behind bars, whatever the political persuasion of the assailants, London's rioters (many non-white) sentenced for three to five years for looting a single iPod. The Birmingham EDL riot which Tommy and pals deviously washed their hands of, resulted in a large number of sick days for injured officers, for which the wheels of justice demanded swift and stern punishment.

Since the days of Adolf Hitler, far right movements have preyed on the socially inept and intellectually disfunctional, buoyed up with reactionary tabloid headlines demonising "the other", the EDL, no-different to any other historical neo-fascist grouping. Alcoholism, prolific addictive drug use, multiple criminal convictions, and a lack of schooling, made the forgotten demographic labelled the "underclass" by the media, rife targets for radicalisation with anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim sentiments. Whilst Tommy didn't go as far as Hitler, and arm his followers with weapons to hurt, maim and kill, he used social media to radicalise violent bigots to tipping point, one of whom was the mass-murderer Anders Breivik, who had attended EDL rallies in the multicultural Northern city of Bradford: -

Anti-racism campaigners believe they may have uncovered evidence that Anders Behring Breivik, the man who carried out the mass killings in Norway, was in touch with ...
Pumping out anti-Muslim / anti-refugee stories with nausious regularity, accompanied by defiant pro-violent tweets, Yaxley-Lennon raised the temperature of internet hate discourse to fever-pitch, whilst denying all responsibility for the actions of the products of his radicalisation.

Constantly claiming victimisation despite not being short of money, "Tommy Robinson" was found in court to have been in possession of several different identites, and passports - for which he could have been charged, but wasn't, causing many people who don't normally listen to conspiracy theories to assume something was amiss with the handling of this alleged high profile police/ secret services informant / undercover mole.

A wealthy convicted fraudster from a BNP background, Stephen Yaxley-Lennon set about ghostwriting his own personal Mein Kampf to generate yet more wealth, on-top of the various properties and businesses he boasts about to owning under his various guises, wealth he flaunts openly in the faces of his less than charmed followers who haven't got a penny to rub together. Providing hate rather than hope as the opium of the masses, this reputed drug dealer from Luton has no problem setting up his gullible minions as proxy assasins as he knows generating hatred creates significant income, and yet, he refused to lend a single penny for the legal fees of the adherants of his violent footsoldiers. Even after pocketing the proceeds of his mortgage fraud: -

Tommy Robinson, former EDL leader, jailed for fraud - BBC

Former English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Lennon, is jailed over a £160,000 mortgage fraud.
Whilst the photographic evidence provided a strong case against the violent thugs who smashed up Birmingham City Centre on the 20th of July 2013 at the disasterous EDL demo when Tommy's drunken devotees went on the rampage, as the case in all incidents of mass disorder worldwide, proving or disproving guilt, and indeed, defendants pleading guilty or otherwise, depends largely upon the solicitor they seek help from. The UK legal system provide a free-of-charge contracted solicitor, but it is hardly rocket science that hiring a private lawyer of choice, increases the chance of avoiding jail.

Unwilling to lend his arrested footsoldiers a penny in their defence, Yaxo is the first to accuse celebrities such as Madonna of "hypocrisy" to steer the spotlight away from his own doublecrossing self: -

Whilst Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (or Yaxo for short) is sometimes willing to tweet a link to a Just Giving page for the occasional appeal, as a multi-property and business owner who is far from short of a pound or two, he is remarkably unwilling to part with his savings to help his own supporters, taking their support for granted.

Fifty EDL supporters were eventually convicted and jailed for the disturbances at the EDL rally, Tommy Robinson conveniently washing his hands of his beloved supporters, knowing a couple of years later, all would be forgotten, and the very same people he betrayed would return as putty in his hands, coke-addled, beer-bellied pawns of the far right having notoriously short memories when manipulated by a wife-beating career criminal who only thinks about number one: -

Fifty sentenced for Birmingham EDL protest violence - BBC News

Fifty people have been sentenced for their part in violence that broke out during an English Defence League protest in 2013. About 2,000 EDL supporters ...
Last weekend, egotist Tommy was up to his dirty old divide-and-conquer tricks in Sunderland, taunting traditionally left-of-centre (often Roman Catholic, Irish Republican) Glasgow Celtic fans during their friendly soccer match across the border in the English city of Sunderland, provoking sectarian hatred to instil public disorder, gain more press notoriety, and sell more ghostwritten books.

