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The Joint Base Lewis-McChord Protection Division Email Distribution List
by Portwatcher
Thursday Mar 23rd, 2017 5:45 PM
The Joint Base Lewis-McChord Protection Division, a rogue military unit in WA state, is illegally collecting information about you, entering that information into their antiterrorism databases, and sending your personal information out to others around the world. But many of the soldiers on the base are honest men who disapprove of the illegal activities of the Joint Base Lewis-McChord Protection Division. These honest men shared the Joint Base Lewis-McChord Protection Division email distro list with us, and now we share it with you. - Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?
The Joint Base Lewis-McChord Protection Division is gathering information about you in violation of both federal law and military regulation. Thomas Rudd, the Joint Base Lewis-McChord Protection Division director, and his deputy, Daniel Vessels, are antiterrorism officers at the military base in Washington state. In their daily antiterrorism bulletin, they are warning the personnel at the base, and every other reader of their bulletin, against attending these 1st Amendment protected gatherings. They call these public gatherings and 1st Amendment protected activities dangerous, extremist activities and domestic terrorism. They are warning Joint Base Lewis-McChord personnel that they may not attend these political activities, and they demand that any information gathered about these demonstrations be reported to them as "suspicious activity". Thomas Rudd and Daniel Vessels are the same men accused of violating the civil rights of hundreds of Americans by illegally collecting information about them from 2007 - 2010. "The Army admits in their report that... Rudd... broke regulations and committed major violations of Posse Comitatus. Rudd and those under his command in the Joint Base Lewis-McChord Protection Division treated local political activists as enemy combatants and conducted intensive and invasive intelligence-gathering about them... they used everything in their arsenal, including reporting on their personal lives, political and religious beliefs, and even getting a few labeled as domestic terrorists.

Even today in 2017, in their daily bulletin the Joint Base Lewis-McChord Force Protection Division instructs the military and civilian personnel living and working on the base, and in communities throughout the United States that receive their bulletin, to report suspicious activity directly to them. And just what is this suspicious activity these evil men want reported to them? Well, in their own words "nothing is too trivial to report". Take a photograph, ask an innocent question, or even express an opinion on social media that the government does not approve of, and you will find your life being scrutinized by Thomas Rudd and Daniel Vessels at the Joint Base Lewis-McChord Protection Division. Your name and personal details will be entered into military antiterrorism databases, to be shared with law enforcement and security agencies nationwide (

Who receives this information about you? Here is the email distribution list for the Joint Base Lewis-McChord Protection Division's daily bulletin:

