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Anna Mae Discovers America...Celebration Cancelled...7-4-17 Mouse Report
by DJ Mouse
Tuesday Jul 4th, 2017 2:39 PM
What's this?...Assad is growing a tiny mustache and about to invade Poland???!!!...while we're dropping biggest WMD since Nagasaki on folks WE ARE BACKING AGAINST HIM in Syria...ilf you don't getr mad, you get confused...better meet me at high noon this non-violently stand in the way of this insanity...COUNTER_RECRUITMENT NOTICE: If funding war crimes has not already damaged your mental health you may wish to avoid the torture false arrests, vehicular assaults and lack of investigation of drive by shootings we already damaged find cathartic.
happy counter-revolution NOT...Summary executions of witnesses to murder in the killing fields of America has been the rule since before Yankee slave holders rebelled against abolition...and the cases of Anna Mae Aquash and William Combs are no exception...we hear Anna Mae herself describing the death threats from David Price and the FBI that would murder her 2 days later if she wouldn't help frame Leonard Peltier...Erika Kelly ​is ​a retired nurse and former employee ​at St. Paul's Catholic hospital in Vancouver. ​​She tended to the targeted residential school activist William Combes just before his unusual death there in 2011. Erika witnessed the events that point to William's probable death by foul play. Erika discusses medical genocide and the methods of psychic assaults used against targeted individuals...
by Hans B. and Unity Jack
Monday Jul 17th, 2017 11:07 AM
This fake news is not of the peoples. They did not initiate it. They built a new nation for the liberation from Empire. The trouble is the Empires have conspired against it and the peoples that work for a living since its inception by the large slave holders George Washington. Now that America has stopped making government from majority vote life Bush Jr. who was appointed biy the Supreme court, and that organ of control is not elected for, by, and of the people but appointed by the American aristocracy who shot Lincoln to stop him from his second term as he wished to make the Supreme Court elected for, by, and of the people. The of course the case of Trumpism, which was elected by the electoral collages not a majority. The fact is that both the Supreme Court and the Electoral collages are the creation of the British Empire and they never intended a government for and by the people. They intended Empire Rule and thusly appointment of the Empires ruling authorities. When Lincoln let it be known that women were people and ought to be elected equal as 50-50 electing he was exected by the slaveholder Booth, and his project of government for by and of the people thusly ended. The troublre is until women are elected equal full democravy and freedom does not exist. It is the Empires of the world that conquored women and made them inferior to man, and since then the exploiting classes have kept that unjust situation going in the name of freedom and democracy. In fact it is neither of those, and a continuation of the unjust and cruel exploitation of the working classes of the world. Empires should be ended not renewed because the empires are making private profits destroying the ecological balances of the organic and inorganic webs-of-life planet wide. The burning of fossil fuels kills oxygen renewal by replacing O--Oxygen by making CO2--carbon-dioxide which replacement we cannot live on. It is now a belt around the world and making a greenhouse effect causing raised temperature beyond the safety level. That is the real meaning of most of the Climate Change lingo that the fossil fuel industry is trying to censor from the peoples democracy. How ever it is a known fact that once CO2 passes 350 as it did in the latter part of the eighties of last century, damages inevitably occurs because 350 parts CO2 per million is absolute maximum before damages occur throughout nature. It is now around four to five hundred parts per million and the damages are showing as catastrophic events in serials globally in every country. It is the Monopoly Capitalist Empires that are driving the worlds ecological balances out of unity for the balances of organic and inorganic webs-of-life globally and that is what they call Climate Change and Trump pulled out of the Paris agreements to re-tool to the non-pollution solution such as wind, tidal, and solar power which is more power than all the fossil fuels combined. You yet have a world to win! Egalite' pour la femmes dans la revolution. Workers of the world unite!!