Robinson claims he was targeted by Celtic fans after wearing a Rangers shirt.
One particular young Celtic supporter who looked only 16, was filmed being assaulted unconscious by Tommy thugs outside an English nationalist newsagent's shop, Tommy himself gloatingly tweeting out a picture of the victim laying on a Union Jack pillow slipped under his head to cause deliberate offence.

Tommy later tweeted that he had witnessed the assault has taken place with a belt, leaving serious head injuries. Just as he had refused to lend a single penny to his Birmingham footsolders, the assailant shouldn't be expecting any monitory legal assistance from the former EDL leader if and when he ends up in a courtroom dock.

As friends as well as sworn enemies have learnt to their cost, whilst Tommy Robinson talks the talk, he never walks the walk. Yaxo is only ever about himself. He always has been, and always will be, superior to his cannonfodder armies.

A super-egotistical cross between Emperor Nero and Benito Musssolini, the greedy rabble-rousing capitalist is only in it for himself. Nobody else matters to him. With the FLA (Football Lads Alliance) taking shape, regarded by some as a breeding ground for a brand new EDL-style movement, Tommy is continuing where he had left off, a few years back, enlisting real soccer hooligans to do his dirty work, sniffing around rightwing purses both in the UK and the USA with devious intent, itching to be centre of attention of the entire extreme right worldwide.

The Hillsborough Disaster was a man-made massacre of 96 Liverpool fans herded into an overcrowded football terrace in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, an event which continues to burn fresh in the minds of the city, because justice was never forthcoming. Stewards and ultimately the police were responsible for multiple acts of manslaughter, and yet, nobody was ever jailed for this horrific crime. Rubbing salt in wounds of the victims, Rupert Murdoch's rightwing populist Sun newspaper told the most horrific set of lies about Hillsborough, accusing victims of causing their own destruction and picking the pockets of the dead and injured, manufactured untruths deliberately designed to deflect the blame away from Margaret Thatcher's hardline Tory government and her police chiefs.

Whilst pushing his book to a rabble of sectarian bigots in the Sunderland newsagents shop, Yaxo made sure he was pictured amongst a large pile of Sun newspapers, fully aware of this divisive gesture (the Sun banned from shops across Liverpool), just as he was fully aware wearing a Glasgow Rangers top would foment violence.

Over the years, Stephen Yaxley Lennon has marketed himself as the saviour of the working classes, in the same way as Oswald Mosley pretended to be of working class heritage, the EDL founder, like Mosley, hiding the fact he is anything but an ordinary man in the street. No matter now they try to disguise their wealth, fascist populist leaders are always, without fail ultra-capitalist by nature, despising anybody who is not like themselves, ultimately despising everybody not as fortunate as themselves.

Deliberately provoking animosity towards the entire city of Liverpool including even his own Scouse supporters, having pretended a few weeks earlier not to be Tory, he openly tweeted that he was voting for Theresa May, the unpopular Conservative leader, who promised cuts to social services, affecting the most impoverished in society, including a horrific Dementia Tax, just to spite Liverpudlians: -

Having made peace with old rivals Paul Golding and Jayda Franzen of BNP-offshoot Britain First, UKIP losing media attention, the ultimate goal for Stephen Yaxley-Lennon would be to lead a brand-new far right political party with access to the ballot box and with it, free mainstream television party broadcasts, and the complete and absolute freedom to peddle his merchanding brands to a much wider audience than racist soccer hooligans. Once he has had enough, money offloaded in offshore bank accounts, he will once again, sneak off into the sunset, escaping to sunnier climes, leaving society to clean up the disharmony he has gladly nurtered whilst unapologetically bursting his bulging pockets whilst he lives the high life.

To this day, Tommy Robinson still pushes the tired and worn myth he is a working class hero, whilst boasting about radicalised working class young white Brits into hating Muslim citizens,

The self-styled "Enemy Of The State" from Luton, former drug dealer turned property magnate and ghostwritten author, pleading victim to the masses, indoctrinating the have-nots to pay homage to the 1%, instead of fighting for genuine social equality, encouraging division, jealousy and hard-heartedness towards as the ultimate capitalist diversion.