1st ASOG group ; 4-160 <4-160-HHC-S2 [at]>; 5 ASOS <5ASOS.Intel.OrgBox [at]>; 62nd OSS IN < [at]>; A Cruz ; Acord, Stephen ; Adams, Travis C LCDR USN COMNAVREG NW BGR WA (US) ; Agricoli, Marco P LT USN NAS MERIDIAN MS (US) ; Albert Cortez ; Alexandre, Alain M CPT USARMY 42 MP BDE (US) ; Ali, Nasser MAJ USARMY I CORPS (US) ; Mayer, Allison D CPT USARMY 500 MI BDE (US) ; Amerson, Nathan D CW2 USARMY NG ORARNG (US) ; Ames, Jermaine J SPC USARMY 16 CAVN BDE (US) ; Anderson, Kirsten P CIV USARMY MEDCOM RHC-P (US) ; Anderson, Steven C SGT USARMY 1-2 SBCT (US) ; Andrew Culjak ; Andrews, William N (Dusty) CIV USARMY IMCOM CENTRAL (US) ; Anthony Elsworth ; Anthony, Nicklas M Capt USMC (US) ; Antonino, Patrick T Jr SFC USARMY 25 ID DIVARTY (US) ; Arrison-Urban, Kimberly K CIV USARMY 106 SIG BDE (US) ; Ashley Dechelfin ; Austin, Charles T MAJ USARMY 16 CAVN BDE (US) ; AyalaLopez, Michael A MIL USARMY I CORPS 2 SBCT (US) ; Ayres, Jolene M CPT USARMY (US) ; Backus, Carl R CIV USARMY USAG (US) ; Bailey, Donald L CIV (US) ; Baker, Curtis A SSG USARMY 593 ESC (US) ; Baker, Kathy A SFC USARMY ASA (US) ; Baker, Steven C SSG USARMY 555 ENG BDE (US) ; Bales-Rakowsky, Shana D CTR NG OHARNG (US) ; Banfi, Charles D Jr CIV USARMY IMCOM EUROPE (US) ; Barry Lindeke ; Barry Mattson ; Bates, Christopher S CIV OSD USMEPCOM WS (US) ; Beatty, Patrick C CIV USARMY (US) ; Bedford, James K CW2 USARMY I CORPS (US) ; Begazoleon, Renzo G CPT USARMY DENCOM-PACIFIC (US) ; Beinert, Timothy Michael NFG NG ORARNG (US) ; Bell, Robert L CIV (US) ; Belmar, Jacob M SPC USARMY 2-2 SBCT (US) ; Benjamin Kahalehoe ; Benner, William J COL USARMY I CORPS (US) ; Bentrup, Jeremy J CPO USN COMPACFLT PEARL HI (US) ; Bermudez, Fabian M CPT USARMY 201 E-MIB (US) ; Bernard Rogers ; Bernard, Erik H CPT USARMY 1 CD 2 ABCT (US) ; Bigogno, Nicholas B 1LT USARMY 1-2 SBCT (US) ; Binkinz, Matthew D CPT USARMY (US) ; Black, Georgina M TSgt USAF 194 RSW (US) ; Blake Cheary ; Blash, Zebedee Jr SFC USARMY I CORPS (US) ; Blue, James M MAJ USARMY 201 E-MIB (US) ; Blue, Ronnie E TSgt USAF CENTCOM CCJ2 (US) ; Bobeck, Anthony G CPO USN (US) ; Boccard, William E 1LT USARMY 201 E-MIB (US) ; Bodaly, Brian J CIV USN NAVSHIPYDIMF PGS WA (US) ; Boeschling, Nicolas R CPT USARMY 2-2 SBCT (US) ; Boucher, William W LTC USARMY I CORPS (US) ; Boussom, Todd S CIV DCMA WESTERN RC (US) ; Boyd, Amanda I CIV DHA HEALTH OPNS (US) ; Bradford, Elizabeth A CIV USN NAVB VCTY PT MUGU CA (US) ; Bradley, Jason M LTC USARMY I CORPS (US) ; Branham, Lee CIV USARMY IMCOM HQ (US) ; Bray, Jennifer A CIV USARMY FORSCOM (US) ; Brent, William A CIV USARMY IMCOM CENTRAL (US) ; Bodaly, Brian J CIV USN NAVSHIPYDIMF PGS WA (US) ; Brian Bodaly ; Brian Winter ; Bridges, Milton A Jr SSG USARMY MEDCOM PHCR-P (US) ; Brokaw, Scott W Col USAF (US) ; Brothersen, Lynn Valentine MIL USARMY MIRC (US) ; Broussard, Cameron X SGT USARMY 593 SUST BDE (US) ; Brown, Darkeim L CDR USCG (US) ; Brown, James R MIL USARMY 66 MI BDE (US) ; Brown, Philip A Jr SGT USARMY I CORPS (US) ; Bryant, Shelton V CIV DCMA (US) ; Buie, Wendy E SSG USARMY 17 FIRES BDE (US) ; Burch, Patrick W CIV (US) ; Burke, Ronald L LTC USARMY (US) ; Burns, Christopher A COL USARMY 42 MP BDE (US) ; Caal, Marcie L SSG USARMY MEDCOM LRMC (US) ; Caldwell, Rene D SSG USARMY 201 E-MIB (US) ; Calloway, Victor L CIV USARMY HQDA (US) ; Calvillo, Jacob P MIL USARMY USACIDC (US) ; Campbell, Adriana SGT USARMY 17 FIRES BDE (US) ; Carlson, Richard A Jr