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Party of Robert E. Lee don't need no stinking voters...5-23-17 Mouse Report
by DJ Mouse
Tuesday May 23rd, 2017 3:23 PM
Evil's Trump card and cesspool of a president's first state visit?...medieval ax murdering Yemen bombing Saudi's of course...trucking guns for AQ and CW under our noses...over my dead Monday 9 am...5300 Port Chicago Highway......Apartheid Israel and Rome!...home of the 2035 year old Inquisition..."May 13 Jorge Bergoglio (aka Pope Francis) “absolved” over two thousand priests who have raped or killed children..."
While drone bomber collects half a million from Cantor-Fitzgerald (the FIRST drone target at WTC 9-11-01) for NOT talking...Syriangirl reports from under the bombs of our Arab Sting contra war...Lee Camp hears from the lawyer representing disenfranchised donors...over the DNC's primary theft from Bernie Sander's voters...the theft Seth Rich, Sean Lucas, Victor Thorne and a few others in the way of the Poppy Bush gang's Afghan Opium War Machine didn't live to talk about any more...
...John Trudell directs house of bondage residents' attention to our insane hypocrisy...
...and speaking of insanity...please disarm and stand in the way of the greatest source of violence in the known universe with me this Monday to block Uncle Scam's Yemen and Syrian atrocities...starting the year after an English court nixed their slave trade...Nuremberg Actions has been blocking documented white phosphorus arms at the military train crossing north of Concord since 9-1-87...
(John Trudell) "When you vote for the lesser of the 2 evils I condemn you. [applause] BLEEP you doing? Actually if you vote for either one of the evils I condemn you. [laughter] BLEEP you doing? By our acceptance of the lesser of the 2 evils, so to speak, we’re using our intelligence to create what goes on. See I don’t vote. I never have. I vote in Amsterdam, whatever that means. [laughter] Picked a winner too. We didn’t have to have recounts, we knew.
But I don’t vote because, I mean my reasons for not voting are very valid. See, when they created the voting system here, the democracy here, when they created it, I was the majority. ‘Hey, look at me, over here.’ ‘Oh, I see you, so you’re the enemy. You can’t play.’ [laughter]
So the little old majority rule thing came out of the smallest number of people, alright, the smallest number of people on the entire hemisphere – continent. Alright, they decided it was going to be majority rule. There’s something about it, alright, that I don’t trust. [laughter] I inherently don’t trust it. [and applause] And I don’t understand why you do. Okay? So now that we’re the smallest numerical minority on our own land base they say, ‘Come vote.’ Now, so, in that scenario, who’s stupid, me or them? Well, anyway,...
And I’m bringing this up about democracy for this reason, and it’s about coherency and using our intelligence: I think that every generation of human beings has a responsibility to decide how they, and their immediate descendants, will live with the Earth. I think it’s our responsibility, alright? I think it’s our responsibility to do that.
And I think, when I look at democracy as a native person, see to me, it’s just another chain. You know, freedom is a lie, you know, democracy. I mean, you know, think about it: every democracy had a land owning class. Every democracy had some form of slavery. Every democracy had some form of sexism. And I’m saying this not because I’m trying to overthrow anybody’s anything because you know, it’s just, you know, it’s not about that. It’s about, oh yeah it’s about the next generation.
We live in an evolutionary reality. And maybe it needs to evolve. And maybe in the best interest of our seventh generation, it may be the enemy. But I don’t mean just it by itself. I’m talking about all of the industrial faces of control systems. Whether it’s democracy or fascism or socialism or any one of these industrial faces and mechanisms to control the mass of people. Because every one of these systems have a small class, an ethnic rich, an industrial ruling class and a planetary ethnic rich. And every one of these governments, no matter what they call them, they serve that master."
by Hansel and Gretal
Wednesday May 24th, 2017 11:58 AM
Empires rule by divide and conquer.

When each empire formed they found the the natural specie 50-50 electing for law making was in resistance to enslaving dictatorship which they needed to make the majority into slaves they needed a war machine called slave holder pens. Breaking unity of the specie made it easier to enslave the mass. These former slave holder pens are now called modern prisons. They still retain their divide and rule functions, and that method made males into rulers over women which is not the natural ecological balance of the specie for its liberation. The only ones getting out of the pens had to declare themselves to the Emperor of Rome and its officials. Sextus a big slave owner was given that enslaving job, and is still given the infamous credit for doing so to this day. Thus Pope Francis exonerates thousands of priests.

You yet have a world to win!! Egaite' pour la revolution est Gender Parity. Workers of the world Unite!!