Blinded with nationalist fervour, energised with retweeted Daily Mail links, distracted with hatred and drained of their money, Stephen Yaxley-Lennon's fans are nothing more than pawns in his eternal game of greed. A Tory-voting money-grabbing aly of the capitalist establishment, not averse to grassing up his best friends for cash, "Tommy Robinson", and nobody else matters.


§Class traitor Yaxo pretends he reps he working classes
by GLOBAL AFA Monday Jul 31st, 2017 7:26 AM
Yaxley-Lennon owns several businesses and properties
§Yaxo Money-Hypocrisy Writ Large
by GLOBAL AFA Monday Jul 31st, 2017 7:26 AM
The ex-EDL Fuhrer ailed to lend a single penny to his supporters in their time of need #greedycunt #selfishbastard #naziscum
§Yaxo pretends he is not a Tory, and loathes scousers
by GLOBAL AFA Monday Jul 31st, 2017 7:26 AM
Tommy Robinson is pure and simple wealthy Tory scum!

§Yaxo Votes Tory To Spite Liverpool
by GLOBAL AFA Monday Jul 31st, 2017 7:26 AM
In Sunderland, he was also helping to sell the Sun newspaper which is banned in Liverpool for defaming the victims of Hillsborough!
§Tommy Robinson - Dickhead
by GLOBAL AFA Monday Jul 31st, 2017 7:26 AM
Yaxley-Lennon is the world's hugest dickhead!
Monday Jul 31st, 2017 8:08 AM
Tommy is funded by Pamela Geller and the freakin' Tea Party. This is obvious.

Which kinda says it all.

Some of the Republican caucus meetings beforre trump's election featured live conference calls with the scumfuck!
by NaziHunt101
Monday Jul 31st, 2017 8:32 AM
Tommy Robinson is now openly endorsing Hungarian neo-nazi Orban, and his use of anti-semitism to oppose George Sorus: -

Orban's Hungary has become a haven for neo-nazis worldwide: -
Monday Jul 31st, 2017 8:52 AM
Tommy Robinson, who, as the article states, was at the helm of the EDL whilst Anders Breivik was a member, and attended an EDL rally in Bradford City Centre (West Yorkshire UK).

The wifebeating fascist is hoping his mate Anders does not serve the full term for the mass-murder of kids.

The former EDL fuhrer compares the single murder of Pim Fortuyn, with the genocidal killing of young people.

Tommy Robinson = Unreformed Nazi Scum!

by Worldwide Disability Action Network
Monday Jul 31st, 2017 9:02 AM
Stephen Yaxley Lennon is happy to use vile anti-disabled abusive words on social media, which speaks volumes about the hideous little fascist.

If you know anyone who has learning difficulties, and are thinking of buying the trumped-up little bigot's books, think again.

The word "mong" is highly offensive to sufferers of mental disabilities.

by Sarah
Monday Jul 31st, 2017 9:22 AM
Tommy Robinson, ever pretending not to be a white supremacist, as he has "Uncle Tom" friends, (a handful of Sikh, Jewish and black rightwinger friends), couldn't help but tweet out a video of his friend Orban ranting about multiculturalism using the KKK white-supremacist term "white genocide".

Stephen Yaxley Lennon, white supremacist.

by Nelson Mandela Fan
Monday Jul 31st, 2017 9:58 AM
Shortly, a charmless little Tommybot troll will tell us that Yaxley cannot be a racist as he has black friends.

As did the white supremacist South African government: - Black Zulu friends.

by Mikey
Tuesday Aug 1st, 2017 12:03 AM
Stephen Yaxley-Lennon's supporters don't hold back on their racism, using the P-word and N-word whenever they can, on social media. His opportunist book-flogging appearance at an English nationalist newsagents shop has spurred on his deluded bigot fanbase into believing he is going to ethnically cleanse non-white shops with an army of "working class" white shopkeepers willing and able to open sixteen hours a day, seven days a week, without rest.

When the truth hits them, that their ultra-wealthy "working class hero" slum landlord and tanning salon crook is using them to get even richer, and doesn't actually give a fucking shit about their nothingless lives, they won't be pleased.