SFC USARMY 2-2 SBCT (US) ; Caron, Bobby J SFC USARMY ARNORTH (US) ; Caron, Bobby J SFC USARMY ARNORTH (US) ; Ceban, Gabriel A CPT USARMY USAREUR (US) ; Cervantes, Zachary D CW2 USARMY 16 CAVN BDE (US) ; Chairet, Crystal M CW2 USARMY NG ORARNG (US) ; Chan, Derek K CPT USARMY MIRC (US) ; Chavarria, Steven K CIV (US) ; Chesbro, Michael E CIV USARMY IMCOM PACIFIC (US) ; Chicone, Charles A MIL USARMY 201 E-MIB (US) ; Choi, William W CPT USARMY 17 FIRES BDE (US) ; Chris Wilcoxen ; Christian, Criss R CIV USARMY IMCOM CENTRAL (US) ; Chuck Cogburn ; Chuck Gordon ; USARMY Ft Belvoir USACIDC List Watch ; Clark, Keri R CIV USARMY MEDCOM MAMC (US) ; Clark, Michael J PFC USARMY 2-2 SBCT (US) ; Clark, Noah D CIV USARMY USAG (US) ; Coast Guard Intel ; Cobb, Keith L CIV USARMY HRC (US) ; Coker, Christine L CIV USN (US) ; Cole, Johnpatrick V Sr CIV USARMY 364 ESC (US) ; Collins, Kimberly A CIV USCG SEC PUGET SOUND (US) ; Colon, Jose L CIV USARMY IMCOM CENTRAL (US) ; Cone, Douglas A CW2 USARMY 201 E-MIB (US) ; Constant, Alexander E CIV USARMY IMCOM CENTRAL (US) ; Cook, Lori A CIV DCMA WESTERN RC (US) ; Cooley, Lonnie K CIV USARMY MEDCOM RHC-P (US) ; Cooper, Jonathan A LT USCG (US) ; Corcoran, Edward T Jr CTR USARMY I CORPS (US) ; Couch, A B (Brooke) CPT USARMY 201 BFSB (US) ; Cresswell, Lexa L SGT USARMY 17 FIRES BDE (US) ; Crews, Matthew G CIV USN COMNAVREG SW SAN CA (US) ; Cribbet, Sherry S CTR (US) ; Curt Moriyama ; Curtis, John Y SFC USARMY MEDCOM RHC-P (US) ; Cutler, Jermaine H CIV (US) ; Cutsforth, Nicholas R 1LT USARMY (US) ; Damazyn, James A CIV NORAD-USNC JTF - CS (US) ; Dannerfrank, Kory J WO1 USARMY I CORPS (US) ; Dave Malcom ; David Mann ; David Ware ; Davidson, Gregory B CIV USARMY ACC MICC (US) ; Davies, Darrell D CIV DCMA (US) ; Dean Cox ; Debee, Richard B CIV USARMY IMCOM ATLANTIC (US) ; Deboma, Lyndon G (Lenny) CIV USAF 194 WG (US) ; Delgado, Floreena CPT USARMY AFRICOM ACJ2 (US) ; Dent, Jason L CIV USARMY ID-READINESS (US) ; Derosa, Jason D SSG USARMY 2-2 SBCT (US) ; Dery, Nickolas W (Nick) MIL USARMY 650 MI GP (US) ; Desoto, Mary D CIV USARMY PEO GCS (US) ; Devevo, Anthony D CIV USARMY ASC 404 AFSB LRC (US) ; Dexter Guzman ; Diamond, Genevieve MAJ USARMY NG WAANG (US) ; Diane Harris ; Diaz De Leon, Abelardo CIV (US) ; Diorio, George P CIV USAF 87 MSG (US) ; Dixon, Rosheme F CIV (US) ; Doby, Tiffany Leann SGT USARMY ARCYBER (US) ; Docherty, James S CIV DECA STORE OPS GROUP (US) ; Dodson, Michael H CIV (US) ; Dokter, Eric M CIV USARMY USACIDC (US) ; Dolata, Ignatius M Jr COL USARMY IMCOM HQ (US) ; Cook, Donald R CIV USARMY 6 MP GP (US) ; Donald, Dennis J CIV USARMY ASC (US) ; Doran, Trinity SFC USARMY 593 ESC (US) ; Dottle, Donna K CTR (US) ; Douglas Dailey ; Douglas, Bradley M MIL USARMY 500 MI BDE (US) ; Douglas, Mitchell L 2d LT USAF (US) ; Dounouk, Karen A NFG (US) ; Doyle Burke ; Duffy, William R LTC USARMY I CORPS (US) ; Dunn, Joseph N SSG USARMY 1-2 SBCT (US) ; Durazo, Ryan M SFC USARMY 189 INF BDE (US) ; Dustin Smith ; Dutkiewicz, Richard R CIV USARMY ASA (US) ; Dutton, Jodene H NFG NG ORARNG (US) ; Ebrahim Ashabi ; Eckstrom, Kevyn R CIV USN COMNAVREG NW BGR WA (US) ; Ed Howell ; Edwards, Gregory D CTR USARMY PEO GCS (US) ; Edwards, Thomas W CIV USARMY ASC 404 AFSB (US) ; Eisele, Joshua C SGT USARMY 42 MP BDE (US) ; Elways, James H Jr CIV USARMY USAG (US) ; Elwell, Robert T 1LT USARMY 555 ENG BDE (US) ; Embry, Brock