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Vault 7 Hastings Postmortem...3-14-17 Mouse Repost
by DJ Mouse
Tuesday Mar 14th, 2017 2:56 PM
Wikileaks' recent Vault 7 scoop on Big Brother's inside job takeover of press cars and devices...w/ fingerprints of the cloaked hands behind Michael Hastings assassination...and Aaron Schwartz'...whose creation of the RSS feed (unleashing endless Mouse Report horror stories) and the stopping of SOPA put them both between the MIC and the corporate bank...
...before his cyber hacked and thermite blasted Mercedes flew off the road...The Operators' author...whose Rolling Stone story on the Pentagon's runaway generals brought one down...wrote this;
"My editor, Eric Bates, had warned me about falling into the access trap. By becoming so indebted to them for the access they’d given me, I’d lose my objectivity… I could already start to feel the pull. I was starting to like them, and they seemed to like me. They were cool. They had a reckless, who-gives-a-fuck attitude. I was getting inside the bubble—an imaginary barrier that popped up around the inner sanctums of the most powerful institutions to keep reality at bay. I’d seen the bubble in White Houses, on the campaign trail, inside embassies, at the highest levels of large corporations. The bubble had a reality-distorting effect on those inside it, while perversely convincing those within the bubble that their view of reality was the absolute truth. (“Establishment reporters undoubtedly know a lot of things I don’t,” legendary outsider journalist I.F. Stone once observed. “But a lot of what they know isn’t true.”) The bubble compensated for its false impressions by giving bubble dwellers feelings of prestige from their proximity to power. The bubble was incredibly seductive, the ultimate expression of insiderness. If I succumbed to the logic of the bubble, I could lose the desire to write with a critical eye."—From The Operators: The Wild and Terrifying Inside Story of America’s War in Afghanistan.
Matter is in motion therefore change is inevitable. Specie wise restoring woman to natural equality as Gender parity is the path of bubble bursting the illusion mongers making all the rules and fraudulently proclaiming superiority while lying the man represents woman which takes away herstory entirely. Those living in the bubble of empire illusions deny truth as naturally as a knee jerk reaction. It is the law they proclaim while denying truth of liberation path to real freedom. Here is some humdingers under the headlines of bubble belief

Aggressive war is security.
Weapons of mass destruction
climate change is not happening
fossil fuels liberates the planet
Pollution is worth money invest it
We don't elect woman equally because she is emotional
God is a man not a woman or child or a forest of oxygen producers,
or the web of life
Peace land and bread is bad communism
communism is oppression of the worker-peasant alliance
man is superior to woman
destruction by aggressive wars is progressive,
socialism is not a workers state
conquest of empire is war's only goal
Mao lies when he says the aim of war is to eliminate war
conquest of the matter-in- motion is liberation worldwide
bombing civilians, elders, women and men and children is a okay,
if America does it.
blowing up Vietnam's dams for water protection is good because;
U.S. empire wins that way
America fails to pay for war crimes which they agree
happened and agreed to pay 2 billion U.S. dollars for.
stealing Canada's culture such as train stations out
stealing Canada's railways the making short crews that crash
because of it. Saying they paid 2 billion for the CNR
then putting it on the wall street market for 200 billion dollars
declaring to the world that is good business.
polluting their own air, land, and waterways as being
good business, while doing the same abroad to the other
peoples air, land, and water and under their gun at all times
Dirty dealing needs cover so people can't but be suppressed it they protest and protect their water
lying that renewable energy is not real when tidal, wind, and solar power transformed to electricity
could save the planets atmosphere of its oxygen, and save the land, and water,
being the biggest lie of all times and suppressor of the liberation paths to victory.
water protectors is a national security threat etc. etc.

rules for the societies needs and ending aggressive war as any nations foreign policy, as well as ending aggressive pollution for money interests to the disadvantage of the ecological organic and inorganic webs-of-life at home and abroad. Bursting the bubble is what the peoples liberation fronts for true democracy is all about. That is now and needed to save the remaining livability of the planet. Imagine the bubble saying that nuclear weapons is our savior, when the sciences and arts of the world proves daily by living that one to six overkill means exactly death to all living things, and yet the inside bubble dwellers force feed misinformation or the big lie each and everyday that they are the truth not science that works for liberation. Marx seen through their bubble and was deceased for his truths and plunged into the status of nobody along with workers of the world.