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WHITE SUPREMACIST SPERM FEAR @PaulTyredagh81 @missduffyafa @JLRFB @2ferdi7 #ANTIFA
by Global AFA
Wednesday Jul 26th, 2017 4:31 PM
WHITE SUPREMACISTS got a shot-in-the-arm, or rather a kick up the gonads, switching on the news to learn that the sperm counts of white Western men have tumbled faster than President Trump's popularity ratings. Whilst fringe scientists went feral with frenzied cries of the human race in rapid, and irreversable decline, it didn't take long for members of the Worldwide White Pride movement to realise that poorer countries in Africa, Asia, South America and the Middle East were not suffering a loss of fertility, meaning only one thing: -

Powered by Alex Jones and Infowars, whilst feminism took the usual bashing, Jews, Mexican food, homosexuality, Hilary Clinton and cross-dressing were blamed for this abominable conspiracy of the New World Order, falling sperm counts in white males in Europe, Australia and the America was the missing link of evidence neo-nazis and the so-called "Alt-Right" had been lusting for decades to find, concreting their belief once and for all that liberals and communists have destroyed the white man's ability to procreate by deliberately poisoning the water supply, a rehash of the age old anti-Jewish "poisoning wells" conspiracy which led to hundreds of genocidal pogroms of Jewish people in the Middle Ages - actual mass-murdering genocide.

Turned away in their droves by Jewish Sperm Bankers, unable to spurt forth patriotically with flaccid erections in artificial insemination clinics, the erectile-dysfunctional rednecked Trumpets failed to Make America Great despite tugging their less than 'UGE penises to oblivion, which is more than be said for the "Proud Boys" who, despite pride in their pronunced super-inteligence, and having enormous cocks as their logo, were tragically unable to boost the gene pool via semen donation due to their Sharia-like ban on frapping.

Their dogmatic 4Chan dogma rendering their asses an evolutionary dead end, Proud Boys are unable to chat up women either in real life or online at PlentyOfFish, or even Tindr swipes, their members not permitted to "waste seed" under any circumstance, meninistic chauvanist sperms standing zero chance of getting within a million miles of an unfertilised human female egg, not that they care. Gavin McInnes's peculiar followers are saving up their bitcoin to immigrate Japanese sex robots designed to cut out the foreplay and get on with business as their mechanically microchipped tradwives.

Shed a tear for the charmless bufoons across the pond in the EDL, who, despite wanking 24/7, sperms flying everywhere after each and every terrorist attack, offer the least resistance to the extinction of the white race. Far from being the brightest boneheads on Planet Earth, those EDL-types who didn't waste their bus fare on Tommy Tit Robinson's ghostwritten Mein Kampf, and made it to sperm donation hospitals in one piece, were turned away for being drunken dickheads, chucking lager cans at doctors and nurses. Absolutely girlfriendless, rejected even by their own in-house "EDL Angels", their blatant repulsiveness to the opposite sex has well and truly surrendered their lacklustre genes to white genocide, yet, unlike the conspiratorial Proud Boys and KKK Kekheads, they failed to notice George Sorus slipping plasticisers into their Stella Artois.


P.S: - Important information for Islamophobes - Bacon, the meat of choice for far right bigots, reduces the sperm counts of "Infidels" -
§Dickhead Idol Tommy Robinson
by Global AFA Wednesday Jul 26th, 2017 4:31 PM
Stephen-Yaxley Lennon