B Lt Col USAF 62 AW (US) ; Emdee, Kevin B CIV USARMY USAG (US) ; Emerson, Richard R CIV USN NAVSHIPYDIMF PGS WA (US) ; England, Barry K CIV USARMY MEDCOM (US) ; Eric Nelson ; Ethier, Noel P CPT USARMY 364 ESC (US) ; Etse, Bronson B MSG USARMY USACC (US) ; Evans, Cornell JR 1SG USARMY 1 AD 2 HBCT (US) ; Fanning, Tracy D CIV USARMY IMCOM CENTRAL (US) ; Farmer, Robert R CIV USN (US) ; Farthing, Joshua D SGT USARMY I CORPS (US) ; Fenn, Jason N CPT USARMY NTC (US) ; Fetherston, Andrew L LTC USARMY MIRC (US) ; Finley, James T CIV USN (US) ; Fitzgerald, Heinz R NAF (US) ; Foland, Brianne D SPC USARMY 1-2 SBCT (US) ; Follett, Christina M MIL USARMY 902 MI GRP (US) ; Forestelle, William H III CIV USN COMNAVREG SW (US) ; Foster, Robert E CIV USARMY ASC (US) ; Francis, Daniel J SGT USARMY (US) ; Francois, Nick S MAJ USARMY 6 MP GP (US) ; Frederick Shaw ; Frenchick, Michael J CTR OSD OUSD INTEL (US) ; Frinell, Karin M NFG NG WAARNG (US) ; Frith, Philip H CIV USN COMNAVREG NW BGR WA (US) ; Fritz, Nelson L CIV DCMA WESTERN RC (US) ; Frye, Charles Jr MSgt USAF (US) ; Funston, Timothy J CW2 USARMY 5 AR BDE (US) ; Gagnier, Matthew C CIV USN COMNAVREG NW (US) ; Gagon, Anthony C SFC USARMY 555 ENG BDE (US) ; Garate, Andrew SGM USARMY 7 ID (US) ; Garneau, Jason L MAJ USARMY 17 FIRES BDE (US) ; Gay, William T SSG USARMY ASA (US) ; Gilkinson, John C CIV USARMY ID-READINESS (US) ; Gilman, Cary A LTC USARMY NG ORARNG (US) ; Gist, Robert W CIV (US) ; Goodwin, John A CPT USARMY 555 ENG BDE (US) ; Gordon, Derrick CIV (US) ; Goudreau, David G Jr CIV USARMY 106 SIG BDE (US) ; Gouveia, John P CIV USARMY USACC (US) ; Greazel, Nathan P CPT USARMY (US) ; Green, Jeffery J CIV USARMY ASC (US) ; Green, Jerry M CPO USCG (US) ; Green, Lori J CIV USARMY IMCOM CENTRAL (US) ; Greg Lennon ; Gremaud, Michael L (Mick) MSgt USAF 142 MSG (US) ; Gunderson, Brett B CIV USN COMNAVREG NW (US) ; Guthrie, Allen J CIV USARMY USACC (US) ; Gutierrez, Kenneth L Jr SSG USARMY 42 MP BDE (US) ; Hale, Austin L 2LT USARMY 209 RSG (US) ; Hall, Matthew Lee CPT USARMY 301 ME BDE (US) ; Hallenbeck, Anthony C (Chris) CIV USARMY IMCOM CENTRAL (US) ; Harlan, Jason M MAJ USARMY 8 ARMY (US) ; Harris, Corey W CPT USARMY 52 EOD (US) ; Harris, Trevelle J MSgt USAF 505 TEG (US) ; Hauenstein, Kevin L SSG USARMY NG WAARNG (US) ; Hawkins, A A MIL USARMY 6 MP GP (US) ; Hayes, John P CIV USARMY ARNORTH (US) ; Hazard, Mark D CIV USAF 673 MSG (US) ; Heden, Michael L LTC USARMY 364 ESC (US) ; Hellman, Andrew J SSG USARMY NG WAARNG (US) ; Hernandez, Carlos M CIV USARMY USAREC (US) ; Hilt, Erin K CPT USARMY 6 MP GP (US) ; Hilton, William J CIV USARMY USARAK (US) ; Hobbs, Ennice L Jr CIV CPMS (US) ; Hodosky, Michael L ENS USN (US) ; Holbrook, John B WO1 USARMY (US) ; Holdren, Caroline C 1LT USARMY 160 SO AVN REGT (US) ; Holladay, Randall K MIL USARMY USACIDC (US) ; Hollmann, Brian C MAJ USARMY 95 DIV INST TNG (US) ; Horne, David D CIV USARMY (US) ; Horner, James E 1LT USARMY 310 ESC (US) ; Houpt, Stewart N MAJ USARMY I CORPS (US) ; Hoyt, David H MAJ USARMY 2-2 SBCT (US) ; Hughes, William L CIV USARMY IMCOM PACIFIC (US) ; Hummel, Colleen F CIV (US) ; Humphries, Michael W SSG USARMY NG WAARNG (US) ; Hutzenbiler, Andrew F 1SG USARMY 1-2 SBCT (US) ; Huyck, Richard W 1SG USARMY NG WAARNG (US) ; Ingersoll, Robert E CPO USN (US) ; Ivan Dominguez ; Izquierdo, Annie M CIV DCMA WESTERN RC (US) ; J Myers