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DUBLIN'S FASCIST FRANKENSTEIN @missduffyafa @JLRFB @2ferdi7 @siegfails @edlnews #ANTIFA
Wednesday Jul 5th, 2017 4:42 AM
Ron Zeev Gologorsky is a failed businessman currently living in Dublin, operating an organ donation company whilst tweeting extreme hatred against Muslims and black people. His company, registered in Ireland is called Organ Tree, and encourages loved ones to donate their dead or dying relatives' vital organs to himself, instead of leaving them to genuine medical charities.
A member of the far right British political party UKIP, and a friend of fascist Furher Stephen Yaxley Lennon AKA Tommy "Tit" Robinson, Racist Ron dislikes Muslims with a vengeance, appallingly justifying the genocide at Srebrenica against Bosnian Muslims, descibing black Britons as "tribal blacks", tweeting about so-called "white genocide", whilst issuing threats about anti-racism campaigner Nick Lowles. Finally, he compares Ireland to a "leper colony", sneering at Irish journalists, well aware of the colonial anti-Irish racism espoused by fellow UKIP members. - COMPANY REGISTRATION NUMBER: 580182

Ron Zeev Gologorsky is a truly despicable human being (if you can call him that), telling horrific lies about the slaughtered Bosnian Muslim population, pretending they were supported by Saudi Arabia and were killed "out of revenge" for torching villages themselves, which is a total and absolute lie from the same stable as Holocaust Denial. This lie is truly shocking, and anybody so much as considering leaving their loved-organs to his evil bigot, should reconsider their actions.

Ron has a long history of failed companies, and there is nothing at all on the Organ Tree's official Twitter account about his medical documentation, or qualified background to deal with human body parts, but instead thousands of abusive and racist tweets. A supporter of Donald Trump, Gologorsky is a user of white supemacist terminology, accusing UK election candidate of being "anti-white", the language of the neo-nazi "alt-right".

Based at a former church at St Mary's Place, Dublin, the cowardly Mr Gologorsky continually issues threats against anti-racism campaigners around the world, including the United Kingdom. Whilst underneath the colour of one's skin, all humanity is alike, Ron's bigotry suggests it is hard to believe any organs donated through his little known company would be supplied to anybody who wasn't white Aryan.

Death, human suffering and bereavement ultimately requires compassion. Would you trust leaving your organs to a failed chef and nightclub security organiser who wants to arm his teenage daughters with knives??? And someone who lives in Ireland, but likes to sneer at the Irish??????


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Wednesday Jul 5th, 2017 4:45 AM
Anti-Muslim hate from the evil organ trader.
Wednesday Jul 5th, 2017 4:48 AM
The organ salesman is a white supremacist.

Obviously only white organs matter to his ghoulish business.
by JustToAdd
Wednesday Jul 5th, 2017 5:51 AM
Ron has now changed his twitter profile after being exposed by us, worried his charity will be affected by this bad publicity, but tweets still remain connecting the twitter account to the business.

Here he advertises his Kickstarter for Organ tree, back in the days when his twitter account behaved more professionally than today's race-baiting.

It seems #RacistRon has made only £21 in donations lol.