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State Secrets Sibel v. Jan; Rape case gauntlet thrown...2-21-17 Mouse Report
by DJ Mouse
Tuesday Feb 21st, 2017 3:32 PM
We've always been at war with Al Qaeda...first openly backing them against USSR...then covertly backing them...under the Gladio B false flag operation exposed by featured whistle blower Sibel Edmonds...while publicly fighting pretext for stealing oil...then backing them some more against socialists on our post 9-11-01 hit list...
The latest episode of our Orwellian nightmare of endless bad news and horror begins w/ Meir Kahane...cheerleader in Hebron Poppy Bush's Connecticut shore...protesting GHWB giving crumbs to we start 'B' phase of Gladio false flag murder racket sending our CIA contra army (data BASE...AKA al Qaeda) off against an obvious and common target...and now, 6 years on from UN Res. 1973...named for the year 1973 (when the West was marching North, East and South from it's apartheid colony in occupied Palestine and Libya was last to drop Arab oil embargo) ...the 'left' MSM is not backing off gas...never mind hitting brakes of the war machine...BECAUSE President Assad got 70% vote in April...up from 55% support before NATO/MSM Arab Sting...'Salvador Option'...'Redirection'...(redirection of war on our counter-revolutionary terror agents) to come full circle back to original contra war death squad aid...
...regarding the subject of Edmonds' previous disclosures...outed covert CIA operative Valerie Plame Wilson's front company, Brewster Jennings had been outed and shut down three years prior to Bob Novak's public disclosure of her (punishment for husband Joseph Wilson's opposition to 2nd oil war)... following a tip-off to a wire-tap target about the true nature of the CIA front company, by Marc Grossman, who was, at the time of the tip off (to the A Q Khan relation to al-Qaeda w/ Saddam...US backed both) the third highest-ranking official in the U.S. State Department. Prior to that, Grossman served as ambassador to Turkey...where our proxy death squads in Syria have been getting active they did from notorious child rapist Speaker Dennis Hastert...running interference for it's Armenian genocide denial.
by Unity is strenght
Wednesday Feb 22nd, 2017 12:39 PM
No matter what, the liberation side of the second world war made laws that were global and for the purpose of ending aggressive war as any nations foreign policy. The United Nations charter says that the charter forms the United Nations to make war just a long distant memory for the coming generations. Since its coming into being in 1945 this UN law to end all wars has been violated over sixty times by the Western Imperialist Empires, who while making wars against Asia, Africa, and Latin south continent has cost tens ob millions of workers their lives as well as the pollution and destruction or clean air, land, and waters.

This shows there is something wrong in paridise, and all is not lawful in UK, U.S.A. Canada, France and the remaining client states in NATO All under the U.S. leadership. In point of fact the ecological balances of the webs-of-life are becoming unhinged by the unjust aggressive wars and the present societies run by non-renewable fossil- fuels burnout to carbon-dioxide.

The CO2 replacement is belting the planet and causing raised temperatures that makes life on the planet more and more problematic. We cannot live on the carbon-dioxide replacement.

You yet have a world to win. Elect woman equally doubling democracy in America. Re-tool to wind, tidal and solar power that transforms to electricity, and is more power than all non-renewable energies. Workers of the world unite!! Voila!